Georges Berger

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14 Sep 1918
Molenbeek, Saint-Jean, Brussels


23 Aug 1967
Nurburgring, Germany



Grands Prix:

2 (1953-1954)

Killed in an endurance race. A private entrant in Formula 1, he was a good sportscar driver, winning the 1960 and 1961 Tour de France with Willy Mairesse, and the 1964 Tour de France with Lucien Bianchi. Georges also came second in the 1959 running of the event. Never really professing to being much more than a gentleman driver, Georges started racing in 1948 and normally did very well when racing at the Chimay circuit. Often known as JoJo, Berger's career started just after World War Two and carried on until his unfortunate demise.

Biography last updated 23 Jan 2017