Antoine Mourre

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Levallois, Paris


08 Oct 1951



Indy 500s:

2 (1924-1925)

Primarily known as a car and motorcycle designer. who ran his car manufacturing concern in the early 1920's. He designed his own cyclecar which competed in France against the heavyweights of Salmson and Amilcar. Mourre first saw racing in America in 1919, and returned in 1923, now residing in California, to try an establish himself in the US. Between 1923 and 1925, he raced reguarly, with some decent results punctured by some crashes. In October 1925, he announced plans to undertake a Trans-Atlantic flight to Paris, but it never materialised. After 1925, he stopped racing. He died in 1951 as a result of injuries sustained in a road accident.

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