Bon MacDougall

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04 Aug 1901
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


11 Dec 1970
Sun City, California


United States

Indy 500s:

1 (1926)

Also a stunt pilot and one of the early Hollywood cameramen, he was also a airport owner and ran a pilot school. First name Ronald. As well as running the school and airport, he supplied aeroplane parts. He also formed the TWA Sprint 13 Black Cat stunt flying group, which were based in Burdett Airport, California. As well as MacDougall, well-known riding mechanic Spider Matlock was one of the thirteen pilots. MacDougall's only Indianapolis 500 ended in disappointment when he was forced to retire with a water leak, having started 9th. As well as his aviation background, MacDougall invented a coin-operated pinball machine game based on baseball, Major League, which came out in 1934, and can still be found (albeit in vintage form only) today.

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