Norm Hall

Norm Hall. Copyright Jim Nise, 2020. Used with Permission.

Norm Hall. Copyright Jim Nise, 2020. Used with Permission.


14 May 1926
San Francisco, California


11 Mar 1992
Pittsboro, Indiana


United States

Grands Prix:

0 (1960)

Indy 500s:

2 (1960-1965)

Lost a foot in a racing accident in 1965. Continued to act as a team-owner, however, until the 1980's. Also worked in Hollywood, as an agent and technical consultant, which he took up after working on the film The Big Wheel, a 1949 film starring Mickey Rooney and Thomas Mitchell (which to film buffs was also Hattie McDaniel's last ever film). Norm died of cancer, aged sixty-six but his widow, Marie, remained involved in the sport for a while after that. Norm's father was Bert Norman Hall, who was an airline pilot during World War 1, but also fought for the Ottoman empire in the Balkan Wars. Bert was an immense self-publicist and Walter Mitty-esque character who claimed to have dated Mata Hari, the famous German spy, amongst other things. However Bert also fell foul of the law in China at one point (also claiming he was the head of China's Air Force) and decided to move to California, where he decided Hollywood and the movie industry was the right place for him, working with the likes of Robert Young and Shirley Temple; so Norm, somewhat, followed his father into the industry.

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