Wayne Weiler

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09 Dec 1934
Phoenix, Arizona


13 Oct 2005
Phoenix, Arizona


United States

Grands Prix:

1 (1960)

Indy 500s:

2 (1960-1961)

Retired in the 1970's to take up cotton and alfafa farming but still kept links with vintage meetings and car dealerships and ownership. Died relatively recently of a heart-attack. Weiler owned a large ranch outside Phoenix and it also had trailers and tenants on it. One of those tenants was future Indianapolis 500 driver Stan Fox. Weiler was primarily a dirt track racer who also appeared in sportscars. He later became a midget and dirt track car owner and another future Indianapolis 500 driver, Bubby Jones, raced for him for a while. His frontline career virtually ended after suffering head injuries in a big crash in 1961.

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