Don Horvath

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27 Apr 1935
Riverside, California


14 Feb 1965
Vallejo, California


United States

Indy 500s:

0 (1964)

Killed in a midget crash. A midget regular, he was based almost exclusively in California, and was a committed racer. He began racing in the mid-1950's, and was especially associated with his performances at Ascot Park Speedway in Gardena. A quite serious fellow, who was a slightly built man, Don focused on racing and didn't really mix with people that much away from the track. In 1957, he won Ascot's Most Improved Driver award. His best year was 1964; he won in San Bernardino on 12 June, Gardena on 27 June and 11 July and twice in Fresno, on 26 July and 15 August, so he was at his peak at his death. Don took part in qualifying, but it wasn't really a serious attempt and he should be better remembered for his midget driving.

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