The World Championship drivers — Where are they now?

by Richard Jenkins
The Ancien Pilotes at Dijon in 1974

Ancien Pilotes at Dijon 1974

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Name Born Died Nat Grands Prix Biography
Eddie Sachs 28 May 1927
Allentown, Pennsylvania
30 May 1964
Indianapolis, Indiana
Killed in the horrific crash at the start of the 1964 Indy 500, possibly one of the worst accidents ever seen in motor racing. This somewhat overshadows his career -Eddie was one of the greatest drivers in the US in the 1950's and early '60's. Eddie was particulary excellent in sprint cars, but was established as one of the AAA's best and most popular drivers, having an extremely positive and happy outlook. Also ran a cocktail lounge and motel in Center Valley, Pennsylvania. (Last updated 10 Aug 2015)
Boris 'Bob' Said 05 May 1932
Greenwich, New York State
24 Mar 2002
Kirkland, Washington
Spent years in property speculation and real estate, becoming a millionaire. A popular attendee of historic festivals and was involved in the motorsport world until his death, from cancer, whilst watching the Oscars on TV. Dad of Boris Jr, he was an award winning TV producer, winning an Emmy and competed in two Olympic Games as a bobsleigher. (Last updated 5 Jan 2011)
Carlos Sainz Jr 01 Sep 1994

E 19
(2015- )
Son of two time World Rally Champion, Carlos Sainz, Sainz Jr. won the 2014 Formula Renault 3.5 championship which propelled him up to Formula 1 on the Red Bull feeder scheme, with a drive at Scuderia Toro Rosso. Carlos has also raced in British and European Formula 3. (Last updated 29 Nov 2015)
Mike Salay 10 Jun 1909
South Bend, Indiana
19 Nov 1973
South Bend, Indiana
Real name Mike Szalai. Raced a variety of machinery for about 5 years, but did not have a lot of success. (Last updated 24 Jan 2010)
Eliseo Salazar 14 Nov 1954

RCH 24
Vastly experienced racer, who went on to compete at Le Mans, the Indy 500 and NASCAR. A huge crash in 2002 spelt the end of his single-seater career and it took over a year to recover from his injuries. Was racing in a variety of formulae, including a lot of off-road racing and rallying, especially in his homeland, but now runs SoloRace, which is a form of motorsport in a safe environment - parking lots, airports etc, where competitors race against the clock. The idea is to try and make it more accessible for people to race, but also to stop youngsters racing illegally, and learn skills in a safe way. (Last updated 19 Mar 2014)
Mika Salo 30 Nov 1966

SF 109
After Formula 1, Mika initially moved to the US to CART, with PK Racing, but after a Le Mans drive in 2003, aimed towards endurance racing, and currently races in GT series, as well as the World Endurance Championship and the InterContinental GT Challenge Series and previously also appeared in Italian touring cars. Also drives rallies in Finland, is a driver manager, runs a kart track, and also commentates on TV as well as presenting his own motoring and motorsport programme in Finland. Now lives in Estonia and is also likes to ride his motorbikes. (Last updated 9 Feb 2016)
Roy Salvadori 12 May 1922
Dovercourt, Essex
03 Jun 2012
Monte Carlo, Monaco
GB 47
Former host of the reunions at his Monaco flat, which attracted a huge number of past Grand Prix drivers. A frequent visitor to historic events until ill-health, Roy also was a F1 team manager, notably for Cooper, in the 1960's. Salvadori, as a racer, was a true all-rounder, adept in single-seaters, sportscars and touring cars - with his biggest triumph coming at the 1959 Le Mans. He began his career just after the Second World War, and although he raced on in historics, he ended his competitive career as a development driver for the King Cobra Ford in 1965. (Last updated 21 Sep 2014)
Consalvo Sanesi 28 Mar 1911
Terranuova Bracciolini, Arezzo
28 Jul 1998
I 5
Alfa Romeo test driver who was often given the chance to race sports and F1 cars for the marque. Carried on in sportscars until the mid '60's. His retirement came about after an incident in the 1964 Sebring 12 Hour race. His car developed a problem and he was slowing down near the pits when it was hit by another driver, who was unsighted. The fuel tank of the car exploded and Sanesi was lucky to survive, only being saved by Jocko Maggiacomo. Consalvo decided, that at the age of 53 and having survived a long career in racing to stop pretty much there and then. (Last updated 2 Oct 2013)
Stephane Sarrazin 02 Nov 1974
Barjac, nr. Ales

F 1
Since F1, Stephane was a Toyota F1 test driver and a Dallara Nissan racer, but then went into rally driving and the World Rally Championship. Dropped for 2007, he moved to endurance racing and finished 2nd at the 2007 Le Mans, but also then returned to rallying in 2010. Now mainly in sportscars, and the World Endurance Championship in 2016, but is still rallying and appears (and even wins) in the European Rally Championship. (Last updated 2 Jan 2016)
Takuma Sato 28 Jan 1977

J 92
Was the Super Aguri F1 driver, until the team's collapse. After a long time without a drive, he moved to the Indycar Championship in 2010 and is still there in 2016. Sato has generally found more success in America, winning the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach in 2013, than a F1 spell which showed promise but never translated into tangible success. He was also very lucky to survive a monumental crash in 2002 at the Austrian Grand Prix. Now also racing in Formula E. (Last updated 16 Dec 2015)
Carl Scarborough 03 Jul 1914
Benton, Illinois
30 May 1953
Indianapolis, Indiana
Died of heat exhaustion after the gruellling Indy 500 in sweltering heat of 1953. A reliable racer, he was normally a midfield runner.
Ludovico Scarfiotti 18 Oct 1933
08 Jun 1968
Rossfeld, Germany
I 10
Killed in a practice attempt at the Rossfeld hillclimb. Grandson of the first president of FIAT, Lodovico Scarfiotti, 'Lulu' was also named after him, but mainly raced as Ludovico. A very wealthy man, but was down-to-earth and popular and was an excellent sportscar driver.
Giorgio Scarlatti 02 Oct 1921
26 Jul 1990
I 12
Midfield sportscar racer who largely raced either his own or Italian private entries in F1.
Ian Scheckter 22 Aug 1947
East London

ZA 18
Largely retired. After selling his petrol station and motorcycle business to help fund son Jaki's ultimately stalled (at least at a higher level) career, Ian spends time playing golf and watching his son race in their homeland, but he also still keeps his racing skills honed by doing weekly track experience days by driving people round the Zwartkops circuit, near Pretoria, in a Ferrari. Lives in Johannesburg. Scheckter carried on racing in touring cars until he was involved in a crash that killed two people in 1989. Although he is the elder brother of Jody, his brother reached Formula 1 before him and thus Ian's career was somewhat in the shadow of Jody's, despite a promising career in junior formulae. (Last updated 7 Aug 2015)
Jody Scheckter 29 Jan 1950
East London

ZA 112
Moved to the US to run a successful business, then returned to Formula 1, mainly through journalism, but also as adviser and fan of his two racing sons, Toby and Tomas. However Jody now runs an organic farm, called Laverstoke Park, which produces a lot of fresh food. Laverstoke is 2,500 acres big, with over 150 staff, combining to form both old and new - an ultra-modern layout with a two hundred year old tower forming part of the mansion. Jody's links to motor racing these days tend to be on his terms, but there's no doubting his passion for the sport still - he has a massive car collection at Laverstoke and remains close to his friends made when racing. Jody also has a beachside property in Cape Town. (Last updated 19 Sep 2015)
Harry Schell 29 Jun 1921
Paris, France
13 May 1960
Silverstone Circuit, Buckinghamshire, England
USA 56
Popular fellow who died in a practice for the International Trophy at Silverstone. (Last updated 11 Nov 2012)
Tim Schenken 26 Sep 1943
Gordon, Sydney, New South Wales

AUS 33
Clerk of the Course at the Australian Grand Prix, although Tim also presided over the first Singaporean GP as well. He also represents the Australian Motor Sport Federation and is also race director of the Australian V8 Supercars series. In addition, Schenken has a number of business interests in Melbourne. After Formula 1, Schenken largely raced in sportscars before founding the Tiga racing cars business with Howden Ganley. Tim excelled in Formula 3 but his results in Formula 1 were solid rather than spectacular, but he had numerous high-profile wins in sportscars. (Last updated 27 Feb 2015)
Albert Scherrer 28 Feb 1908
05 Jul 1986
CH 1
Wealthy businessman who mainly raced locally and in hillclimbs. (Last updated 24 Jan 2010)
Domenico Schiattarella 17 Nov 1967

I 7
Made a surprise return to racing in 2013 when he returned to Italian touring cars, which he continued in 2014. In 2015, he is racing in the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series. Schiattarella is also a race instructor for Maserati, but most of his time is spent with his family run X-Ost firm, an exhaust systems manufacturer in Maranello, where he track tests cars and components on the local track to help their durability and quality. Also known as Mimmo, Domenico also raced in America after his short stint in Formula 1. (Last updated 26 Apr 2015)
Heinz Schiller 25 Jan 1930
26 Mar 2007
CH 1
Later ran a garage in Geneva, where he lived until his death in 2007. Raced in many hillclimbs. (Last updated 24 Jan 2010)
Bill Schindler 06 Mar 1909
Middletown, New York
20 Sep 1952
Allentown, Pennsylvania
Raced with only one leg after a crash in 1936, but died in an AAA sprint car race at Allentown. Bill's father ran a garage and Bill learnt to tinker with the cars but his mother and father both died before Bill was sixteen. A few years later, Schindler started racing in dirt-track events and especially in midgets, where he had immense success. Bill suffered more tragedy shortly after losing his leg, when his sister died of tuberculosis, which his wife then contracted, spending many years in hospital. Despite all this, and looking after his two children, he carried on racing, as well as working as a machinist during the war. Schindler then became an inspirational figure, because of World War Two, because he both counselled and inspired new amputees from the War, continuing to race at a high level despite disability. Sadly, the family would suffer more tuberculosis based tragedy after Bill's death - son Robert died, only in his 50's, in 1989, from tuberculosis in the spine. (Last updated 7 Aug 2015)
Jean-Louis Schlesser 12 Sep 1948

F 1
Jean-Louis became, after his Formula 1 and endurance drives, a hugely successful endurance rally driver and constructor, perhaps best known for his Paris-Dakar rally achievements. He also won the Africa-Eco rally five times, including in 2014 - after which, he announced his retirement from driving. Schlesser now organises the Africa-Eco rally himself and his passion for it is down to it being almost a direct replacement for his beloved Paris-Dakar rally route-wise. Jean-Louis is based mostly in Monte Carlo but also in Senegal. (Last updated 19 Feb 2015)
Jo Schlesser 18 May 1928
07 Jul 1968
F 3
Killed in the French GP. Extremely verstatile, he raced in most disciplines, including NASCAR, but was particulary excellent in sportscars. He was good friends with Guy Ligier, who named all his future F1 cars JS after Jo. He grew up in Madagascar, and he later worked there, which gave him the funds to race, starting off in Africa, before his move, with great success, to Europe. He hadn't intended to drive at the French GP and was about to leave on a holiday when given the chance to drive. (Last updated 16 Mar 2013)
Bernd Schneider 20 Jul 1964
St. Ingbert

D 9
One of the very best touring car drivers of his era, he moved into sportscars and also did extremely well in this discipline too! This more than made up for a Formula 1 career which promised a lot but never really got going. Retired from full-time racing in 2008, but remains with Mercedes as a consultant, coach and as an ambassador. From 2011 onwards, he has made a couple of one-off appearances in endurance events, including the Dubai 24 Hours, Bathurst, as well as the Spa 24 Hours. Now lives in Monte Carlo. (Last updated 13 Nov 2014)
Rudolf Schoeller 27 Apr 1902
Duren, Germany
07 Mar 1978
CH 1
Amateur driver who later became a team boss in the sport. Got his money for racing through his textile business.
Bob Schroeder 21 Nov 1926
Chester, Illinois

No relation to Rob despite them both being around at the same time! Believed to be still alive. Bob mainly in sprint cars in the late 1950's, before embarking on a brief attempt in USAC events in 1959 and 1959. Unfortunately, Schroeder didn't get his chance at Indy as he was denied a proper qualifying attempt due to what the organisers deemed to be a lack of experience from him. (Last updated 10 Nov 2014)
Rob Schroeder 11 May 1926
El Dorado, Arkansas
03 Dec 2011
Dallas, Texas
Primarily sportscar based, from the mid '50's onwards, he did sometimes enter US track meetings, but without much success. His 1962 GP attempt was ambitious in the extreme, but a bit of financial support and a reputation as a steady (albeit slower) driver saw him do a decent job in the Lotus. Thereafter, perhaps realising he had probably reached the limit of his abilities, he more or less stopped racing shortly afterwards. Also fought in WW2. Died recently after suffering from a short period of ill-health and heart problems. He later worked as a car and tyre dealer and still kept links with the sport up to his death. (Last updated 3 Dec 2011)
Michael Schumacher 03 Jan 1969

D 300
F1's most successful driver, who made a sensational return to racing in 2010 with Mercedes, but retired in 2012 after a mixed few seasons. He was working as an ambassador and consultant, especially on road cars, when he sustained serious head injuries in a skiing accident in Meribel just before New Year 2014. Whilst he continues his long recovery from these injuries, his future prognosis and plans are uncertain. (Last updated 1 Mar 2015)
Ralf Schumacher 30 Jun 1975

D 180
Talented driver who was extremely adept in F1 but suffered from being his famous brother's shadow. After Formula 1, he went racing in the DTM, but in 2013, quit driving altogether and became a team manager in the series. The plan was to continue in that vein for a while, but after Michael's skiing accident, coma and subesquent fight to recover, Ralf has given up that role and supported the family - although he did appear at a few special DTM events in 2014 regardless. Ralf, who has homes in Germany, Austria and France is currently a consultant to Mucke Motorsport and helps his nephew, Mick, with his racing career, but is also a trustee and advisor to the ADAC Sports Foundation in a role with particular focus to young German drivers. This developed to him becoming, in 2016, the team manager of the HTP Junior Team Ungar in ADAC Formula 4. (Last updated 11 Dec 2015)
Vern Schuppan 19 Mar 1943
Booleroo, Whyalla, South Australia

Raced in historic events and worked as both a mechanic and a motorsport team advisor for some while. Now has bases in Portugal and Adelaide, where he is involved in the property development business. (Last updated 11 Nov 2012)
Adolfo Schwelm Cruz 28 Jun 1923
Buenos Aires
10 Feb 2012
Buenos Aires
RA 1
Excellent endurance racer, whose real name was simply Adolfo Schwelm, but the Cruz was added after journalists complained they couldn't pronounce his surname! Was schooled in Windsor, Berkshire, so he spoke fluent English, but also German, where his family used to live and Italian, as he also lived in Italy, where he ran a car importing business. Died after a short illness in 2012. (Last updated 8 Apr 2012)
Bob Scott 04 Oct 1928
Watsonville, California
05 Jul 1954
Darlington, South Carolina
Killed in a crash at Darlington Motor Speedway. A sometime AAA racer, he was normally among the better midfield runners.
Archie Scott-Brown 13 May 1927
Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland
19 May 1958
Heusy, Belgium
GB 1
A brave man who raced with a deformed right hand and partially deformed legs, which meant a long fight against the authorities to even gain an international racing licence. Also worked as a travelling salesman to raise funds, before dying of his injuries sustained in a crash, at a sports car race in Spa. A mark of how good Scott-Brown was came from no less a racer as Juan-Manuel Fangio, who described Archie as a phenomenal driver with uncanny car control. (Last updated 21 Sep 2014)
Piero Scotti 11 Nov 1909
14 Feb 1976
Samedan, Switzerland
I 1
A mineral water salesman and an importer/exporter who because of this money, raced private entries in the 1950's, mainly in sportscars.
Wolfgang Seidel 04 Jul 1926
01 Mar 1987
D 10
Became a car dealer for around 20 years but had just recently retired when he suffered a fatal heart-attack, aged only 60. (Last updated 11 Nov 2012)
Gunther Seifert 18 Oct 1937

D 0
Seifert later became a classic car dealer, who was based in both Germany and Belgium. Raced a privately owned Lotus in the early 1960's, often in tandem with his friend Wolfgang Seidel, but also appeared in sportscars and GT racing from 1960 until 1962. After 1963, Seifert appears to have stopped racing altogether to concentrate on his car buying and selling roles. (Last updated 22 Feb 2015)
Wayne Selser 11 Apr 1920
St. Louis, Missouri
21 Jan 1994
Madera, California
Predominantly in midgets, where he was successful and respected. (Last updated 24 Jan 2010)
Ayrton Senna 21 Mar 1960
Sao Paulo
01 May 1994
Bologna, Italy
BR 161
One of the greatest of them all, he perished in the San Marino GP of 1994. He was also an accomplished businessman and worked for many charity causes. His death, seen and mourned by millions all over the world, changed (and still does) the safety aspect in F1 competely, which arguably, sadly, is one of his greatest legacies. (Last updated 5 May 2014)
Bruno Senna 15 Oct 1983
Sao Paulo

BR 42
Nephew of the late Ayrton, Bruno was with Hispania in Formula 1, but then got a test drive with Lotus-Renault. This led to a race drive at the end of 2011, and subsequently a drive with Williams in 2012. However, he lost his F1 seat at year end, and in 2014 appeared in the World Endurance Championship and Formula E. In 2015, Bruno raced in the GT class of the Blancpain Endurance Series, but returned to the WEC in 2016. Senna has also worked as a TV commentator and pundit on British satellite television. (Last updated 3 Feb 2016)
Bud Sennett 21 May 1912
St. Louis, Missouri
25 Jul 2003
Keauhou Mauka, Hawaii
Died, after a long battle against ill-health, in his beloved Hawaii. Real name Laurence, he was a big car specialist, but also decent in road races. A lover of the ocean, he was buried at sea. (Last updated 24 Jan 2010)
Dorino Serafini 22 Jul 1909
05 Jul 2000
I 1
Released a book about his life in motorcycles and cars, just before his death, in his home town of Pesaro.
Chico Serra 03 Feb 1957
Sao Paulo

BR 18
Spent over twenty years in touring cars, winning the title for three straight years -1999 to 2001- in Brazil, but then moved to the Formula Truck series. However, in 2009, he returned to touring cars, but in 2011, retired to become patron and consultant to a new Brazilian touring car series. In 2014, whilst Serra remains in his other roles, he has returned to racing in stock cars again and continues this in 2015. Lives near Sao Paulo and supports his son Daniel's career - Daniel has also carved a niche in touring cars. (Last updated 27 Feb 2015)
Doug Serrurier 09 Dec 1920
Germiston, Transvaal
04 Jun 2006
Alberton, Johannesburg
ZA 2
Died recently after a long battle with ill-health. Retired, in his 80's, from building and restoring cars in his workshop near Johannesburg. (Last updated 24 Jan 2010)
Johnny Servoz-Gavin 18 Jan 1942
29 May 2006
F 12
Got away from the rat-race and lived on a canal barge for years! However, he was badly burnt in a boat accident in the 1980's. A few years before his death, he reappeared at historic festivals. Died after a short illness. (Last updated 10 Jan 2015)
Tony Settember 10 Jul 1926
Manila, Philippines
04 May 2014
Reno, Nevada
Died sadly in 2014, after a short illness, at a hospice in Reno, Nevada. Predominantly a businessman, he was guardian of Hugh Powell, and helped form the Scirocco project. Mainly raced sportscars, and carried on in this discipline until the mid '70's. He also worked as an engineer and as a development manager for manufacturing. He ran a tuning shop and until just before his death, kept links with the sport. (Last updated 6 May 2014)
Doc Shanebrook 26 Jan 1907
Gibson City, Illinois
25 Aug 1976
Redford, Michigan
Real name was Beuford. Worked as a doctor for many years in a variety of different areas, but always kept up his racing wherever he could. (Last updated 24 Jan 2010)
Hap Sharp 01 Jan 1928
Tulsa, Oklahoma
07 May 1993
San Martin (De Los Andes), Argentina
Committed suicide after being told he was terminally ill. Worked in the motorsport industry for ages, he was running a cattle ranch in Argentina when he died. Also had interests in real estate and the oil business. (Last updated 5 Jan 2014)
Brian Shawe-Taylor 28 Jan 1915
Dublin, Republic of Ireland
01 May 1999
Dowdeswell, Cheltenham
GB 2
Worked as a civil servant for many years, including at GCHQ. His actual date of birth will never be truly known as 'I was born overnight in a house where there were no clocks', he later admitted. The date of birth on his birth certificate is the family's best guess! His father, a policeman, was killed in a Sinn Fein ambush and so the family moved to England. Raced and won pre-war, then served in the Royal Artillery in World War 2. Did well post-war but retired straight after a big crash in 1951. (Last updated 11 Jan 2015)
Carroll Shelby 11 Jan 1923
Leesburg, Texas
10 May 2012
Dallas, Texas
A successful heart transplant operation in 1990 allowed him to travel to many historic events and maintain his business and car interests, which he continued until early 2012, when ill-health set in. Also worked as a designer, constructor and businessman. In 2008, he won a major national automotive award. Since retiring as a driver, his work on cars, racing and road, has been hugely successful, admired and influential. Died after a battle with ill-health in 2012. (Last updated 12 May 2012)
Tony Shelly 02 Feb 1937
04 Oct 1998
NZ 1
Ran a successful car dealership and took up American citizenship so he could expand in Hawaii. Died of cancer at his home in Taupo.
Roy Sherman 31 Aug 1909
St. Louis, Missouri
20 Oct 1968
Indianapolis, Indiana
Roy originally operated a garage in Denver, before moving to California, where he became a mechanic, including being Johnny Thomson's chief mechanic, for the Indy 500. Went on to work for Pratt and Whitney, before opening a speedshop in Indianapolis until his death from a heart-attack. His real surname was spelt Scheuermann. (Last updated 24 Jan 2010)
Jo Siffert 07 Jul 1936
24 Oct 1971
Brands Hatch Circuit, Kent, England
CH 96
Killed in the last race of the season, the Rothmans Victory Race. A quiet, humourus fellow, 'Seppi' was extremely brave and a hard worker, who was successful in a number of different disciplines. (Last updated 11 Nov 2012)
Andre Simon 05 Jan 1920
11 Jul 2012
F 11
Died after a short illness. He ran a garage, which he inherited from his father, until 1984, despite being in a coma for two weeks after a huge road crash in 1966. Remained interested in the sport until his death and even made the rare appearance at a historic festival in France in his dotage. (Last updated 16 Mar 2013)
Moises Solana 26 Dec 1935
Tacubaya, Mexico City
27 Jul 1969
Donato Guerra, Valle de Bravo, nr. Mexico City
Killed in a hill-climb. Moises' father was a good friend of Jean Bugatti and this led to a passion for racing - Moises had his first car - albeit a full-sized model one - at the age of 2!! An extremely verstatile racer, his funds for racing came from his brilliance in another sport - Jai Alai. (Last updated 11 Nov 2012)
Alex Soler-Roig 29 Oct 1932

E 6
Later went on to run a garage and transport business. During his career, he was better at hillclimbing and sportscars. Now runs an art dealership in the USA, but also lives in Madrid. (Last updated 11 Nov 2012)
Raymond Sommer 31 Aug 1906
10 Sep 1950
Cadours Circuit, nr. Toulouse
F 5
One of the greatest of the pre-war drivers, he was killed in a minor race at the end of the season. He was still competitive at the time of his death. Good in both single-seaters and sportscars.
Vincenzo Sospiri 09 Oct 1966

I 0
After his F1 disaster, Vincenzo raced in America but injury led to his retirement from racing sportscars. Now runs a Formula Abarth team and a Formula Renault Eurocup Euronova team, as well as an Auto GP team. Vincenzo still hopes to take the team upwards to a higher level one day. Since Sospiri has run the team, many drivers have moved onto F1 drives - including Robert Kubica, Jerome D'Ambrosio and Vitaly Petrov. Vincenzo did do an interview in 2006 for oldracingcars.com, which can be found here - www.oldracingcars.com/drivers/interview/Vincenzo-Sospiri/ Read interview. (Last updated 15 Nov 2014)
Joe Sostilio 03 Jan 1915
Newton, Massachusetts
09 Jul 2000
Tarpon Springs, Florida
Sprint and midget regular who won the New England Dirt Series in 1935, 1936 and 1938, the Eastern Sprint Car Title in 1953 and the Bayside Midget Racing Championship in 1947. Later worked as a contractor, following in the footsteps of his father who ran a contracting business. Joe started his career in 1932, carrying on until 1958, although for many years Joe appeared at the wheel of many a historic event. Sostilio also served his country during World War Two. As well as midgets and sprint cars, Joe also raced in stock cars. (Last updated 17 Aug 2015)
Stephen South 19 Feb 1952
Harrow, Middlesex

GB 0
Part of his leg was amputated after a Can-Am accident whilst at the peak of his career - which in turn, made him very reluctant as a result to talk about motorsport. South did particularly well in Formula 3 and Formula 2 so the sudden end to his career was a real shame for the sport as well as tragic for Stephen. However despite his bad experience, in recent years, he has appeared as a spectator at a few historic events. Lives in Buckinghamshire, where is believed to be running the family engineering company. (Last updated 24 Jan 2015)
Mike Sparken 16 Jun 1930
Neuilly sur Seine, nr. Paris
21 Sep 2012
F 1
Died in 2012, after a fight against cancer and declining health. He often attended historic events and in the years before his death, also hosted some from his home in Cap Ferrat. Real name is Michel Poberejsky. (Last updated 21 Sep 2012)
Scott Speed 24 Jan 1983
Manteca, California

USA 28
First American driver for some while when he arrived in Formula 1, he raced for Scuderia Toro Rosso until being dropped in 2007. Has had a bit of a stop-start career since, but settled in NASCAR for a bit. In 2014, he moved into the new World Rallycross series and did well there, and remains there in 2015. (Last updated 28 Apr 2015)
Mike Spence 30 Dec 1936
Croydon, Surrey
07 May 1968
Indianapolis Speedway, Indiana, USA
GB 36
Killed in a testing crash at Indianapolis. Overcame polio as a child, and started racing in 1957 by rallying his motorsport-mad father's car. He excelled in Formula Junior, which led to his Grand Prix contract with Lotus, with whom he spent most of his top-line career, but he was actually with BRM at the time of his death, returning to Lotus as a one-off for the Indy 500. A very capable driver, he won the 1965 Race of Champions. (Last updated 9 Sep 2014)
Alan Stacey 29 Aug 1933
Broomfield, nr. Chelmsford, Essex
19 Jun 1960
Spa-Francorchamps Circuit, Belgium
GB 7
Killed in the tragic Belgian GP of 1960 when a bird hit him in the face and he crashed. Raced despite having an artifical lower right leg. A Lotus stalwart, for whom he raced almost exclusively between the start of his career in 1955 to his death, he was particularly good in sportscars. Also worked as a farmer in Norfolk. (Last updated 9 Sep 2014)
Gaetano Starrabba 03 Dec 1932
Palermo, Sicily

I 1
Still alive and living in Palermo. Italian nobleman who is still involved in the historic car business.
Gig (Leonard) Stephens 02 Jun 1926
North Reading, Massachusetts
19 May 2014
North Reading, Massachusetts
Sadly died in 2014. Until recently, he was still visiting vintage meetings, and tried to attend the annual New Hampshire International Speedway's historic events. Served in the US Navy in WW2, and worked as an airline executive for over 30 years, specialising in air cargo, in which he obtained his degree in before the war. Amongst other things, he also founded a detective agency. Later enjoyed restoring antique cars. (Last updated 22 May 2014)
Will Stevens 28 Jun 1991
Rochford, Essex

GB 18
(2014- )
Essex-born driver who made his debut in the last Grand Prix of 2014, doing an admirable job in difficult circumstances. Will raced in a plethora of Formula Renault series between 2008 to 2014, before getting his chance with Caterham in the final race at Abu Dhabi. In 2015, he joined Manor F1, for whom - under the Marussia name - he was a test driver previously. (Last updated 29 Nov 2015)
Chuck Stevenson 15 Oct 1919
Sidney, Montana
21 Aug 1995
Benson, Arizona
Won the 1952 AAA Champ Car series - he carried on racing until 1968. (Last updated 24 Jan 2010)
Ian Stewart 15 Jul 1929
Edinburgh, Scotland

GB 1
Still alive and now retired from the family agricultural business. Retired early due to this, and other, business pressures. Still involved in the historic side of the sport (including an appearance at Bo'ness in 2012) and lives in Perthshire, Scotland, but has been in and out of poor health in recent years. That said, he is now recovering well and is still as alert and enthusiastic about everything, as he ever was, despite his health problems and age. (Last updated 21 May 2014)
Jimmy Stewart 06 Mar 1931
Milton, Dumbarton, Dumbartonshire, Scotland
03 Jan 2008
Glasgow, Scotland
GB 1
Died after a short battle with ill-health. A former motor vehicle sales man, he overcame a drinking problem and helped local anti-alcohol projects. He remained very close to younger brother, Sir Jackie, right until the end, as well as keeping links with the sport. Jimmy as a racer was particulary strong at hillclimbing and then sportscars, for whom he raced for the famous Ecurie Ecosse team. After breaking his arm in a crash at the Nurburgring in 1955, Stewart retired, although business demands and family pressure probably had an affect too to call it a day. (Last updated 22 Sep 2014)
Sir Jackie Stewart 11 Jun 1939
Milton, Dumbarton, Dumbartonshire, Scotland

GB 99
Sir Jackie has done a huge amount of activities since leaving F1. Was involved with Ford, running his own successful team before joining Jaguar as a consultant after The Green Cat bought out his team. However this association ended in 2004. Stewart has also worked as an ambassador for Rolex and previously, as a commentator and presenter on ABC's sporting coverage in the US. Sir Jackie is also still involved heavily in the shooting world, having only just missed out on a place for Great Britain's 1960 Olympic shooting team. Fully recovered after a recent cancer scare. (Last updated 23 Sep 2014)
Harry Stockman 13 Jan 1919
Detroit, Michigan
23 Mar 1994
Yucaipa, California
Southern California track roadster and midget racer. Often based in Arizona. Died after a period of ill-health. Son Gary was involved with the sport as well. (Last updated 24 Jan 2010)
Siegfried Stohr 10 Oct 1952

I 9
Now head of a racing school, and his company, Guidare Pilotare, is one of the top racing and driving schools in the World for both cars and bikes, but Siegfried has also moved into safe driving techniques for HGV and long-distance transport. Stohr actually qualified as a doctor of psychology before becoming a racing driver and then had a rapid rise, winning Formula Italia and Italian Formula 3 titles in successive years. However Formula 1 didn't go that well and Stohr quit racing immediately afterwards to set up his school, which has had a number of top drivers work as instructors for him over the years. (Last updated 14 Jun 2015)
Rolf Stommelen 11 Jul 1943
24 Apr 1983
Riverside Circuit, California, USA
D 54
Killed in a crash at an IMSA race in Riverside. Often raced with Porsche, and started with them in sportscars. Also drove in hillclimbs before F1. An extremely verstatile and fast racer, he took a number of touring car titles, as well as endurance wins at Nurburgring 1000km and Daytona to his credit. (Last updated 11 Nov 2012)
Philippe Streiff 26 Jun 1955
La Tronche, nr. Grenoble

F 54
Paralysed after a F1 testing crash in 1989, Streiff went on to run the Bercy kart challenge, which became a hugely popular event, and Philippe still organises it today. He has also been a campaigner for the disabled, and is a consultant to businesses and the French government on how to improved disabled people's lives. Like the equally paralysed racer Clay Regazzoni, he is involved in developing driver aids for disabled drivers. Philippe is also involved in broadcasting, other media events and public relations. (Last updated 19 Feb 2015)
Hans Stuck 27 Dec 1900
Warsaw, Poland
09 Feb 1978
Grainau, nr. Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
A 3
Pre-war ace (who took a number of wins) Hans carried on racing until the, and indeed his, 60's. Then helped his son race and stayed linked with the sport until his death.
Hans-Joachim Stuck 01 Jan 1951
Grainau, nr. Garmisch-Partenkirchen

D 74
Hans has raced continually in a number of disciplines for over 25 years, but in 2011, retired for good after the Nurburgring 24 Hour race, in which he competed in with his sons. He raced with much acclaim, in the GP Masters series, and has also tried truck racing recently. A bad crash in 2007 in which he was badly hurt and a blood clot in 2010 hampered and overshadowed racent events. Was a consultant/driver coach for BMW, but now does this role with Volkswagen. Lives in Kitzbuehel, Austria and also works in TV and has his own website. Read interview. (Last updated 11 Nov 2012)
Otto Stuppacher 03 Mar 1947
15 Aug 2001
A 0
Sadly found dead in his apartment in Vienna, aged only 54. Mainly a sportscar racer, who took advantage of an opportunity to try out F1, but it wasn't a success. (Last updated 21 Sep 2012)
Danny Sullivan 09 Mar 1950
Louisville, Kentucky

USA 15
For a while he raced in America, becoming hugely successful. Injury led to a early retirement and he took up media work as well as selected drives. Then took charge of the Red Bull program for promising American drivers, helping Scott Speed's career. Briefly returned to racing in 2004, but now works in TV and is also a race steward in F1 on occasion. (Last updated 11 Nov 2012)
Marc Surer 18 Sep 1951
Fullinsdorf, nr. Arisdorf

CH 82
Commentator and journalist for German media, he is also a racing instructor and has a number of driving schools, entwined with BMW, for whom he was the head of competitions department. Also competes in historic racing. (Last updated 11 Nov 2012)
John Surtees 11 Feb 1934
Tatsfield, Surrey

GB 111
The only man to win the World Championship on two and four wheels. Formed his own Formula 1 team but now lives in Surrey, where he is heavily involved in the historic racing world, motorbikes especially, along with looking after his business interests - he was involved in real estate for some time. However, he suffered tragedy in 2009 when his young son, Henry, was killed in a freak Formula 2 accident. Still keeping busy, despite recent ill health, as he recently ran the British entry for the A1 GP series. Awarded an OBE in 2008, and then a CBE in 2016. Surtees was the son of Jack Surtees, who raced motorcycles and sidecars for a while as well as owning a motorcycle shop, which fired John's interest in the sport. (Last updated 30 Dec 2015)
Andy Sutcliffe 09 May 1947
Mildenhall, Suffolk
13 Jul 2015
Pluckley, Ashford, Kent
GB 0
Sadly died suddenly in 2015. Andy's niche level was probably Formula 3, finishing 3rd in the Lombard North Central series. He started racing in 1967 in a Ginetta sports car and called it a day after failing to make the F1 grid in 1977. Andy, whose real first name was Philip, then became a horticultural expert, working at various stages as an plant nurseryman, a horticultural consultant, including to Kew Gardens, but he also ran a bamboo growing business. Sutcliffe also ran a car dealership in Mayfair at one point, specialising in Porsche and Mercedes cars. Sutcliffe was a larger-than-life character who very much took life by the scruff of its neck and didn't always conform. Part of this was shown by one of the more outlandish stories - Andy was a big reptile lover and once owned a pet crocodile. One day he took it to his local pub, where the landlord said that he couldn't be served a drink as it was akin to no dogs being allowed. Sutcliffe simply replied that it was a crocodile and then proceeded to order his pint of lager. Andy's post racing life had its share of tragedy however - his son died tragically early, his business went bankrupt and he had a long-standing drink problem which saw him get in numerous issues with the law and serve time in prison and pretty much stayed away from racing completely, and then public life towards the end. Due to issues with the law over the years, Andy also lived in Brazil and the West Coast of the USA, but never strayed too far from Kent. (Last updated 14 Sep 2015)
Adrian Sutil 11 Jan 1983

D 127
Highly rated driver who was in F1 with Force India, and its previous guise as Spyker, but took an enforced sabbatical in 2012, when a fight in a nightclub with Lotus F1 owner Eric Lux saw him convicted of assault. However, 2013 saw him back with the team in F1 regardless, and in 2014, he moved to Sauber. A moribund year with the Swiss outfit followed, but he remains in Formula 1, as reserve and simulation driver for Williams. (Last updated 26 Mar 2015)
Len Sutton 09 Aug 1925
Aims, Oregon
04 Dec 2006
Portland, Oregon
Sadly died recently, after a long and brave battle against cancer, at his home in Oregon. He stayed linked with the sport, through historic meetings, test drives and internet forums until his dying day. He also produced calendars with photos from his racing collection and wrote a book about his career in the early '00's. (Last updated 24 Jan 2010)
Aguri Suzuki 08 Sep 1960

J 64
Formed his own Formula Nippon and IRL teams but in 2006, he ambitiously attempted Formula 1 with his own team. They became popular, and did very well considering their budget, but money problems led to the team disbanding in 2008. Aguri had a brief break, before returning to team management in F.Nippon, Super GT and Japanese F3 and karts. In 2014, however, Super Aguri returns, in Formula E with Aguri still at the helm, and Suzuki returns for more of the same in 2015-2016. (Last updated 17 Aug 2015)
Toshio Suzuki 10 Mar 1955

J 2
Now retired from driving, (although he did return for a Le Mans one off in 2008), but until recently, he was still testing cars, both road and racing types, for Nissan and is now also a team boss in Super GT. Was a top racing driver in his homeland for 4 decades from the 1970's onwards, both in single seaters and sportscars - his debut in F1 came at the relatively grand old age of 38, when he had the budget - and profile locally - to race in the last couple of GP's for Larrousse. (Last updated 11 May 2014)
Jacques Swaters 30 Oct 1926
Woluwe-St-Lambert, Brussels
10 Dec 2010
B 7
Kept links with the sport until his death in 2010 at his home. Ran a Ferrari garage in Spa, as he was the Belgian importer for Ferrari. The last survivor of the 1953 Swiss Grand Prix, Jacques was an oprhan at 12. During WW2, he became a member of the Belgian Resistance and was jailed, but survived months of interrogation. It was partly due to the money inherited by being an orphan that led to him starting racing. (Last updated 23 Jun 2011)
Bob Sweikert 20 May 1926
Los Angeles, California
17 Jun 1956
Salem, Indiana
Indy winner and American Champion of 1955, he died in a crash at Salem raceway. Although born in Los Angeles, he grew up further north in the State, in Hayward, California. Served in the Air Force in World War 2 and then became a car salesman and mechanic in Hayward, when he decided to enter his roadster that he built himself in a few races in 1947. He performed better than initially expected and this paved the way to a very successful sprint car career, with many battles against friend Pat O'Connor. (Last updated 3 Aug 2015)

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