Lindley Bothwell

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01 Aug 1901
Los Angeles, California


19 Jun 1986
Los Angeles, California


United States

Indy 500s:

0 (1949)

Living an infinitely more interesting life than his one DNQ might suggest, Bothwell was a pioneer in crowd entertainment, both with cheerleaders and co-ordinated cards. He also was a hugely successful orange farmer and cattle breeder, but is best known, motorsport wise, for his huge private car collection and Hall of Fame, which is still run by the family. Bothwell's grandfather, whom he was named after, Dr. Walter Lindley, was the first Dean at the USC School of Medicine. Bothwell's first sporting love was actually baseball and at one point he came close to joining the Pittsburgh Pirates but continued his education instead. Bothwell's ranch is the last commercial citrus orchard in the San Fernando Valley. Bothwell also collected horse-drawn taxis, was a surfer in the early days of the sport, rowed to a good amateur level and also constructed small railroad lines to and from his ranch.

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