Red Byron

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12 Mar 1915
Anniston, Alabama


11 Nov 1960
Chicago, Illinois


United States

Indy 500s:

0 (1947-1948)

Real name Robert. He was the first ever NASCAR champion, who recovered from serious injuries sustained in World War Two. In ill-health, he retired as a driver to become a sportscar team manager, but died of a heart-attack. Byron learnt how to drive at a very young age and was working as a driver and mechanic whilst in his early teen's with a Model T Ford, beginning to race in 1932, aged only seventeen. Byron then became a garage owner in Atlanta before serving in World War Two in the US Air Force, flying B-24 bombers before he was shot down near the Aleutian Islands. Red returned to racing in 1946 and carried on until 1951. As well as his team management role, he worked closely with the great Briggs Cunningham and Corvette.

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