Al Herman

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15 Mar 1926
Topton, Pennsylvania


18 Jun 1960
West Haven, Connecticut


United States

Grands Prix:

5 (1955-1960)

Indy 500s:

5 (1955-1960)

Killed in a crash at a midget race at West Haven when he suffered fatal neck injuries. 1955 Rookie of the Year, who overcame a huge crash that year, in which he was badly burnt. Raced in a variety of disciplines, including sprint and sports cars and also midget cars, finishing 10th in the national standings in 1953 and 1954. Al's real name was Homer, but became known as Al, to avoid confusion, as his father was also called Homer. The family were long based in Pennsylvania, but of Germanic background originally. Sadly, Al's daughter died in infancy in 1950. Herman served in the US Navy in the Pacific conflict during World War Two and after the war ran a trucking business in Allentown.

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