Affonso Giaffone

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06 Apr 1968



Indy 500s:

1 (1997)

Cousin of Felipe and son of Affonso Giaffone Filho, 1981 Brazilian Stock Car Championship winner. Now works in the two Giaffone family businesses, the long-standing home appliance business and for a while, he worked with his brother's massive armoured car empire, as director of global commercial ventures. Affonso now also is involved in motor racing coaching and is also involved in the health industry with a cancer discovery software, which seems him based in the US. Made a brief return recently to racing in Brazilian touring cars. Affonso was the 1991 Sud-Am Formula 3 championship winner and spent some years in the category before moving to America in 1995. After leaving America, Affonso spent a little while in Brazilian stockcars and GT3 events.

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