Edward Leipert

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08 Dec 1907
North Hempstead, New York


09 Oct 1992
Naples, Florida


United States

Indy 500s:

0 (1932)

Later patented a number of inventions and devices, including for marine propulsion, car assembly and combustion engines. A mechanic, his racing career was only a short one. He remained involved in motor boating long into the 1960's. Amongst his patents were a vibration absorbing assembly for marine engines, in 1958, which was then followed by a combined cavitation plate and then finally a steerable marine propeller unit, all in quick succession. Leipert's father, who was born in Germany and moved over to the United States in 1871, was also a machinist and mechanic. Although Edward later settled in Florida, he was, for a long time, based in New Hampshire as well.

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