Bill Lindau

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02 Jan 1903
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


18 Dec 1989
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


United States

Indy 500s:

1 (1929)

Former test and Pennsylvania minor event driver who got a chance of the big time in 1929. Lindau was a regular dirt and board track racer who largely concentrated his career around Pennsylvania. He started racing on motorcycles initially, before moving to four wheels in 1925. Lindau, whose father was born in Germany and lived there before emigrating to the US, sued his car owners in 1930 for breach of contract, asking 50,000 dollars in damages; in more depth, his actual loss was cited as 270 dollars, with 49,730 dollars charged for indignities to professional pride and social standing in the automotive racing world. He lost his case and his career came to an end pretty shortly after that.

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