Michael May

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Michael May. Copyright Peter Scholz (http://racing-slz.magix.net), 2016. Used with Permission.

Michael May. Copyright Peter Scholz (http://racing-slz.magix.net), 2016. Used with Permission.


18 Aug 1934
Stuttgart, Germany



Grands Prix:

2 (1961)

Worked as an engineer for a long time and now works as a developer and designer of exhaust regulations, albeit more as a consultant now. Most of his time now is dedicated to cancer research. In 2017, May released his autobiography, called Turbo May, highlighting his work on the turbo engines which greatly helped their development. Michael previously developed fuel injection systems for Porsche, and also worked as a consultant to Ferrari for a few years in the 1960's. May was a pioneer of aerodynamics in the sport, as he designed and then raced with an aerofoil on his Porsche 550 in 1956, long before Jim Hall and Colin Chapman became noted for their use of them. He was a gifted driver too and easily won the 1959 International Formula Junior title before soon moving into Formula 1. However a big crash at the German Grand Prix during qualifying led him to retire from the sport there and then.

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