Freddie Winnai

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08 Apr 1905
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


04 Sep 1977
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


United States

Indy 500s:

8 (1927-1946)

Set a world record for in 1926 for a lap on a one mile track. He was also the first winner at the Langhorne Speedway. Winnai also appeared, in 1929, in a supercharged Duesenberg car for the Indianapolis 500. The car featured a revolutionary air-to-air intercooler which gave Fred's car more power. It should come as little surprise therefore, that his 1929 effort, when he came fifth was his best result in eight attempts. Fred often raced in dirt track racing and it was on dirt tracks that he scored his best results in AAA events; 3rd at Syracuse in 1929 and then one year later, matched that result when he came home third at Langhorne Speedway.

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