Frank Armi

Frank Armi. Copyright Jody Dall'Armi, 2017. Used with Permission.

Frank Armi. Copyright Jody Dall'Armi, 2017. Used with Permission.


12 Oct 1918
Portland, Oregon


28 Nov 1992
Watsonville, California


United States

Grands Prix:

1 (1954)

Indy 500s:

1 (1951-1954)

Later became a sound technician for TV and film, operating a boom microphone in many productions. His most high-profile involvement was the film The Third Voice, which came out in 1960, starring Edmond O'Brien and Julie London. Frank, although he scaled down his racing to concentrate on his sound work, did continue to race until the mid-1960's. All in all, Armi worked for Universal Pictures for thirty-five years. As a racer, Armi was best at midget car racing, which he competed from the 1940's onwards for nearly twenty years. Armi served with great distinction in World War Two. He was a flight officer who fought in the Ardennes and Germany, earning both an one-oak leaf cluster and a Presidential Citation for his bravery, joining the air corps in 1941. As well as his sound work, Armi owned Armi Auto Parts in Hanford. His father, Frank Simon Armi Senior, was also a war hero, in World War 1 before becoming an automobile salesman, having emigrated from Venice, Italy early on his adult life.

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