Ariel Bakst

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20 Nov 1955



F2 starts:

13 (1977-1979)

Suffered tragedy in 2003, when his teenage son Brian was killed in a car crash. Used to be a sports director with touring cars, but is now, amongst other things, a racing driver instructor. Away from the sport, Bakst was also involved with his own business, Panda Ices, an ice lolly company, but left this in 2013. Bakst's first name is actually Nestor. A regular single-seater racer in his homeland before 1977, Bakst took a brief hiatus from the sport before returning in the late 1980's to compete in touring cars in Argentina. His last driving came back in 2009 in a special one-off event, driving his make of choice, a Ford, once again.

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