Lola T332

Lola T332 HU36 at the 1975 Racing Car Show.  Copyright Ted Walker 2001.  Used with permission.The 1973 Lola T330 was the fastest Formula 5000 car yet and dominated the 1973 season. The 1974 Lola T332 was therefore almost unnecessary. It was a refinement of the T330 and virtually made it perfect - it won the UK and US series in 1974, the Tasman and US series in 1975 and the US series in 1976. It would continue to win races in the early days of Can-Am alongside the purpose-built T333 variant. Even later still, it provided the basis of the highly successful Frissbee Can-Am car and was still running well in the final season of Can-Am in 1986 and even into the CAT series of 1987.

They were built in huge numbers so summarising the number found is very difficult. It looks like about 36 were built by Lola; at least three, probably many more, from replica tubs; and an unknown number from kits. So far, 31 have been located.

My thanks to Martin Krejci, Gerr Measures, Shayne Windelburn, Fabrizio Bologna, Ron Lampley, Todd Reiners, RJ Nelkin, Michael Duncan, Marc Rauchfuss, Jay Braffett, Johan Woerheide, Richard Fried, Bryan Miller, Jim Gustafson, Phil Myers, Dick Lasselle, Jim Snelling, David Colpak, Kent Painter, Pete Brennan, Jim Rollins, Marcus Pye, Neil Glover, Dudley Cunningham, Stephen Murphy, Jeffrey Parsons, Randy Wright, John Korn and Todd Gerstenberger for their helping in getting this far. Much, much more is needed to make sense out of these cars. As the identification of the Lola T332s has been a massive task in itself, the notes covering the identification of each chassis have been separated out into this page.

All and any help would be gratefully received. Please email Allen if you can add anything.

1974 Lola T332 production

Chassis History Current owner
Lola T332
Warwick Brown in his new Lola T332 at Teretonga Park in January 1974. Copyright Kevin Thomson 2011. Used with permission.

Warwick Brown in his new Lola T332 at Teretonga Park in January 1974. Copyright Kevin Thomson 2011. Used with permission.

Pat Burke for Warwick Brown Tasman 1974 (first seen Levin 6 Jan 1974); US 1974 (3 races: debut Ontario 1 Sep 1974); Australian Gold Star December 1974; Tasman 1975. Advertised alternately by Fast Co Ltd (Marblehead, Mass) and Autosport Promotions Inc (Torrance, CA) from April to September 1975 so unlikely to be one of the 1975 mystery cars. Sold to Ron Lampley but not raced until 1977. Then to Dave Robertson who raced it three or four times and sold by him in 1980 to Jim Snelling who raced it in SCCA events in 1981 (run by John Collins) until crashed at Willow Springs in late 1981. Swapped with Pat Burke (Australia) for HU36a early in 1982: restored and driven by Warwick Brown at Amaroo Park historic meeting 1985. To George Parlby (Sydney, Australia) Feb 1990 ... bought from Australia by Chapman Root (Ormond Beach, FL) in the 1990s: driven at HSR Mid-Ohio Aug 1993, HSR Daytona 1994 and Road Atlanta Dec 1997. To Bob Gerber (Westport, CT) 2000 but unused and stored in John Brundage's garage. To Dudley Cunningham (Carlisle, MA) January 2008 and fully restored in original livery. Raced at Watkins Glen F5000 race 2008. Retained 2013 when Cunningham raced it at SVRA Mid Ohio 28 Jun 2013 and Road America July 2013. Raced at the Monterey Pre-Reunion in August 2015.

Dudley Cunningham (USA) 2015
Lola T332
The new Lola T332 of Graeme Lawrence at Teretonga Park in January 1974. Copyright Kevin Thomson 2011. Used with permission.

The new Lola T332 of Graeme Lawrence at Teretonga Park in January 1974. Copyright Kevin Thomson 2011. Used with permission.

Graeme Lawrence (NZ) for Tasman 1974 (first seen Levin 6 Jan 1974); New Zealand Gold Star December 1974; Tasman 1975; Tasman 1976; Gold Star Oct/Nov 1976; Australian Internationals 1977 - Terry Hook (Aus) Australian Internationals 1978, Australian Internationals 1979; heavily crashed at a club event at Lakeside 21 Jun 1981. Rebuilt by March 1982 by Chas Talbot who, according to RCN, built a complete new tub, an exact duplicate, rivet for rivet. Sold to Bob Minogue and Pete Brennan in the mid-1980s who sold the rear end to Peter Bick to complete his ex-Davison HU34. The ex-Hook car was then built up with other parts and sold to Manuel Jimenez who in turn passed it to Murray Richards (Murrumbeena, Aus). Advertised in 1993 ('fresh motor, good tub') by Richards - David Sharp (New Zealand) 1993: restored and raced at Whenuapai 1995 - Murray Sinclair (NZ) Dec 2001. To Russell Greer (Blenheim, NZ) early 2007. Entered by Greer at Manfeild Nov 2007. Raced by Greer in the Formula 5000 Tasman Cup Revival at the Australian GP meeting 28 Mar 2009. Greer was again entered in "the ex Graeme Lawrence/Murray Sinclair T332" in the 2009/10 series. Greer appeared again in a T332 in the 2011/12 series and in the 2012/13 series. Raced by Greer at Hampton Downs Jan 2013. Expected entry at the Gulf Oil Howden Ganley Festival at Hampton Downs in January 2015.

Russell Greer (New Zealand) 2014
Lola T332
Mario Andretti in Lola T332 HU29 at Road Atlanta in 1975.  Copyright Russ Thompson 2002. Used with permission.

Mario Andretti in Lola T332 HU29 at Road Atlanta in 1975. Copyright Russ Thompson 2002. Used with permission.

The hugely successful Lola T332 of Mario Andretti.  Copyright Autosports Marketing Associates and Bill Oursler 2001.  Used with permission.

Another view of the hugely successful Lola T332 of Mario Andretti. Copyright Autosports Marketing Associates and Bill Oursler 2001. Used with permission.

Vel's Parnelli Jones for Mario Andretti US 1974 (7 races, 3 wins at Watkins Glen, Elkhart Lake and Riverside), US 1975 (9 races, 4 wins at Mosport Park, Elkhart Lake, Laguna Seca and Riverside) - Skeeter McKitterick US 1976 (five races + 1 DNS): retained until at least Apr 1978. Likely to be the "ex-Andretti" car raced by Rocky Moran: Can-Am 1978 (five races: debut Watkins Glen 9 Jul 1978); Can-Am 1979 (three races but Moran also had the ex-Briggs T332CS that season); Can-Am 1980 (four races). Crashed at some point and the chassis and original F5000 bodywork went to Jack Smith in part exchange for a new Frissbee chassis. Smith repaired the tub and then sold it on to Joe Cavaglieri (Sherman Oaks, CA) who did more of the restoration but sold it before it was complete. Subsequent history unknown. A picture of this car (#58) at Mosport 20 Aug 1978 is on the Racing Sports Cars site.

In Feb 1990, Don May and Bruce Canepa advertised a Lola T332 described as "Mario Andretti's Championship Car", which was "undergoing ground-up restoration by top professional". At around this time, Steven Murphy bought a "basket case" T332 which he later referred to as Andretti's "original Lola", implying HU29. The car was restored for Andretti to drive at the Long Beach Grand Prix 20th anniversary celebrations in 1995. Retained by Murphy (San Diego, CA) in 2010 when it appeared at the CSRG Charity Challenge at Sears Point Oct 2010. Seb Coppola's "The Formula 5000 Registry" website lists Don May as the only owner between Jack Smith and Steven Murphy. The car was later seen for sale at Grand Prix Classics. By early 2013, the car was reported to be owned by race promoter Zak Brown (Zionville, IN). Raced at the Monterey Pre-Reunion in August 2015.

Zak Brown (US) 2015
Lola T332
Randy Lewis at Mid-Ohio in 1977. Copyright Terry Capps 2014.  Used with permission.

Randy Lewis at Mid-Ohio in 1977. Copyright Terry Capps 2014. Used with permission.

Hogan Racing: US 1974 for David Hobbs (five races: won its first race R2 Mosport 16 Jun, also a third and a fourth); US 1975 for David Hobbs (eight starts: best of third at Mid-Ohio) and Jody Scheckter (one race: Long Beach). Hogan is thought to have bought T332C HU59 for 1976 and HU30 was probably used only as spare car that season. The T332C was apparantly sold at the end of 1976. Hogan Racing Can-Am 1977: for Randy Lewis (two races); Can-Am 1978: for Al Holbert (four races) then replaced by new T333 at Watkins Glen in July. HU30 advertised (with T333) 13 Oct 1978. To Bill Tempero: Can-Am 1979 (9 races) - Larry Johnson (Colorado): Can-Am 1980 (2 races + 1 DNS, debut Sears Point 24 May 1980) and also run in SCCA events (Larry Johnson noted as MiDiv ASR champ in 1979 ('Lola T330') and 1981 ('Lola T333')) - Bruce McCaw about 1987: for mechanic Byron Sandborne in SCCA events; stored for some years; run for Danny Sullivan in Vintage Seattle (SIR) race 1996 - Kevin Kelly late 1998: restored to Busch livery; run at HSR Daytona event December 2000, HSR Thundersport invitational enduro Daytona 2001, SVRA VIR event 2001; retained 2001.
Kevin Kelly (US) 2001
Lola T332
Eppie Wietzes at Mosport Park in 1974. Copyright Norm MacLeod 2015.  Used with permission.

Eppie Wietzes at Mosport Park in 1974. Copyright Norm MacLeod 2015. Used with permission.

Eppie Wietzes (Toronto, Canada) US 1974 - Ed O'Brien (San Diego, CA) for Danny Ongais US 1975 (but crashed badly at Mosport). Ongais had to use a T400 until a new T332 was bought.
It would now appear that the damaged tub from HU31 was acquired from O'Brien by Alan Holly and then went to Rick McLean (Oceanside, CA) "at a swap meet down near San Diego" and subsequently Shayne Windelburn (Auckland, New Zealand). Retained 2005.
Wrecked - tub with Shayne Windelburn (NZ) 2005
Lola T332

Evan Noyes US 1974 (3 races then crashed badly at R4 Elkhart Lake 28 Jul 1974 and replaced by HU51). Many years later, in January 1994, "HU32" was advertised by George Valerio (California) as "one owner, logbook, original, complete". "HU32" then raced by Tomy Drissi (Hollywood, CA) up to 1998 and then stored until sold to Marc Rauchfuss (Simi Valley, CA) in Jan 2004. Raced by Rauchfuss from 2005 to 2009, including the 2008 USA Formula 5000 40th Anniversary Championship. Sold May 2010 to Paul Zazryn (Melbourne, Australia) and rebuilt for the 2011 historic racing season. Raced by Zazryn at the Australian GP meeting Mar 2011, at the Phillip Island Classic in Mar 2012, and in the 2012/13 New Zealand F5000 Tasman Cup Revival Series. Raced by Zazryn at Hampton Downs Jan 2013. Raced at the Monterey Pre-Reunion in August 2015.

Paul Zazryn (Australia) 2015
Lola T332

Larry Harley's puzzling Lola T332, seen here at Mid-Ohio early in the 1974 season.  Copyright Mark Windecker 2005.  Used with permission.Rogers Racing US 1974 for Larry Harley (R1 Mid-Ohio but then written off at R2 Mosport). Harley used an ex-Haas T330 for the rest of the season but the T332 may have been rebuilt as a spare car for Redman - Bob Nagel US 1975 (6 races), US 1976 (6 races), SCCA Nationals 1976 (at least one win: Nelson Ledges 23 May 1976; retired at Runoffs); converted to Can-Am spec with Riley body: Can-Am 1977 (7 races), Can-Am 1978 (6 races then driven by Howard Kelly in two races), Can-Am 1979 (Kelly four races then Nagel at Road America 22 July 1979). Chuck Haines recalls buying this car from Dan Craddock in Dec 1980 (note that Haines advertised a Riley-bodied T332 "just rebuilt by Tom Frederick" in 1981); Craddock had raced a "Spyder NF11" during 1980. Sold , still with its Riley body, to Jim Gustafson in part-exchange for a March 73A in 1982: raced in "club racing" events, Can-Am 1983 (one race only: Road America 18 July 1983), Can-Am 1984 (one race only: Lime Rock 4 August 1984), Can-Am 1985 (4 races) - Dennis Steinhardt (West Bend, WI) 1986. Pictures of the car at Mosport 20 Aug 1978 (#9 Kelly) and at Mosport 2 Jun 1985 (#27 Gustafson) are on the Racing Sports Cars site and show that it had retained its Riley bodywork in 1985.

Steinhardt restored the car to open-wheel configuration and raced it in US vintage racing from 2002 onwards. It was advertised for sale on (advert undated), where it was shown in Viceroy livery, and sold to Jeffrey Parsons (Australia) in February 2010.

Jeff Parsons (Australia) 2010
Lola T332

Keith Holland in the Embassy Lola T332 at Mallory Park in July 1974.  Copyright Alan Cox.  Used with permission.John Butterworth for Guy Edwards as Embassy Racing UK 1974 (9 races), also driven by Keith Holland (3 races) and Eddie Keizan (2 races); for Edwards again UK 1975 (16 races) - Theodore Racing US 1976 (Alan Jones at Mid-Ohio and Patrick Tambay at Riverside); sent to Australia 1977 to replace destroyed HU61: Alan Jones Australian Internationals 1977 - Jon Davison from October 1977; Australian Internationals 1978 (driven by Keith Holland at R1 Sandown Feb 1978); Australian Internationals 1979; Australian Internationals 1980. Advertised in Auto Action 21 Nov 1980 with “new tub this year built by Jim Hardman”.

Raced in the Australian Gold Star May 1981; at last F5000 race March 1982. The rear end was sold to a sports sedan guy and the rest of the car went to Peter Bick. He bought the rear end from the Minogue/Brennan HU28 to complete the car. Subsequent history unknown but advertised by Richard Davison June 1991. Still with Richard Davison in September 2004 when it was being rebuilt by Jon Porter in Adelaide. Bryan Miller believes it has been owned by Dr. William Marshall of Sydney during part of the intervening period.

Raced by Richard Davison's nephew James Davison at the Mar 2011 Australian GP meeting and at the Mar 2012 Phillip Island Classic. Raced by Richard Davison at the Mar 2013 Phillip Island Classic and at Sydney Motorsport Park 1 Sep 2013, the first round of the 2013/14 Formula 5000 Australia Cup Series.

Richard Davison (Australia) 2014
Lola T332
Al Unser in 1975, probably in HU35.  Copyright Russ Thompson 2002. Used with permission.

Al Unser in 1975, probably in HU35. Copyright Russ Thompson 2002. Used with permission.

Steve Simpson's Lola T332, maybe HU35, in 1999.  Copyright Wolfgang Klopfer 1999.  Used with permission.

Steve Simpson's Lola T332, maybe HU35, in 1999. Copyright Wolfgang Klopfer 1999. Used with permission.

Vel's Parnelli Jones for Mario Andretti US 1974 (only used Ontario final and Laguna Seca); for Danny Ongais at 1974 SCCA Runoffs; probably the Al Unser car US 1975; Unser's spare US 1976. Presumably one of four T332s advertised by VPJ in Jan 1977. Subsequent history unknown.

A car owned at some point by George Nuse (Norcross, Georgia) and sold by him to Steve Simpson (Atlanta, GA) of Simpson Racing. A #51 Unser Lola T332 was at the Walter Mitty Challenge in the late 1980's and Steve Simpson had an 'ex-Unser' #51 '76 Lola F5000' at SVRA Road Atlanta late 1990 (as #5), HSR Mid-Ohio Aug 1993 and HSR Mid-Ohio July 1994. If not HU35, this could be a reference to the T332 'K1' tub from the Frissbee.

Lola T332
McKechnie for Bob Evans UK 1974 - Brian McGuire (but see also HU40): UK 1975 (rebuilt on "new (secondhand) tub" priot to August Thruxton) - Alfredo Costanzo (Aus) from October 1976; Australian Internationals 1977; Australian Internationals 1978 - Charles Talbot from July 1978; Australian Internationals 1979; Australian Internationals 1980. Wrecked in an accident at Symmons Plain March 1980. Rebuilt on new tub and raced as HU36a until 1981. Peter Molloy and Pat Burke acquired HU36a in 1982 to trade it for Jim Snelling's ex-Warwick Brown HU27. Once the car was in the US, Snelling built it up with a Can-Am body bought from John Morton and raced in SCCA events in 1982 and 1983. In May 1983, Snelling had a major accident at Riverside, putting him out of action for three months. The Lola was dismantled for spares with some going to Merle Brennan and others to Les White. When he emerged from hospital, Snelling was told the tub had been scrapped. However, some parts of the tub may have been reusable and the chassis plate also survived. Exactly what happened to these parts isn't yet clear. Wrecked
Lola T332
Tony Brise's Theodore racing Lola T332 HU37 in the preparation area at Long Beach 1975.  Copyright Jerry Entin 2002.  Used with permission.Sid Taylor for Brian Redman UK 1974 (first five races) and Vern Schuppan (next nine races); sponsored by Teddy Yip as "Theodore Racing" for Schuppan US 1974 (Laguna Seca and Riverside in October only); Theodore Racing UK 1975: driven by Schuppan, Bob Evans, and Tony Brise (R11 only) 1975; Theodore Racing for Tony Brise US late season 1975 (3 races); Theodore Racing for Vern Schuppan Tasman 1976; Theodore Racing US 1976 for Alan Jones (crashed in practice at R3 Watkins Glen and replaced by brand new HU61). Not seen again and assumed written off. Possibly rebuilt (but see also HU61) and maybe the Colin Bennett car or the Arnold Glass car?.

Larry Neviaser in his Lola T332 at Road America.  Copyright Larry Neviaser 2003.  Used with permission."Chassis #37" advertised in Victory Lane November 1991 from Burbank, CA "ground up restoration" ... "Chassis 37" advertised in Victory Lane Dec 1996 from Los Angeles, CA ... Garry Hobbs owned "HU37" at the June 1999 Watkins HSR meeting - Larry Neviaser (Easton, Maryland) March 2002. Retained 2003. The car is in livery from when it raced in Australia at some point but this (see picture, right) does not match the white livery used by Schuppan in 1976 nor even the orange-and-black livery of Jon Davison's ex-Theodore HU34 when it was last seen. More work is needed to positively identify this car.

Sold by Neviaser to Michael Schryver (UK) 2008 - Richard Piper (UK) 2009 - Neil Daws (UK) 2010. Raced by Daws at HSCC Silverstone October 2012 and at the Silverstone Classic July 2013.

Neil Daws (UK) 2013
Lola T332

Now 2 cars
Tuck Thomas US 1974: written off at Laguna Seca Oct 1974.

Tuck Thomas in HU38(B) at either Laguna Seca or Riverside late in 1975.  Copyright Bill Peters 2004.  Used with permission.T332 HU38(A): The original tub was repaired and sold as a spare tub at the same time as the complete HU38(B). These were last advertised by Thomas in May 1978 and Bill Peters, Thomas's crew, advises that the complete car was sold to Gordy Oftedahl (see the 1977 Oftedahl car). This doesn't appear to fit as Thomas advertised his cars after Oftedahl's had run. Possibly the subject of an advert (Kansas City, MO) for "HU38" in Victory Lane in 1990 which noted that it had been in storage for 12 years. Had minor damage, Chuck says. Probably the car sold by Chuck Haines to Ian Clements (NZ) in 1999 (note that Haines advertised a Riley-bodied T332 "just rebuilt by Tom Frederick" in 1981). Clements was also told by Haines that Gordy Oftedahl was a previous owner, deepening the mystery. Chuck confirms this came direct from Gordy and had Lazier's name on the side. Clements won the 2006/07 Tasman Cup Revival series in this car.

Sold by Clements to Sefton Gibb (Napier, NZ) 2007. Raced by Gibb in the 2007/08 Formula 5000 Tasman Cup Revival series, in HSCC racing in the UK in 2008, at the Australian GP meeting 28 Mar 2009. An expected entry by Gibb at Hampton Downs Jan 2012 but not listed in results.

Bill Faircloth's Lola T332 at Mid-Ohio in 1996 or 1997.  Note the holes in the scoop bodywork near the roll hoop and near the h in Faircloth for the roll cage that Thomas used.  Copyright Bill Peters 2001.  Used with permission.T332 HU38(B): HU38 rebuilt on a new tub supplied by Carl Haas in time for the 1974 Runoffs. Used through 1975 when Peters built a roll cage for the car. Retained until May 1978 at least. Acquired by Bill Faircloth (Connecticut) as a project in 1990, rebuilt and raced in historics 1994 (e.g. HRS Mid-Ohio Jul 1994). Retained 1997.

HU38(A): Sefton Gibb (New Zealand) 2012

HU38(B): Bill Faircloth (US) 1997
Lola T332
Haas Racing for Brian Redman US 1974. Wrecked and replaced by HU42.
Repaired by end of 1974 - Steve Durst (Medford Lakes, NJ) US 1975 - Randy Lewis (Mountain View, CA) US 1975, US 1976; advertised Apr 1977. Lewis ran the Hogan T332 in 1977 but returned to his original car for Can-Am 1979; Can-Am 1980. A picture of this car (#0) at Mosport 3 Jun 1979 is on the Racing Sports Cars site. According to Mike Apker, it was sold in 1980 to Fred Parkhill (Tulsa, OK). Parkhill won the midiv ASR championship in 1983 and 1984 in his 'Lola T333' before the category was discontinued. After racing in SCCA events in the 80s and 90s, by 2004 it sat in a garage next to a WWII army tank. It still is in running shape and is taken to Hallet race track once a year to race. Last seen racing at Hallet on 2 Apr 2006.
Fred Parkhill (US) 2006
Lola T332
Brian McGuire UK 1974 (first appeared late May; 9 starts plus 2DNS) - Reed Racing for Gordon Spice UK 1975: crashed "very heavily" on Saturday before R9 Mallory Park on 10 Aug; totally rebuilt; car reappears for Bob Evans R13 Silverstone 28 Sep then for Bill Gubelman R14 Snetterton 5 Oct, R15 Mallory Park 12 Oct and R16 Brands 19 Oct. Advertised by Reed Racing (contact Gordon Spice) in Autosport 18 Dec 1975. Sold to Dr John Korn (Novato, CA) early 1976 and crated up for shipment March/April 1976. Entered by Pyott-Boone for Dr Korn only in one Pro race, at Riverside 17 Oct 1976. Also raced in a SCCA National at Sears Point 24 Apr 1977 then converted to Can-Am specification and raced by Korn at Trois-Rivières 4 Sep 1977. Advertised until April 1979. Sold to Newman-Freeman Racing and used to built one of the Spyder NF11s for the 1979 season. Dr Korn recalls that the car was later destroyed in an accident by Keke Rosberg in Canada, presumably his crash at Mosport Park in 1979. Wrecked
Lola T332
Chuck Jones Racing US 1974: raced by Graham McRae, Mike Hall and Al Unser (late 1974 season). Advertised by Chuck Jones (ex-McRae, ex-Unser) 1 Feb 1975. Bill Baker (Pismo Beach, CA) US 1975 (seven races; wrecked in heat at Laguna Seca 12 Oct 1975 and rebuilt on new Haas-supplied tub in time for Riverside two weeks later), US 1976 (one race only: crashed at R2 Mosport). Not seen again and presumed destroyed. Bill Baker later died of a heart attack while practicing for a NASCAR Grand National West race at Sears Point International Raceway in August 1978. Wrecked
Lola T332

Haas Racing for Brian Redman US 1974 (new at Watkins Glen replacing the wrecked HU39). To Bay Racing and Eisert for BJ Swanson US 1975. Wrecked in testing late July/early August 1975 but probably rebuilt and therefore the car wrecked by Swanson in his fatal accident at Mid-Ohio. Then the car advertised by Chuck Jones Mar 1976 (NB Jones' car is referred to as ex-Redman/Swanson and Eisert recalls selling a wreck to Jones. Also, Ed O'Brien told Shayne Windelburn that he bought all the BJ Swanson cars and that they consisted of three cars plus the Mid-Ohio wreck.) To Kent Morgan (Monrovia, CA) for Rocky Moran to drive at R7 Riverside at the end of 1976. Then to Mike Roche (Rolling Hills, CA) SCCA Nationals early 1977 (17th at Riverside 13 Feb 1977) then converted for Can-Am by Paul Lamar: Can-Am 1977 (2 races: debut Sears Point 25 Sep but was earlier a DNA at Watkins Glen 10 Jul); Can-Am 1978 (four races); Can-Am 1979 (just the Californian rounds: 1 race + 1 DNS); Can-Am 1980 (Sears Point only: DNS). Subsequent history unknown. Note that the HU42 chassis plate was later applied to a T332 tub supplied for the rebuild of T330 HU6. See also the O'Brien/Windelburn car.

Lola T332

Hogan Racing US 1974: for Johnny Rutherford at Watkins Glen 1974 but crashed and destroyed during first practice session.

See the Hogan/Haines car which is an ex-Hogan car and is believed to be HU43.


Possibly later rebuilt

Lola T332

Gordon Johncock in Patrick Racing's Lola T332 HU44 at Road Atlanta in 1975.  Copyright Russ Thompson 2002. Used with permission.Leader Cards Inc US 1974: raced by Mike Mosley (4 races) and Mick Fowler (1 race) - Patrick Racing/George Bignotti for Gordon Johncock US 1975 - Doug Schultz US 1976. Rebuilt as the first Schkee ('DB1/01') for Can-Am in 1977. Probably the basis of the later Schkee DB3. Subsequent history unknown but owned by Linn Way (Oceanview, NJ) in 2005.

Both Schkee DB1s, Linn Way's 'HU44' and Johan Woerheide's 'HU55', were reunited at Road America July 2007.

Linn Way (US) 2007
Lola T332
Brian Redman in the Lola T332 at Mosport in June 1975.  Copyright Don Markle 2007.  Used with permission.Mickey Rupp US 1974 (new for Ontario: crashed) - returned to Haas and rebuilt as Haas Racing car in 1975: driven by Brian Redman US 1975 (won championship). Not known in 1976. Advertised by Max Mizejewski (Woodland Hills, CA) in December 1976 noting that it had only had "one race since completely rebuilt by Jim Hall". Mizejewski appears in the SCCA Southern Division results in 1976 with 6 pts so this race was presumably a SCCA National. Mizejewskicannot remember who he sold it to. Subsequent history unknown.
At HSR Mid-Ohio Aug 1993, Dick Marconi (Orange County, CA) drove an 'ex-Boraxo' Redman '75 T-332 C'. In 1994, this car was said to be Redman's 1975 Long Beach winning car. Redman ran the car in a demo to celebrate the 20th Long Beach GP in 1994. It has also been suggested that Marconi's car is actually one of the ex-VDS Lola T333CS Can-Am cars, as converted to T332 F5000 specification for Warwick Brown to use in the Australian Rothmans International series. The car is shown on as being part of the Marconi Automotive Collection (Tustin, CA) in January 2010 with a statement that it was raced in the inaugural Long Beach GP in 1975. In 2014, the car was no longer listed as part of the collection.
Dick Marconi (US) 2010
Lola T332
Mike Allen in his Lola T332 at Mosport Park in 1978. Copyright Terry Capps 2014.  Used with permission.

Mike Allen in his Lola T332 at Mosport Park in 1978. Copyright Terry Capps 2014. Used with permission.

Almost certainly the Arciero/Grant car. Frank Arciero US 1974: driven by Jerry Grant (debut at Ontario) - Eddie Lewis for Graham McRae US 1975, US 1976 (1 DNS only) - AAR for Vern Schuppan US 1976 - Mike Allen: Can-Am 1977 (1 race: Riverside 16 Oct 1977); Can-Am 1978 (8 races); Can-Am 1979 (1 race + 1 DNS: crashed in practice at Mosport 3 Jun 1979). Allen replaced the car with the ex-Briedenbach T333 but it appears that the T332 was not badly damaged. After Allen's death in 1983 (while driving the T333), Bob Brewer (Los Angeles) acquired HU46 from his widow together with many of the remaining parts in his workshop. Brewer intended to prepare the car for West Coast ASR racing but sold it in the autumn of 1985 to Ray Reimer (Middlebury, Indiana). Reimer and chief crew Phil Myers repaired the damage to the lower front tub and raced the car in Can-Am in 1986 (1 race) and in the CAT series in 1987 (3 races). Retained by Reimer 2005 but in very poor condition. Reimer died in March 2012 at the early age of 59.

Sold by Chuck Haines to Ian Riley (South Waikato, New Zealand) in Aug 2012 and arrived in New Zealand in Jan 2013. Still in Can-Am form in Feb 2013 but due to be converted back to original F5000 specification.

Ian Riley (New Zealand) 2013
Lola T332
John Gunn at Mid-Ohio in 1978. Copyright Terry Capps 2014.  Used with permission.

John Gunn at Mid-Ohio in 1978. Copyright Terry Capps 2014. Used with permission.

John Gunn US 1974, US 1975, US 1976 - Bill Blackledge for Feb 1977 National - back to Gunn by Jun 1977: raced in Can-Am; retained until 1987 - Tom Frederick 1987/8 - Bob Lee 1989 - Tom Malloy about 1997: retained 2000. A picture of this car (#47) at Mosport 20 Aug 1978 is on the Racing Sports Cars site. Raced by Malloy in the 2008 USA Formula 5000 40th Anniversary Championship.

According to a report on the F5000 Australia website, this car has been acquired by Jay Bondini (Melbourne, Australia), who also owns the ex-Bill Tempero car.

Jay Bondini (Australia) 2013
Lola T332
Francisco Mir US 1974: raced by James Hunt, John Morton and Lella Lombardi; US 1975: raced by Vern Schuppan and Elliot Forbes-Robinson. Then either:
To Newman-Freeman Racing and rebuilt as Spyder NF11 [CA-04] for Can-Am series in 1979: believed to be the car driven by Randolph Townsend at R3 Mosport 3 Jun 1979 (accident), R5 Watkins Glen 8 Jul 1979 (13th/retired), R6 Road America 22 Jul 1979 (19th/retired), R7 Brainerd 19 Aug 1979 (9th/retired), R8 Trois Rivieres 2 Sep 1979 (15th), R9 Laguna Seca 14 Oct 1979 (DNP - used by Keke Rosberg in race - 6th) and R10 Riverside 28 Oct 1979 (7th). Subsequent history unknown.
See the Rick McLean car.
Lola T332

James LaBar for Jerry Karl US 1974 (debut Laguna Seca 13 October); US 1975 (last seen Road Atlanta 31 Aug 1975). Then unknown until 1978 when it reappears with Tex Arnold (then Club Racing Director at Texas World Speedway) in Can-Am spec (Riley-bodied, as Karl's 1977 car was - Nagel's and Oftedahl's were also Riley bodied) - Gerre Payvis 1978/79 until 1984 - GTS Racing (David Leslie) … "B.Beer" 1989 - Stan Siegel 1990: returned to F5000 specification as raced at ASRA Firebird (Phoenix, AZ) Feb 1992 - John Obialero (Littleton, CO) 1994: retained 2001. Ran at the Pueblo (CO) F5000 reunion on 6 May 2001. Presumably the T332 raced by Obialero in the 2008 USA Formula 5000 40th Anniversary Championship. Also appeared at the Kohler International Challenge with Brian Redman Road America 16-19 July 2009. Raced by Obialero at Road America July 2013.

John Obialero (US) 2013
Lola T332
Don Breidenbach at Mid-Ohio in 1977. Copyright Terry Capps 2014.  Used with permission.

Don Breidenbach at Mid-Ohio in 1977. Copyright Terry Capps 2014. Used with permission.

John-David Briggs US 1975. First spotted at Laguna Seca "June Sprints West" on 28/29 June 1975 - 9th overall and 2nd in class. Ended the 1975 SCCA season with 10pts in the NP Div - suggesting just two finishes - a 2nd and a 3rd. Briggs US 1976. Briggs raced the T332 in F5000 spec in Feb 1977 and at Sears Point 24 Apr 1977, generally winning these minor SCCA events.

Briggs bought a new T332C, chassis HU59, late in 1976 and had both cars converted to Can-Am 'T333CS' specification. HU50 is believed to be the Don Briedenbach car used in F5000 and Can-Am in 1977 and 1978. However, see also the Mark Rose car which has a strong claim to the identity of HU50. If this identification is correct, the history of HU50 as Briedenbach's car cannot be correct. At present, this remains unresolved.

Lola T332

Evan Noyes US late 1974, Tasman 1975 (one DNS - crashed). Repaired and presumably Noyes' primary car at Pocono (US R1) and Mosport (US R2) where Noyes crashed. Noyes has a car with a new tub for R3 Watkins Glen. Presumably same car used for the rest of the season, US 1976 and Can-Am 1977. Advertised 18 Aug 1978. As Noyes other car, HU32, appears to be accounted for, HU51 must be the ex-Noyes T332 with roll bar number '76-2401' owned by Joseph Moch (Grand Rapids, Michigan) in the late 1980s. Offered to Chuck Haines 1991 but sold instead to a Terry Muir in Texas. Bought "somewhere in Texas" by Stan Wattles [date unknown]. To Wade Gohran (Washington state?) [date unknown] and restored in blue and yellow livery. To Tupper Robinson (Monterey, CA) 1995 - Guy Drier (Tucson, AZ) 1999 - Johan Woerheide July 2001. Still in Johan Woerheide's garage in May 2014.

Johan Woerheide (USA) 2014
Lola T332
The immaculate Hadfield/Pye 'Interscope tribute' Lola T332. Copyright Marcus Pye 2010. Used with permission.

The immaculate Hadfield/Pye 'Interscope tribute' Lola T332. Copyright Marcus Pye 2010. Used with permission.

Bill Simpson (Torrance, CA) and tested by Luis de Palma and Juan Fangio IV at Willow Springs but not raced. Sold to Gary Wilson US 1975 (2 races; DNS at Long Beach and retired at Laguna Seca). Later used in SCCA racing in 1978 and 1979, including 'Pacific Coast champion' 1978/79, winning a Super-National at Riverside on 27 May 1978, two other Super Nationals in 1979 and appearing in the 1979 Runoffs, but only 10 starts over those five seasons. Still with Wilson in September 1981. Later sold by Wilson to Tom Shelton (Florida) and then to Richard Schoenfeld (Muttontown, NY). Advertised late 1994 by Schoenfeld and sold to Glenn Brown (Auburn, WA): vintage racing 1996 to 2003 (overall wins at SOVREN Seattle in 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001 and 2003; at Zupan Historics at Portland 1996, 1998, 1999 and 2003; and at HSR West Las Vegas in 1999); retained 2006.

Sold to Simon Hadfield (Shepshed, UK) and Marcus Pye (Bournemouth, UK) Dec 2006. (According to New Zealand reports, HU52 was the car raced by Mark Dwyer at Hampton Downs in Jan 2010, but this was a misreading of the chassis plate of HU62.) Sold by Hadfield and Pye to top Clubmans racer Steve Chaplin (Aylesbury, UK) January 2011 and raced in the HSCC Derek Bell Trophy in 2011. Raced by Chaplin in the 2012 Silverstone Classic and the 2014 Silverstone International Derek Bell Trophy race. Still owned by Champlin in April 2015 when it was on display in the Donington Museum.

Steve Chaplin (UK) 2015

1974 mystery cars

The combination of Lola's invoice records, Tom Erwin's notebooks and a limited amount of information from Carl Haas' records has allowed all the T332s that ran in 1974 to be identified.

1975 Lola T332 production

The 1975 Lola F5000 was the T400 but this was a dismal flop, most owners replacing them with T332s at the earliest opportunity. Lola built two more T332s later in the season before building a new run of T332Cs in 1976.

As well as the two cars that appear in official Lola records, at least two more T332s were supplied to owners in 'kit' form, allowing them to build a complete car using parts of an unwanted T400. This process was done on the Vel's Parnelli Jones T400 (probably HU6) and on John Morton's T400 HU12. These two cars are called 'K1' and 'K2' in these histories.

Car History Current owner
Lola T332
Charlie Kemp in his Sprinte-liveried Lola T332 at Laguna Seca in 1979. Copyright Terry Capps 2014. Used with permission.

Charlie Kemp in his Sprinte-liveried Lola T332 at Laguna Seca in 1979. Copyright Terry Capps 2014. Used with permission.

The smart Lola T332 of Gerre Payvis in the paddock at Edmonton in 1981. Copyright Brent Martin 2010. Used with permission.

The smart Lola T332 of Gerre Payvis in the paddock at Edmonton in 1981. Copyright Brent Martin 2010. Used with permission.

BARA for Benny Scott US 1975 ... converted to Can-Am specification and sold by Carl Haas to RJ Nelkin for Price Cobb: Can-Am 1979 (2 races: Road Atlanta 6 May 1979 and Charlotte 20 May 1979) - Charlie Kemp (Jackson, Miss): Can-Am 1979 (2 races: Laguna Seca 14 Oct 1979 and Riverside 28 Oct 1979). Sold to Gerre Payvis but then becomes confused with his Lola T330 HU19, Lola T330 HU24 and with HU49.

Then unknown until T. Patrick McGonegle appeared with a Can-Am "Lola T333CS" at Mid-Ohio 27 Jun 1982 and at Road America 25 Jul 1982. The car was logbooked by the SCCA as "82-238" and its identifying number was given as '53', implying HU53. The log book shows that it then went to Frank Sanchez (Spring Grove, PA) and was at the Can-Am 1985 (2 entries only: both DNAs) - Robert Goulet 1986: CAT series 1987 (1 race only: R6 Phoenix 1 Nov 1987). Retained by Goulet until his death in 2004. At the time, it was believed to be an ex-Haas car, raced by Patrick Tambay or Alan Jones, but was usually entered as a T332. When Goulet first owned it, he entered it once as a Frissbee.

Sold to Johan Woerheide in May 2006 and still with him in March 2008. Some time later, Johan sold HU53 to a friend of Glyn Jones who in turn sold it to James Howe in England. In May 2014, this car was being rebuilt.

James Howe (UK) 2014
Lola T332
'K1 - the Parnelli car'
Converted T400. Vel's Parnelli Jones for Mario Andretti and Al Unser US 1975. This conversion was first seen at R6 Road Atlanta but was only ever used in practice. Then Unser's main car in 1976 (2nd at R3 Watkins Glen, 2nd at R4 Elkhart Lake, 4th at R5 Mid Ohio and won R7 Riverside). Presumably one of four T332s advertised by VPJ in Jan 1977. To Brad Frisselle 1979 and converted for Can-Am: Can-Am 1979 (raced just once in final race at Riverside); converted over winter as first Frissbee Can-Am; Can-Am 1980: driven by John Morton (3 races) and Al Unser (1 race: won at R9 Laguna Seca 19 Oct 1980); rebuilt on new Joey Caviglieri tub as full Frissbee; Can-Am 1981: raced by Rocky Moran (two races) - Galles Racing as "Frissbee GR2" Can-Am 1982: raced by Al Unser Jr (four races: won R1 Road Atlanta, won R2 Mosport, 2nd at R3 Mid-Ohio, retired at R5 Trois-Rivieres) and as No 2 entry for Geoff Brabham (two races) - Canadian Tyre as spare for Jacques Villeneuve Can-Am 1983 (three races: 2nd at R3 Elkhart Lake, won R4 Trois-Rivieres and 2nd at R5 Mosport) - Rick Miaskiewicz Can-Am 1985 (unused spare) - Al Lamb Can-Am 1986 (2 races (crashed at R1 Mosport, 3rd and Fastest Lap at R3 St Louis). Subsequently to Chuck Haines: retained 2001. Chuck Haines (US) 2001
Lola T332
'K2 - the Morton car'
Converted T400. John Morton US 1975 (Morton's T400 used at R5, R6 and R7; then converted to T332 for R8 Laguna Seca and R9 Riverside); US 1976 (1 race: R7 Riverside); Can-Am 1977 (four races: two third place finishes at R8 Sears Point and R9 Riverside); Can-Am 1978 (one appearance: wrecked in practice crash at R1 Road Atlanta 14 May 1978). Replaced by T333CS. Destroyed
Lola T332
Ed O'Brien's wife with, from left to right, Phil Richardson, Ken Smith and Barry Miller in 2009. Copyright Barry Miller 2010.  Used with permission.

Ed O'Brien's wife with, from left to right, Phil Richardson, Ken Smith and Barry Miller in 2009. Copyright Barry Miller 2010. Used with permission.

Probably the car sold to Interscope Racing for Danny Ongais to replace their "kitted" T400. Then likely to be the T332-spec spare car used by Ongais alongside his new T332C US 1976. Like to be the car "comprehensively written off" in practice at Elkhart Lake (see Autosport's F5000 review 25 Nov 1976 p25) but may well have been repaired and may be one of four T332s advertised by VPJ in Jan 1977.

This is believed to be the car deposited in the Justice Brothers Museum some time between 1977 and 1980 by Ed O'Brien, who had been closely involved with Interscope and may have part-owned one or more of Ongais's cars. The car remained in the museum until 2010 when it was acquired by NZ racing legend Ken Smith, his chief crew Barry Miller and Phil Richardson. They discovered that it had the '76-63' stamping that would have been put onto Ongais main #63 entry for the 1976 season by SCCA tech inspectors. It also had all the T332C modifications and a single post rear wing. The car was prepared for racing and made its historic debut at the start of the 2011/12 series but Smith crashed it heavily at Manfield in Nov 2011. Extensively rebuilt by Miller and Richardson for the 2012/13 series. Raced by Smith at Hampton Downs Jan 2013 and at Sydney Motorsport Park 1 Sep 2013, the first round of the 2013/14 Formula 5000 Australia Cup Series. Expected entry at the Gulf Oil Howden Ganley Festival at Hampton Downs in January 2015.

Ken Smith and others (New Zealand) 2014

1976 Lola T332C production

Lola built a new run of updated T332s for Carl Haas in 1976 but surviving Lola records do not show the end customers of each car. The Bay Racing and Theodore cars are quite clear and both HU56 and HU58 are listed as Haas Racing. Apart from them, the recorded colour is the only clue. So it is fairly certain that John-David Briggs' second car was the Royal Blue HU59 and Interscope's new car had to be the Black HU60. This leaves Shirey with the White HU57, which makes plenty of sense.

Although no contemporary reports found so far mention Hogan having a new car for 1976, later Autoweek adverts suggest he did. If he did, then it must be HU58, the Haas team spare that was made redundant by the arrival of the Lola T430.

Car History Current owner
Lola T332C

Bay Racing for Warwick Brown US 1976. A variety of sources say that an unused spare Bay Racing T332 went to Doug Schultz for 1977 and was used as the basis of the second Can-Am Schkee ('DB1/02'). Schultz Can-Am 1977. This car to Tom Spalding: Can-Am 1978 (6 races + 1 DNS); Can-Am 1979 (two races: raced by Spalding Road America 22 Jul 1979 and by Patrick Gaillard Laguna Seca 14 Oct 1979). To Charles Willis (Tennessee) mid-1980s: partly converted for road use - Michael Duncan (Colchester, CT) 1988: restored to 1979 Patrick Galliard/Laguna Seca livery - Stan Wattles (NY) 1992. Advertised from Florida 1996 and 1998. Advertised by Chuck Haines from 1999. Sold by Wattles to Johan Woerheide (US) 2003. Used in HSR events in 2004, winning twice in Group 7. Used regularly in US vintage racing since that time. Raced by Woerheide at Classic Motorsports Mitty at Road Atlanta Apr 2013.

Johan Woerheide (USA) 2013
Lola T332C
George Follmer at Mid-Ohio in 1977. Copyright Terry Capps 2014.  Used with permission.

George Follmer at Mid-Ohio in 1977. Copyright Terry Capps 2014. Used with permission.

Haas Racing for Redman US 1976 - John Benton late 1976 - US Racing/Herb Caplan 1977: driven by George Follmer Can-Am 1977 (5 races, 2 second places at Mosport 21 Aug and Riverside 16 Oct); rebodied by Lance Smith for 1978 as "Prophet 1"; for Follmer again Can-Am 1978 (4 races + 1 DNS, won at St Jovite 25 Jun 1978). Follmer had set pole position at Laguna Seca but crashed when the throttle stuck and wrecked the Prophet. Rebuilt on a new chassis for 1979, thus ending the Prophet's connection with HU56.

The battered tub from HU56, together with other parts including the Boraxo body and the chassis plate, were sold by Caplan to Rick McLean. However, McLean then ordered a new tub from Lola so that resulting car's links to the original HU56 now rely largely on the chassis plate. McLean hadn't put the car together when he sold it as a project to Rick Dittman (US). Subsquent history unknown but Hal Whipple is believed to have owned it at some time.

A car with this number owned by former single-seat Can-Am racer Chuck 'Rick' Parsons (Inverness, IL) in 2008 and raced at 'The Kohler International Challenge with Brian Redman' at Road America July 2008. Also raced at the SVRA Vintage Grand Prix at Watkins Glen Sep 2009, Road America Jul 2012, SVRA Watkins Glen Sep 2012 and Road America July 2013. Raced at the Monterey Pre-Reunion in August 2015.


Replacement car with Rick Parsons (USA) 2015

Lola T332C
Probably the Shirey car below.  
Lola T332C
Haas Racing for Redman US 1976 as spare car at Pocono 1976. T430 HU3 later used as spare car so HU58 presumably redundant. Unknown
Lola T332C
John David Briggs at Mid-Ohio in 1977. Copyright Terry Capps 2014.  Used with permission.

John David Briggs at Mid-Ohio in 1977. Copyright Terry Capps 2014. Used with permission.

Believed to be a new car for John-David Briggs in 1976. The 1978 Surfers Paradise race program says that his Can-Am Lola T333CS was believed to have been based on HU59.

Barry Blackmore researched this car and ascertained that it was bought by Briggs in late 1976 and became part of his two-car team in Can-Am in 1977, Briggs driving the converted HU59 and Don Briedenbach having Briggs' older HU50. The cars were converted back to F5000 specification for the Rothmans series in Australia in early 1978 then back to Can-Am spec and offered for sale. HU59 went to Rocky Moran who had previously raced HU29, but Moran found that he preferred the older car and went back to HU29. HU59 was then sold by Moran to a "D. Devine" and then to Tony Mistretta who, at the time of Barry's research, still had Moran's Can-Am bodywork. From Mistretta it went to Marc Bahner around 1994. Blackmore bought it from Bahner in February 1996 and restored the car to F5000 specification. He raced the car in US vintage racing from 2005 onwards.

Sold in 2009 to Stan Redmond (Christchurch, NZ) and shipped to New Zealand to race in the Tasman Revival series. First appeared at Wigram in Jan 2010 but DNS and raced for the first time at Phillip Island in March 2010. Retained for the 2010/11 series but crashed at Oulton Park on a visit to the UK in July 2011. Raced by Redmond in the 2011/12 Tasman Revival but Redmond then acquired the ex-Warwick Brown T333CS for the 2012/13 series. Last seen when raced by Redmond at Ruapana Park Feb 2012.

Stan Redmond (New Zealand) 2012
Lola T332C

Interscope Racing for Danny Ongais US 1976. Presumably one of four T332s advertised by VPJ in Jan 1977. Reported to have remained with Ongais, passing from Interscope into Ongais' ownership in 1978. To Vasek Polak 1981 - Todd Gerstenberger (Manhattan Beach, CA) 1997: restored and raced in historics. VARA F5000 champion 2000. Todd continued to race the car in historics over the next decade and raced it a couple of times in 2012. Retained September 2013.

Todd Gerstenberger (USA) 2013
Lola T332C

Theodore Racing US 1976: driven by Derek Bell (1 race) and Alan Jones (1 race); Australian Internationals 1977: crashed in practice R2 Surfers Paradise 13 Feb 1977 and written off.

This car may have been rebuilt. See the Arnold Glass car.


1976 mystery cars

The identification of at least one of the 1976 T332Cs is tentative: Shirey's car is probably HU57.

One extra T332 appears in 1976: Ed Polley's car, which was built outside the factory. The missing cars include Redman's 1975 championship winning HU45 which appears to have spent the year in the hands of Max Mizejewski, and Jerry Karl's HU49 which may in fact have stayed with Karl until 1977.

Car History Current owner
Lola T332C
'the Shirey car'
Bob Smith for Richard Shirey (Huntington Beach, CA) US 1976 (three races and 1 DNA; debut at Mosport Park 20 Jun 1976). Hired by Theodore Racing for Alan Jones to race at Elkhart Lake 25 Jul 1976. Did not appear at the final race. Advertised by Bob Smith Mar 1977. Subsequent history unknown. Unknown
Lola T332
'the Polley car'

Peter Clarke for Ed Polley (Inglewood, CA) US 1976 (#13, three races; debut at Elkhart Lake 25 Jul 1976). This is the same car raced as the "Polley EP1" by Polley for Clarke in Australian Internationals Feb 1977. Next seen with Merle Brennan: Can-Am 1980 (1 race only: Laguna Seca 19 Oct 1980); Can-Am 1981 (2 races only: Riverside DNS and Laguna Seca); Can-Am 1982 (2 races only: Riverside and Laguna Seca); Can-Am 1983 (1 race only: Sears Point); Can-Am 1984 (1 race only: Sears Point; DNA at Riverside). This car had Frissbee bodywork in 1981.

Brennan was one of two owners of this car between Polley and Chuck Haines but the order of events is not yet clear. Haines later sold the car to Les Loushin. The chassis has the John Timmanus scrutineer's serial number, "76-13". Loushin was restoring the car in 2003. Raced by Loushin as a Can-Am car at the Legends of Motorsports Sebring Finale Dec 2010.

Les Loushin (US) 2010
Lola T332
'the Moran car'
Now resolved - see HU42. Unknown

1977 Lola T332C production

For 1997, the SCCA killed off F5000 and replaced it with Can-Am, for which single-seat 5-litre cars were eligible as long as they had a sports car body. So the T332 carried on. As well as the "T333CS" body from Haas and Lola, kits were also produced for Bob Nagel by Bob Riley, the famed US race car designer behind everything from AJ Foyt's Coyote Indy cars to the enormously successful Riley & Scott endurance racers of the late 1990's.

Only one production car was built in 1977, chassis HU62 for Len Gibbs to run in G8 in the UK.

Chassis History Current owner
Lola T332C
Keith Holland in the E.L. Gibbs Lola T332C at Mallory Park in 1977. Copyright Alan Cox 2007. Used with permission.

Keith Holland in the E.L. Gibbs Lola T332C at Mallory Park in 1977. Copyright Alan Cox 2007. Used with permission.

Len Gibbs Racing (Kent): UK Shellsport G8 series 1977 driven by Keith Holland (7 races) and then Damien Magee (5 races) - John Hinley (Kineton) 1978: used in UK Sprints - Mike Connor (Cirencester, Gloucestershire) early 1982: raced at Castle Combe libre 30 May 1983 (4th), Mallory Park BRSCC libre 19 Jul 1983 (5th) - Nick Crocker (Bedford) 1983 - Mark Hales (Gainsburgh, Lincolnshire) 1984: raced in 1984 McLaren Open Championship (BRSCC libre) - Bill Hall (Sheffield) 1987 - Bobby Howlings (Cheshire) 1989 - Bobby Brown (New York) 1990: raced in vintage racing, e.g. at HSR Mid-Ohio Aug 1993 - Keith Baldwin (UK) 2000 - Neil Glover (Ansty, West Sussex) 2009. Glover already owned a T330/T332, HU23(B) but HU62 was raced by Mark Dwyer at Oulton Park Gold Cup Aug 2009 and then taken along with Glover's regular HU23(B) to New Zealand for the 2009/10 Tasman Revival series. Raced by Dwyer at Hampton Downs in Jan 2010. Sold to Richard Davies (Arlingham, Gloucestershire) Sep/Oct 2010 and had an initial outing in it at Mallory Park, only for the engine to blow up. Then unused until sold in 2013 to Max Wakefield (London).

Max Wakefield (UK) 2015

1977 mystery cars

F5000 was now dead in the US, at least outside SCCA Nationals, but the T332s and T332Cs continued as Single-Seat Can-Am cars. Most of these used the Lola/Haas conversion kit but a handful used the Riley bodies; Oftedahl's mystery car was one of these as was Nagel's HU33. Tex Arnold's HU49, which raced in 1978 appears to have been a third.

Car History Current owner
Lola T332
'the Briedenbach car'
Entered by John-David Briggs for Don Briedenbach in SCCA FA 1977; Can-Am 1977; Tasman 1978; for sale until June 1979 - Mike Allen (to replace HU46): Can-Am 1979 (5 races, debut Road America 22 Jul); Can-Am 1980 (4 races); Can-Am 1981 (3 races); rebodied as Frissbee for Can-Am 1982 (2 races); Can-Am 1983 (1 race: crashed at Mosport Park 5 Jun 1983. According to AutoRacing USA 1983, Allen "crashed and flipped his Lola T333CS/Chevrolet at the end of the main straight. He was airlifted to a nearby hospital, but died the next day of head and neck injuries". This car is presumed to have been destroyed. Destroyed
Lola T332
'the Oftedahl car'
Bert Keuhne in the Riley-bodied Oftedahl Lola at Trois Rivieres in 1977.  Copyright Autosports Marketing Associates and Bill Oursler 2001. Used with permission.

Bert Keuhne in the Riley-bodied Oftedahl Lola at Trois Rivieres in 1977. Copyright Autosports Marketing Associates and Bill Oursler 2001. Used with permission.

Leonard Janke's Lola T332 at Edmonton in 1981. Copyright Brent Martin 2010. Used with permission.

Leonard Janke's Lola T332 at Edmonton in 1981. Copyright Brent Martin 2010. Used with permission.

Maybe T330 HU15. Gordy Oftedahl Can-Am 1977: driven by Tom Bagley (2 races: Mid Ohio 7 Aug 1977 and Mosport 21 Aug 1977), Bert Keuhne (1 race: Trois Riveries 4 Sep 1977), Milt Minter (1 race: Riverside 16 Oct 1977) and possibly others that season.

Sold to Leonard Janke Can-Am 1978 (3 races, debut Watkins Glen 9 July 1978); Can-Am 1979 (4 races); Can-Am 1980 (2 races); Can-Am 1981 (2 races + 1 DNQ). Tom Erwin saw this car on its debut at Watkins Glen in 1978 but noted that it had no chassis number. The picture to the right shows Janke at Edmonton in 1981. This was the car's last recorded race and ended after 31 laps with an accident. Jim Rollins spoke to Harold Janke (Pender, NE), Leonard's son, in June 2006 and confirmed that they still have the car. Leonard Janke told Jerry Entin in Nov 2009 that he still had the car.

Leonard Janke (US) 2009
Lola T332
'the Hogan/Haines car'
Autoweek 7 Sep 1977.

Autoweek 28 Feb 1976.

Autoweek 7 Sep 1977.

Autoweek 18 Sep 1976.

Autoweek 7 Sep 1977.

Autoweek 7 Sep 1977.

Autoweek 18 Nov 1977.

Autoweek 18 Nov 1977.

After HU43 was crashed, Hogan Racing (Earth City, MO) continued in 1974 with just the one T332, David Hobbs' HU30, and when Rutherford returned to race for the team at Ontario and Laguna Seca, he drove the older T330 HU12. In 1975, Hogan again had just HU30 for Hobbs and when Jody Scheckter drove for Hogan at Long Beach, he took over Hobbs' regular car leaving the Englishman to drive T330 HU12, which had now been upgraded to T332 specification. So over those two years, there was no indication that HU43 had been rebuilt.

After the 1975 season, Hogan advertised a T332, presumably the team's backup but it's possible they had bought a new T332C and were advertising HU30. Or maybe HU43 had been rebuilt over the 75/76 winter. In September 1976, Hogan Racing advertised their backup T332 and then an "ex-Hogan" "T332C" was advertised from a San Francisco, CA number in September 1977 that is likely to be that car. Finally, in November 1977, Hogan advertised their remaining T332, by then a Can-Am car. This main car stayed with the team for a few more races in 1978 and then went to Bill Tempero for 1979. It has been positively identified as HU30.

A T332, now believed to be HU43, was sold by Hogan to Chuck Haines (St Louis, MO) in 1977. This car has Hewland gearbox number DG300/402 which was originally supplied by Lola to Hogan as part of HU43. (Note that Haines has also owned the ex-Hogan spare car HU12.) This car is believed to have gone to "Bronco" Brad Murphey (Phoenix, AZ) in 1980 and then to Arlon Koops (Denver, CO) in 1982. Koops did not race the car but loaned it to Bill Tempero (Ft Collins, CO) for Can-Am 1984 (2 races: Sears Point 30 Sep and Riverside 7 Oct). Tempero had raced in Can-Am in 1979 in his ex-Hogan T332 HU30 and it is possible that Koops' car acquired an ex-Hogan gearbox during this process. Tempero's HU30 had been sold to Larry Johnston by 1980. Despite reports that Tempero fitted Koops' car with a Riley Can-Am body, a picture on shows a standard T333 body.

The Koops/Tempero car was later bought by Kent Painter (Fort Collins, CO) complete with a black/beige F5000 body. In October 2009, Painter sold the car to Jay Bondini (Ferntree Gully, Victoria, Australia). Raced in the Australian GP support event Mar 2011, in the 2011/12 Tasman Revival series and in the 2012/13 series. Last seen when raced by Bondini at Sydney Motorsport Park in Nov 2012. On display in immaculate Hogan Racing livery at the Performance Motor Show in Melbourne in June 2013.

Jay Bondini (Australia) 2013

1978 mystery cars

A second season of Can-Am saw two more mystery Lolas, possibly cars being newly converted to Can-Am, possibly the cars already seen in 1977. The Frank car may possibly have been a brand new T333CS but Bob Hoff's car is a complete unknown.

Car History Current owner
Lola T332
'the Hoff car'
Bob Hoff (Lola T332) was second in Southern Pacific Division FA points table 1978. Hoff, a 29-year-old paramedic from Long Beach, CA, entered eight races in 1977: six Regionals of which he won five, and two Nationals which he also won. He bought a FB March for 1978 but the points table suggests he also ran the Lola. Subsequent history unknown.
Lola T332 or T333
'the Frank car'

Tom Frank Can-Am 1978 (2 races: Laguna Seca 8 Oct 1978 and Riverside 15 Oct 1978) - Herb Caplan (US Racing) 1979 as spare car; rebuilt for 1980 with new ground-effects body designed by Jack Smith as "Prophet 3": Can-Am 1980 driven by Bobby Rahal (3 races: 3rd at R1 Sears Point but later crashed at R3 Mosport 22 Jun 1980).

Not known whether this car was rebuilt later in 1980 but the Caplan team had a Frissbee for 1981 which On Track noted was their Prophet "Frissbee-ized". As Bob Danzi had a car in 1981 now firmly identified as 'Prophet 2', it is assumed that the older 1979 Prophet went to Danzi and this newer 1980 Prophet was the one "Frissbee-ized" for 1981.

Entered by Herb Caplan's U.S. Racing and driven in Can-Am 1981 by David Kennedy, John Morton and Tom Klausler. Not seen after Caesars Palace Oct 1981.


1979 mystery cars

More "new" cars appear in the US in 1979: a new chassis being used to built a Prophet Can-Am car, a puzzling "ex-Karl" car for Pat McGonegle and a second Don Weber entry driven by Rick Knoop.

Meanwhile, in the UK, Bob Penzer appeared in a Lola T332 in the British Sprint Championship.

Car History Current owner
Lola T332
'the 1979 McGonegle car'

T. Patrick McGonegle appeared at Watkins Glen 8 Jul 1979 with a "Lola T332" but did not start. Tom Erwin was there and looked at the car but could not see a chassis plate. However, he did note that it was "Ex-Karl". Erwin had also seen Jerry Karl's Nagel-bodied Can-Am Lola at Watkins Glen in 1978 and noted its number as "T330 HU15".

McGonegle reappears for three races in 1982 but this is believed to be a different car - see HU53.

Prophet 1979

Rebuilt for 1979 from remains of original Prophet (based on T332C HU56) but with 'a brand new tub from England': driven by John Morton (1 race), George Follmer (2 races) and Bobby Rahal (six races, won at Laguna Seca 14 Oct 1979); replaced by new "Prophet 2" for 1980 but used after Prophet 2 wrecked at Mosport: for Rahal Can-Am 1980 (at least 2 races but probably the car used to the end of the season: 7 races). Sold to Bob Danzi: Can-Am 1981 (1 DNQ only at Laguna Seca). Subsequently sold by Danzi to Hal Whipple. Then via via Chuck Haines and Tom Frederick to Warren Snodgrass (CA) 1987 who also bought the original 1979 Prophet bodywork from Herb Caplan at the same time, the Danzi car being fitted with a hybrid 1980 bodywork. Restored to 1979 condition but not raced in historics as there was no suitable West Coast class. To Jeff Gentry 1997 - Ken Constandine 1999 - Mark Butters 2001 - Dick Lasselle Nov 2004. The car carries SCCA serial number 79-188. Fully restored to original (i.e. Prophet) condition and livery for historic racing in 2005.

Entered by Lasselle Enterprises for Rick Bell (Salisbury, CT): at Road America July 2005, Watkins Glen Sep 2005, at Watkins Glen again Sep 2006, at Road Atlanta Oct 2006, at Watkins Glen again Sep 2007 and at Lime Rock Sep 2009.

Dick Lasselle (US) 2009
Lola T332
'the Penzer car'
Bob Penzer: British Sprint Championship 1979 (one Top-10 only: 8th at R11 Wroughton 20 Sep 1979). The only T332s and T332Cs last seen in the UK were the long-lost ex-Gordon Spice HU40, now known to have been exported, and John Hinley's T332C HU62. As Hinley's car had run in sprints the season before Penzer's appearance, it is most likely that Penzer had HU62.
Lola T332
'the Weber /Knoop car'
Entered by Don Weber for Rick Knoop: Can-Am 1979 (1 race only: R10 Riverside 28 Oct). Weber was the regular entrant of Mike Allen's #7 car and this #77 car was entered as a second entry at Riverside only. Allen had recently acquired the ex-Briedenbach T333 after crashing HU46 and it is possible that Knoop was driving the repaired HU46. Nothing more known. A picture of this car (#77) at Riverside 28 Oct 1979 on the Racing Sports Cars site. Unknown

The "Lola T332" (as previously identified in the Can-Am section of this site) driven by Patrick Gaillard at Laguna Seca 14 Oct 1979 was actually the Schkee DB1/2. My thanks to Fabrizio Bologna for spotting a picture in Auto Sprint that identified this.

1980 mystery cars

Another Can-Am design, the "Intrepid GB-1" appeared in 1980 based, as usual, on a Lola T332 chassis. Only one other T332 appeared, the ex-Polley car for Merle Brennan.

Car History Current owner
Intrepid GB-1
Danny Sullivan in the Intrepid at Road America in July 1980. Copyright Glenn Snyder 2009. Used with permission.

Danny Sullivan in the Intrepid GB-1 at Road America in July 1980. Copyright Glenn Snyder 2009. Used with permission.

Garvin Brown Racing for Danny Sullivan Can-Am 1980 (4 races + 1 DNS, debut Sears Point 24 May 1980; best result 2nd at Watkins Glen 6 Jul 1980). Designed by Lance Smith, who had previously contributed to the Prophet and Spyder Can-Am cars and based, like those, on a Lola T332. Despite the inherited second place at Watkins Glen, the Intrepid was regarded as a failure by the team and the Lance brothers were dropped. A new Lola T530 had arrived before Watkins Glen. The Intrepid was later bought 'from "Whitey" who was selling it for Garvin Brown, in the San Fernando valley area' by Lance Nist. "Whitey" is presumably Dave White, who worked for Garvin Brown. Retained by Nist 2003.
Lance Nist (US) 2003

1981 mystery cars

Just one newcomer to the T332 in 1981 - Robert Meyer. Also in 1981, the first of the Frissbee-Lolas appeared: all cars with Lola or replica Lola chassis plus Frissbee bodywork kits acquired from Brad Friselle Racing. The first to appear were a car with a Jack Smith tub for Rocky Moran replacing his T332 HU29; the Frissbee-ised version of the Prophet; and John Morton's Lola T333CS also fully converted. By the end of that season, other Lolas had been updated: at the Laguna Seca race near the end of the 1981 season, Autoweek noted that Robb Woltring's T333CS, Clive Bush's 'Conquest' and Merle Brennan's T332 "all sport copies of the Frissbee bodywork without all the good stuff underneath".

Car History Current owner
Lola T332 or T333CS
'the Woltring car'

Robb Woltring (Roseville, CA): Can-Am 1981 (#47 'T333CS' at R8 Riverside, R9 Laguna Seca and R10 Caesars Palace); Can-Am 1982 (#48 at R5 Trois-Rivieres, R6 Mosport and R8 Riverside). In 1982, the car is described many ways: Woltring wins Northern Pacific Division National at Sears Point 8-9 May 1982 in "Lola"; at the 13 June Portland National it's a Frissbee (November p34) but at Laguna Seca 13 days later (p35) it's a Lola; Can-Am R5 results also call it "Lola Frissbee" but R6 results (a week later, also in Canada) call it "Lola T?332"; R8 results call it a Frissbee; the CSPRRC preview (Sports Car October 1982 p15) calls it a "Lola Frissbee". Note there was a second Western Fleet-entered car on the entry list at R6 Mosport and racing at R8 Riverside, a Frissbee for Ken Dunn, so maybe Woltring had two cars (recent reports say he had three cars - see also 'the Dunn car' below).

Advertised by Woltring in April 1983 as 'Frissbee Can-Am or ASR - 1 of 3 built". Woltring Can-Am 1983 (R6 Sears Point only); Can-Am 1984 (R9 Riverside only); as "Lola T332" Can-Am 1985 (R1 Mosport only). A picture of this car (see #17 although Woltring is also pictured in a car wearing #48) at Mosport 2 Jun 1985 is on the Racing Sports Cars site.

Lola "T332CS"
'the Meyer car'
Robert Meyer (Salinas, CA): Can-Am 1981 (appeared only at Laguna Seca 11 Oct 1981 - DNQ); Can-Am 1982 (2 races only: Riverside and Laguna Seca); Can-Am 1983 (5 races); Can-Am 1984 (2 races); Can-Am 1985 (1 race). Subsequent history unknown. The car had Spyder NF11 bodywork in 1982 but was Frissbee-bodied by 1983. Michael Duncan believes this was one of the ex-Newman-Freeman Spyders. Picture of this car (#39) at Riverside 3 Oct 1982 and at Mosport 11 Sep 1983 are on the Racing Sports Cars site. Subsequent history unknown. Unknown

1982 mystery cars

John Kalagian makes his debut in 1982 with a 'new' Frissbee and Ken Dunn makes a one-off appearance in a Lola T332. Unlike the Moran and Morton Frissbees, Kalagian's car was a Lola conversion, based on an old F5000-spec Lola T332. Over these next six seasons, most remaining Can-Am Lola T332s were converted to Frissbee specification.

Car History Current owner
'the Kalagian car'
John Kalagian in his Frissbee at Mid-Ohio in 1982. Copyright Terry Capps 2014. Used with permission.

John Kalagian in his Frissbee at Mid-Ohio in 1982. Copyright Terry Capps 2014. Used with permission.

Chuck Haines' ex-Johan Woerheide T33x monocoque in 2009. Copyright Chuck Haines 2009. Used with permission.

Chuck Haines' ex-Johan Woerheide T33x monocoque in 2009. Copyright Chuck Haines 2009. Used with permission.

The car as restored by Steve Farthing, at Stoneleigh in February 2015.  Copyright Ian Blackwell 2015. Used with permission.

The car as restored by Steve Farthing, at Stoneleigh in February 2015. Copyright Ian Blackwell 2015. Used with permission.

In 1981, John Morton bought "all of Roy Woods Racing's Lola 332 stuff", which included a T333 tub and a brown F5000 Lola T332 as well as a huge amount of parts. This would have been from Cooke-Wood Racing who had campaigned an ex-Haas Lola T333CS in 1980. The F5000-spec T332 was sold quickly to John Kalagian who built a "bootleg" Frissbee with the car and raced it in Can-Am in 1982 (full season). It was registered by the SCCA as a "Lola T333-CS Frissbee" in May 1982 with log book number '82-242' but no identifying numbers were given on the log book. See photo in 1983 Lime Rock program and RSC photo Mosport 6 Jun 1982. To Charlie Monk (Canada), who traded the unique March 77S for it: Wolf Power Tools for Monk Can-Am 1983 (full season). Monk "Frissbee/Lola T333" Can-Am 1984 (four races). To Rodolfo Cusumano (Summit, NJ): Can-Am 1985 (2 races) as the #7 Will Petroleum-RCG Financial Special. A picture of this car (#7) at Mosport 15 Sep 1985 is on the Racing Sports Cars site. Cusumano crashed the car at St. Louis, the fifth round of the series, presumably in practice as he does not appear on the grid sheet or in results. After the accident, the car was dismantled and usable parts sold off to fellow competitor John Macaluso.

The bent monocoque somehow found its way to Johan Woerheide who acquired an old Lola T33x tub recovered from the undergrowth at Road Atlanta which was said by corner workers to be ex-Monk, ex-Cusumano. This chassis was bought from Woerheide by Chuck Haines of Can-Am Cars Ltd (St. Louis, MO) who advertised it in 2008. The car was still listed on the Can-Am Cars Ltd web site in Sep 2013.

Sold by Chuck Haines and Chuck Parsons to a client of Steve Farthing (Wren Classics, Shaftesbury Dorset, England) in January 2014.

Steve Farthing (UK) 2015
Lola T332
'the Dunn car'

Ken Dunn (Cupertino, CA) Can-Am 1982 (1 race only: R8 Riverside - entered by Western Fleet, presumably as a team mate to Robb Woltring; also entered at R5 Mosport at #49 on entry list alongside Woltring as #48). A "2 car package" was advertised by 'Gary' of Western Fleet (Sacramento area, CA) in Autoweek in November 1982. It consisted of the #48 Lola Frissbee with fresh Falconer engine and the #49 Lola with modified Whipple body. The 'fresh Falconer engine' is the same phrase as used by Woltring when he advertised his own car in April 1983. Nothing more known.


1983 mystery cars

Two more Can-Am entries in 1983: Phil Compton in a Frissbee-ized Lola and John Macaluso in a much more curious beast.

Car History Current owner
Lola "T333"
'the Compton car'
(1983 only)
Phil Compton appeared in a Frissbee/Lola T332 at Mosport 5 Jun 1983. He then drove VDS-003 for Norwood Walker at the next race. Earlier in the season, Compton had driven the car at SCCA events: it was called "Lola T-333" at the Texas World Speedway National on 19 Feb; and just "Lola" at Hallet Apr 16-17 and at West Texas Region National 30 Apr-1 May. May be the same car driven by Compton at Dallas 1984. Two pictures of this car (#25) at Mosport 5 Jun 1983 on the Racing Sports Cars site appear to show a standard Frissbee body. Nothing more known about this car. Unknown
Lola "T332"
'the Macaluso car'

John Macaluso Can-Am 1983 (1 entry only: DNA at Mosport 11 Sep 1983); Can-Am 1984 (4 races); Can-Am 1985 (4 races); Can-Am 1986 (2 races). Pictures of this car show an odd front-radiator body design - possibly something created for a T300. Pictures of this car (#84) at Mosport 10 Jun 1984 and at Mosport 15 Sep 1985 are on the Racing Sports Cars site. When contacted by Daniel Rapley in 2011, Macaluso could not remember the previous owner; just that it came out of California and Gerre Payvis may have put him in touch.

The car was sold in 1986 to Chuck Haines who sold it on to Lowell McGrane in 1987. It was owned by McGrane until bought by Daniel Rapley (Bethel, CT) c2010. The car still has the Macaluso bodywork and a logbook which is rather intruiging as it covers a group of races in 1974 pertaining to a Brian Redman car numbered '75-1' (which must refer to HU45) and then skips all the way to 1984 when it covers Macaluso's Can-Am history. As Redman's 1975 car was sold to Max Mizejewski, this is quite perplexing. Rapley advertised the car on eBay and on in 2011, implying it was a 'barn find'.

Sold to Murray Bryden (Melbourne, Australia) June 2011. Murray reported that the rebuild was nearly complete in May 2014.

Murray Bryden (Australia) 2014

1984 mystery cars

Three more "Frissbees" appeared in 1984: one from the large Gerre Payvis stable; one "ex-Morton" car for Steve Foster; and one for Billy Schyphers who makes a one-off appearance in a Frissbee owned by "a gentleman in Sacramento".

Car History Current owner
"Frissbee" Race Power for Drake Olson (Bridgewater, CT) Can-Am 1984 (3 races). Presumably one of Gerre Payvis's cars, so maybe Lola T330 HU19 or Lola T332 HU49 or Lola T332 HU53. Dave Nuding bought a T332-based ex-Olsen Frissbee from Payvis around 1984. Retained 2003. Dave Nuding (US) 2003
Lola T332
'the Mark Rose car'

Mark Rose (then Dallas, TX) first mentioned in 1980 Road America Can-Am program where referred to as a newcomer running a Lola T332 in SCCA club racing. This may not be the same car as he drove in 1984 - see also the entry for a mystery Lola T332 'the Rose-Catell car', bought as a basket case from Mark Rose by Scott Catell and now fully restored.

First raced in Can-Am by Rose (then Ft Worth, TX) at Dallas Can-Am (7 Jul 1984). This may be the car referred to on Bob Norwood's website which says that he "ran SCCA A-Sports with driver Phil Compton and continued on in 1983 with the addition of a second Lola 333 driven by Mike Rowe". There are many typos on the page and "Rowe" may well be a typo for "Rose". Raced by Rose in four Can-Am races that season. Also qualified for the 1984 Runoffs in a "Texas American Racing Team Lola T332". Bought from "TART" by Bruce Langson in 1985 (had Frissbee bodywork at that time) and donated to Aerospace school at Texas A&M University to do aerodynamic studies for a new Can-Am car. Remained at Texas A&M in a dilapidated state until January 2002 when returned to Langson. Sold by Langson to Chris Perkins (UK) who was in the process restoring of restoring it in Sep 2005. Chris ran out of enthusiasm for the project and sold it on to Graham Earl. Graham reports that the car has the chassis plate HU50 but clearly it is not the car that went to Mike Allen as that car would have been very badly damaged in Allen's fatal crash and Earl's car shows no sign of crash damage. So the identification of HU50 as the Briedenbach/Allen car may not be correct.

Graham Earl (UK) 2007
'the Schyphers car'
Billy Schyphers' Frissbee in the paddock at Sears Point in 1984.  Copyright Ike Smith 2007.  Used with permission.Billy Schyphers Can-Am 1984 (1 race only: Sears Point 30 Sep). Entered at #58. Owned by "a gentleman in Sacramento" and prepared by Ike Smith and Colin Riley for Schyphers to drive at Sears Point. The car suffered brake problems over the weekend and didn't feature. Nothing more known. Unknown
'the Steve Foster car'
Steve Foster (San Antonio, TX): Can-Am 1984 (2 races: Sears Point 30 Sep and Green Valley 28 Oct). Sold to Bruce Langson (Fort North, TX): Can-Am 1985 (5 races); rebuilt as Langson LR002 and ultimately LR003 for Can-Am 1986 (3 races) and CAT 1987 (2 races). Parts used in the construction of Langson's LR004 which was completed after the end of the 1987 season and did not race. Langson still had the LR003 and the LR004 plus the original Frissbee body from the Foster car. Bruce Langson (US) 2002

Also in 1984, Jerry Kehoe (Santa Rosa, CA) drove a "Frissbee" in Can-Am (R8 Sears Point and R9 Riverside) and a previous version of this page supposed that it may have had a Lola T332 basis. Remarkably, this car was built around the Brabham BT29 [11] that Kehoe had run in FB; then, with an FVC engine, in FA; then in the 2-litre Can-Am class and then, with a 3.5-litre Oldsmobile V8, in the 5-litre class. The final refinement, for 1984, was the addition of a Frissbee body. This amazing vehicle contained little of its Brabham BT29 origins by 1984.

Later mystery cars

Several well-used T332s or Frissbees disappeared at the end of 1984, notably those of Robert Meyer and Merle Brennan. In their place comes one new mystery Frissbee, that of Diego Montoya. Finally, a single new Frissbee appears in the CAT series of 1987.

Car History Current owner
'the Montoya car'
Diego Montoya (Miami, FL): Can-Am 1985 (4 races). Entered by B&T Racing at #82. a picture on shows a blue-and-white Frissbee. Nothing more known. Unknown
'the McConnell car'

Chuck McConnell CAT series 1987 (1 race only: R1 Willow Springs 3 May 1987). Observed by Martin Spetz to be #46, an ex-Morton/Conte car. Chuck McConnell (Arroyo Grande, CA) raced a Frissbee-Lola in historic racing in 2009 and in 2013, McConnell commented on Facebook about Morton's 1982 car that "I was team manager in 1982, I purchased it after that season and I have raced it in vintage racing all this time and still do. Great car". That would mean that this was the "new" T333 chassis purchased by Morton from Cooke-Wood Racing at the end of 1981, rebuilt as a Frissbee and raced in 1982 with the backing of Phil Conte's Conte-Glanz Industries (CGI).

Chuck McConnell (US) 2013

On a previous version of this page, the Frissbee raced by Peter Dragffy at St Petersburg in 1985 was shown as a mystery. This is now known to be the ex-Jerry Hansen Lola T333CS, fitted with a Frissbee body by Roy Hayman when he rebuilt it after Claude Gou's crash at Lime Rock in 1983.

Other mystery cars

A number of other cars are known but cannot yet be connected to the histories above.

Car History Current owner
Lola T332
'the Glass car'

Allan McCall mentioned to Shayne Windelburn that, in the late 1970s, he had put together a T332 using a tub they had acquired from Theodore and new parts from Lola. It was for Arnold Glass but he found the driving experience to be bad for his dry cleaning bill and sold the car on. This is presumably the car that Glass races to fifth place in a libre at Mallory Park 21 Jun 1981. Also see the Bennett car below.

According to Marc Rauchfuss's research, the car was then sold via dealer Bobby Howlings to Murray Smith (Amagonsett, NY/Washington, DC) who sold it via Tony Dutton of Northumberland Engineering (Southampton, NY). The next owner was either a Mr Vanelli or a Mr Strackosh. In the early 1990s James Swartzbaugh (Southern California) owned the car and sold it in 1993 to Dave Carlson (Rubicon, Wisconsin) who ran it at the Elkhart Lake Vintage Festival 25 Sept 1993 but it was then unused until Carlson sold it to Marc Rauchfuss (Simi Valley, CA) in the late summer of 2008. Retained 2012.

Marc Rauchfuss (US) 2012
Lola T332
'the Rose-Catell car'

Mark Rose raced and, it is thought, crashed a Lola T332 in Can-Am. The car was then sold to Scott Catell (Sebastopol, CA) in the late 70s/early 80s. This presumably relates to the advert Rose placed in On Track on 17 Jun 1982 for a "Lola T-332 disassembled, new chassis, Prophet bodywork and engines available, blueprints for assembly...". However, if this is the right advert, this predates Rose actually racing in Can-Am by two years so if the car had been crashed, it must have been by someone else or it must have been in club racing. Scott restored much of the car and sold it to Todd Reiners (Sacramento, CA) in 2000. The bodywork on the car is ex-Edwards/Embassy but the origins of the tub are not yet known. Fully restored and retained by Todd 2004.

Todd Reiners (US) 2004
Lola T332
'the Bennett car'

Advertised by Colin Bennett in August 1982 and again in Feb 1983. In the August 1982 advert, it was described as "ex-Alan Jones Theodore Lola T332" but the advert was illustrated by a picture of the ex-McKechnie HU36.

Quite possibly the Glass car (see immediately above) as Bennett ran Glass in Can-Am in 1982. Nothing more known.

Lola T332
'the Sheehan car'
(2002 to date)

Effectively a brand new car advertised by Michael Sheehan (CA, US) in 2002. This was a 100% rebuild of an old, crashed, car but the identity of the crashed car was unknown to Sheehan. A report on now says that this was built from some of the remains of Evan Noyes' HU32 by Mel Spillman. As of 2010, the car was using the chassis number "HU 32B".

To John Mann (New Zealand) 2002 and raced in the Tasman Revival Series. To Tony Richards (Christchurch, NZ) 2005. Raced by Richards in the Formula 5000 Tasman Cup Revival at the Australian GP meeting 28 Mar 2009. Raced by Richards at Hampton Downs Jan 2012.

Tony Richards (New Zealand) 2012
Lola T332
'the Rick McLean car'

In 2003, dealer Steve Tillack bought a Lola T332 from Rick McLean who had owned it since 1991, McLean told Tillack that he bought the car from Peter Austin of Westmont, Quebec, Canada in September 1991. Tillack's research determined that the car had been acquired by Austin from Robb Woltring and that Woltring had acquired it from a California car sales operation called "Big Boys Toys", owned by Jerry Siemons. Ed Superfond (sp), who ran this operation for Siemons, told Tillack that the T332 came from Francesco Mir, who had owned HU48. This may mean that this car was HU48 but it clashes with iuts history as a Spyder Can-Am car.

Steve Tillack subsequently sold the car to Stuart McDonnell (Hamilton, NZ) in June 2003 and McDonnell reported that it was being restored. Nothing more known.

Stuart McDonnell (NZ) 2003
Lola T33?

Owned by Shayne Windelburn (Auckland, New Zealand) in 2004. Shayne reports that:

The tub I have, came from Duncan [Fox], and he got it from, Bill Moyer, prior to him it was Hal Whipple's, and before that a bloke Fred Shramike (who also owns that Brabham Frisbee you mention on your site) and before that, a Jim Canal, but here the trail gets cold. I do have a video of the 1980 Sears Point Can-Am race, and in the pits prior to the race with no bodywork on, is a 332 with the same decals on the side of the tub as my one has, in the same place. The only car that was there that I now can't account for, is the Mike Roche Lola,

The hoop also has 22 and 74 stamped by the 91467, and is definitely an original Lola tub, although it has had new side skins on it at some point, which is why I suspect it could also have been a 330 originally. This is tub is being a bit of a tuff nut to crack that's for sure.

Looking again later, Shayne thinks the number could be '19 1467', implying a car from SCCA Region 19, the California Sports Car Club. Retained March 2009.

Shayne Windelburn (NZ) 2004
Lola T332
'the David Kane tub'

David M. Kane (US) has a severely bent Lola T332 tub. More to follow.

David Kane (US) 2005
Lola T332
'the Chris Perkins car'

See the Mark Rose car.

Lola T332
'the O'Brien/
Windelburn car'

In July 2005, Shayne Windelburn (Auckland, New Zealand) acquired a T332 tub from Ed O'Brien. The origins of the second tub are unclear but Shayne believes it to be the ex-Redman/ex-Swanson car that O'Brien ran for Ongais at the end of 1975. However, that late-1975 car would appears to have been the new HU54, not a rebuilt car. According to, Windelburn's car "has since been restored on a reskinned tub and sold to Roger Williams in October of 2007". Roger Williams (Auckland, NZ) was said in Nov 2007 to have a car "he recently acquired from the United States". As of 2010, the car was using the chassis number "HU 42/2".

Raced by Williams in the 2007/08 Tasman Revival series, the 2008 USA Formula 5000 40th Anniversary Championship, the 2008/09 Tasman Revival and in the Formula 5000 Tasman Cup Revival at the Australian GP meeting 28 Mar 2009. Returned in Jan 2010 for the 2009/10 Tasman Revival series when he won the Lady Wigram Trophy, then at Hampton Downs Jan 2011, for most rounds of the 2011/12 Tasman Revival and again for the 2012/13 series. Raced by Williams at Ruapuna Park Feb 2013.

Roger Williams (New Zealand) 2013
Lola T332
'the Ian Clements car'

After selling his origial T332 HU38(A) to Sefton Gibb in 2007, Ian Clements (Christchurch, NZ) returned to the Tasman Revival series in November 2008 with a new T332 described as being an ex-Viceroy car. It was listed on the Jan 2010 Hampton Downs entry list as chassis "HU48R", implying it is the Rick McLean car last seen in 2003 when owned by Stuart McDonnell (Hamilton, NZ).

Clements raced a red-and-white #30 Lola T332 in the 2008/09 Tasman Revival series, including the the Australian GP meeting 28 Mar 2009. He also raced a T332 in the 2009/10, 2010/11, 2011/12 and 2012/13 editions of the series. Raced by Clements at Sydney Motorsport Park Nov 2012.

Ian Clements (New Zealand) 2012

Other T332 advertisments as yet unexplained include:

Les White acquired parts from the crashed HU36 in 1983 which implies he had a T332 at this time. Also Jim Swartzbaugh owned a Lola T332 in March 1991.

Last, but not least, Phil Myers recalls Ray Reimer having a damaged T332 tub hanging on the wall of a barn for some time. Ray sold it to John Welsh (Chicago, IL) who intended to restore it. Phil believes it may have been John who sold it to Ray in the first place.

These histories last updated on 9 July, 2015 .