Ottorino Volonterio

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07 Dec 1917


10 Mar 2003



Grands Prix:

3 (1954-1957)

Was a lawyer for many years. A nobleman, he was an enthusiastic, popular but quite slow amateur. He carried on racing until as late as 1973. Both his family and working wealth allowed him to purchase and race a number of racing cars, including a Ferrari 166F2 and a Maserati 250F. He raced in Formula 2 events before having a few efforts at Grand Prix racing. He often raced himself, but he did also become a car entrant with his 250F, entering Andre Simon for a race in 1957. Volonterio also continued in the world of law until he retired in the late 1970's and enjoyed thereafter his passion of classic cars and kept links with the sport.

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