Andy Burt

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27 May 1890
Gardner, Illinois


16 Jun 1962
Chicago, Illinois


United States

Indy 500s:

1 (1921)

By the time Burt made his debut at Indianapolis, as a relief driver, he had been racing for over ten years - in fact the Indianapolis race was one of his last hurrahs of a career that took in dirt oval, road course and short-track board oval racing. His best year, by far, was in 1917, his last full racing season, finishing third at Uniontown and eighth at Omaha. Burt then later became a promoter and mechanic, running a sales, service and parts agency for Louis Chevrolet and Duesenberg, specialising in selling their cylinder heads. This link-up also led to Burt making the 1921 event as a relief driver as he was chosen to be a back-up in a Frontenac, which of course was the car Chevrolet and his brothers built. Burt wasn't quite finished with the '500 yet, however, as he entered his car for Leslie Allen to drive in 1927.

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