Salvatore Barbarino

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20 Dec 1886
Augusta, Sicily


30 Jul 1960
Washington, Georgia, USA



Indy 500s:

1 (1920)

Mechanic, who later became a naturalised American. Salvatore was also a car and chassis builder, bricklayer, and a cement manufacturer before ending up running an auto repair shop. He founded his own motor car corporation in 1923, based in Asbury Park, New Jersey, building a car called the Barbarino shortly afterwards. Only ten cars - small, sedan vehicles, were ever made before Salvatore encountered legal problems and had to abandon this particular project in 1925. Barbarino wasn't really a racer but was a long-time relief driver and riding mechanic. He raced for 15 laps in the 1920 event and was a riding mechanic for Gaston Chevrolet from 1917 to 1919.

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