Ed Elisian

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09 Dec 1926
Oakland, California


30 Aug 1959
Milwaukee, Wisconsin


United States

Grands Prix:

5 (1954-1958)

Indy 500s:

5 (1954-1958)

Killed in a USAC Champ car race crash at Milwaukee. A controversial chap, he overcame poverty to become a decent racer, and was a great friend of Bill Vukovich, who Ed tried to save when Vuky had his fatal crash - a rare heroic act for the time. However, a number of crashes, including his involvement in starting the melee that ending up killing Pat O'Connor in 1958 and his somewhat apparently aloof manner had made him unpopular at the time of his death. Elisian also had problems with the law with gambling, assault and financial issues which didn't help the public profile of this man of Armenian descent.

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