Melville Jones

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14 Sep 1893
Wales, Maine


30 Nov 1975
Lewiston, Maine


United States

Indy 500s:

1 (1925)

Sometimes referred to as MC Jones, and often mixed up with Milton Jones, Melville Jones was a mechanic who raced in the 1925 Indianapolis 500. Melville was a farmer who later became a boat racer, hailing from a part of Maine that was (and is) blessed with many lakes. He later worked as a motor mechanic. He raced instead of Harold Skelly, who was the owner of the car, and was banned from driving it after struggling in qualifying. Jones did enough to keep the car going, but never raced again. There has been some confusion that Milton and Melville Jones were born in Wales, but in Melville's case, this is likely because he was born in a town with that name as opposed to the British principality.

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