The World Championship drivers — Where are they now?

by Richard Jenkins
The Ancien Pilotes at Dijon in 1974

Ancien Pilotes at Dijon 1974

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Name Born Died Nat Grands Prix Biography
Toranosuke Takagi 12 Feb 1974

J 32
Went to the USA with spells in the IRL and CART but now back in his homeland. He races in kart events as he runs a kart products shop and school and also works as a coach and driver manager for young karters. (Last updated 17 May 2011)
Noritake Takahara 06 Jun 1951

J 2
Last raced back in the 1980's. Involved in Japanese motorsport management and administration now. Lives in Tokyo.
Kunimitsu Takahashi 29 Jan 1940

J 1
Retired from driving, as recently as 2000. Now runs his own GT team and was formerly president of Japan's GT association. (Last updated 19 Nov 2011)
Patrick Tambay 25 Jun 1949

F 114
Has worked in public relations and television - as a commentator - for a while and also acts as an assistant to the mayor at Le Cannet, where he is heavily involved in local community projects. No longer a regular racer, bar exhibition races - including the Grand Prix Masters in 2006, but is still involved in the sport as he helps his son, Adrien. Tambay previously ran a sports management company and was also involved, albeit briefly, in the ownership of the Larrousse team. Patrick is a very popular, ebullient man and whilst at the Grand Prix Masters did an interview for OldRacingCars.com - which can be found here - www.oldracingcars.com/drivers/interview/Patrick-Tambay/ Read interview. (Last updated 19 Feb 2015)
Luigi Taramazzo 05 May 1932
15 Feb 2004
I 0
Predominantly based in hillclimbs and sportscars. A very popular local racer, he carried on in sportscars until 1972. (Last updated 24 Jan 2010)
Gabriele Tarquini 02 Mar 1962
Giulianova Lido, nr. Pescara, Teramo

I 38
Touring car legend who is still in the discipline, now with the Lada team from 2016 onwards. Winner of the British Touring Car Championship in 1994, the European title in 2003 and the World title, aged 47, in 2009. Tarquini's Formula 1 career was often spent in uncompetitive cars, scoring just one point in fourty-seven races, but his performances were often far better than the end result. Gabriele also works in Italian media and he likes to fish and play golf in his spare time. (Last updated 12 Jan 2016)
Piero Taruffi 12 Oct 1906
Albano Laziale, Rome
12 Jan 1988
I 18
Set up a drivers racing school and became an accomplished author before his peaceful death, aged 81. (Last updated 24 Jan 2010)
Bill Taylor 24 Dec 1918
Auburndale, Florida
05 May 2004
Auburndale, Florida
Bill was a racing director for Mobil Oil Logistics and a director of USAC's stock-car program. He also worked as a rep for Simpson's Racing equipment and had a long link with NASCAR, until just before his recent death. (Last updated 24 Jan 2010)
Dennis Taylor 12 Jun 1921
Sidcup, Kent
02 Jun 1962
Monte Carlo, Monaco
GB 0
Popular and veteran F2, F3 and sportscar racer, killed in a FJ race.
Henry Taylor 16 Dec 1932
Shefford, Bedfordshire
24 Oct 2013
Vallauris, Cote D'Azur, France
GB 8
Later became Competitions Manager for Ford, after eyesight issues led to a single-seater retirement. Later lived in the South of France for a long while and ran a boat business. Died after a long battle with ill-health. Taylor also drove a bobsleigh for the British Olympic team but didn't end up competing at an Olympic Games. Taylor was equally adept in single seaters - particulary in Formula 3 - and rally cars, which arguably was his first love - he made his debut in 1953 and ended his career in 1965 in rallying. (Last updated 22 Sep 2014)
John Taylor 23 Mar 1933
Anstey, nr. Leicester
08 Sep 1966
Koblenz, Germany
GB 5
Died from severe injuries sustained in the German GP. Friend and regular driver for Bob Gerard, he mainly raced in club and Formula Libre events in the UK in his tragically short career. He was proud to come from Leicestershire, and at his local circuit, Mallory Park, he often proved unbeatable, taking at least 13 wins, and winning the 1964 Bob Gerard Mallory Park Championship. (Last updated 6 Sep 2014)
Michael Taylor 24 Apr 1934
Westminster, London

GB 1
Went into property speculation after his huge accident at Spa in 1960., which saw him successfully sue Lotus for damages after his steering column broke, but also ended his top-line career as he never raced again. Would've raced in the 1959 US Grand Prix, but was struck down by jaundice. He competed in two London-to-Sydney Marathons however, in 1968 and 1974 after his 1960 accident. Now lives in London, where he runs a garage. (Last updated 23 Aug 2014)
Trevor Taylor 26 Dec 1936
Gleadless, nr. Sheffield, Yorkshire
27 Sep 2010
Wickersley, nr. Rotherham, South Yorkshire
GB 27
Sadly died recently after a year long fight against cancer, which was the only thing to slow him down. Before that, he worked as a house husband, played golf and still followed the sport, particularly cheering on Virgin/Marussia due to their Yorkshire owners. He started in the sport as a 16 year old, building a Ford 8 with his brother Mike and initially raced in hillclimbs. Taylor survived many an accident during his time racing, including crashing into a public address pylon at Crystal Palace, somersaulting into Oulton Park's lake, crashing through a hedge at the German Grand Prix in 1962 and two occasions where his car barrel-rolled - the 1963 Mediterranean Grand Prix and at the Salzburgring in 1970. But Trevor, who really was an underrated driver, survived more or less intact until retiring from the sport in 1972. (Last updated 22 Sep 2014)
Marshall Teague 22 Feb 1921
Daytona Beach, Florida
11 Feb 1959
Daytona Beach, Florida
Killed in a record attempt in his native Daytona. Despite his big build, he was one of NASCAR's early stars, particulary at his home track, before moving to AAA and USAC events after a disagreement with Bill France.
Shorty Templeman 12 Aug 1919
Pueblo, Colorado
24 Aug 1962
Marion, Ohio
Real name Clark, he was killed in a midget racing crash. A midget ace, he won numerous Midwest titles and also worked as a mechanic.
Andre Testut 13 Apr 1926
24 Sep 2005
F 0
Privateer who also raced in sportscars. Also had Monegasque citizenship. (Last updated 24 Jan 2010)
Mike Thackwell 30 Mar 1961

NZ 2
After leaving F1 and motorsport, he's had a variety of jobs in between sightseeing:- a special needs teacher, a helicopter pilot, steeplejack and miner. Has appeared at a few historic events recently. Lives in the south of the UK, and in his spare time, likes to surf, skateboard and climb and also runs a skateboard and surf shop. The special needs role came about because of his severly autistic son, but this intelligent, carefree man, never really had the passion for a politicalised, commercial sport, a true talent never quite realised. (Last updated 11 Nov 2012)
Alfonso Thiele 05 Apr 1920
Istanbul, Turkey
15 Jul 1986
Novara, Italy
I/US 1
Mainly in sportscars, with a few single-seater events in Italy. Also held US citizenship, but died and lived most of his life in Novara, Italy. (Last updated 24 Jan 2010)
Eric Thompson 04 Nov 1919
Ditton Hill, Surbiton, Surrey
22 Aug 2015
Guildford, Surrey
GB 1
Eric ran a historic motorsports bookshop until quite recently, based near Guildford in Surrey. Until just before his death, Eric was still attending motorsport events. Formerly a Lloyd's stockbroker, which severely curtailed his racing career and largely stopped Eric from progressing his career, as bar Le Mans, he very rarely was able to race abroad. When he did get an opportunity to show what he could do, he excelled, finishing 5th in his only Grand Prix. A delightful, self deprecating, witty fellow, a true gentleman, Eric retired from racing in 1956 to concentrate on his work at Lloyds, which he continued until 1979. He also worked as a time keeper for Aston Martin after his racing retirement and in 2013, was honoured by the Le Mans 24 Hours Hall of Fame. Thompson also fought in World War Two, serving as a Captain, and then a Major, in both North Africa and Italy and until 1946 was the commander in charge of the Central Mediterranean School of Signals in Padua. (Last updated 1 Oct 2015)
Johnny Thomson 09 Apr 1922
Lowell, Massachusetts
24 Sep 1960
Allentown, Pennsylvania
Killed in a sprint car race at Allentown. Midget legend with many race wins and titles to his name. He also raised ponies. Johnny started racing in 1938 as a 16 year old at his home track of Lowell, Massachusetts before joining the US Air Force as a crew chief, fighting in Italy and Corsica with great distinction. After the war, he returned to midget racing, winning the 1951 AAA Eastern Midget title, before moving into sprint cars in 1952. Thomson's death led to Tommy Hinnershitz retiring immediately from racing. (Last updated 7 Aug 2015)
Joel Thorne 16 Oct 1914
New York City
17 Oct 1955
North Hollywood, California
Well known owner of Thorne Engineering in Burbank, he was killed when his plane went out of control on way to his home in Las Vegas after leaving Burbank. The plane crashed into a house, killing it's three unfortunate occupants, including a new-born baby. (Last updated 24 Jan 2010)
Leslie Thorne 23 Jun 1916
Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland
13 Jul 1993
Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland
GB 1
Chartered accountant for his entire working life. Raced in hill-climbs pre-war from 1936 to 1938, exclusively in Scotland, then had a few brief races between 1953 to 1955. On his return after 15 years away, he drove in F3 before spending the next two years in higher profile single-seater races. His jump from nowhere to appearing at Grand Prix's was unusual, even for the time, except for his friendship with David Murray who helped faciltate a drive, but Thorne acquitted himself reasonably well. (Last updated 25 Aug 2014)
George Tichenor 02 Feb 1920
Logansport, Indiana
25 Sep 1998
Logansport, Indiana
AAA backmarker, but dirt track and midget great, who won the national title in the latter in 1951. (Last updated 24 Jan 2010)
Bud Tingelstad 04 Apr 1928
Frazee, Minnesota
30 Jul 1981
Indianapolis, Indiana
Raced on until the early 1970's. Died of a heart-attack. Extremely varied racer who raced for over 15 years in sprint, stock, midget and Champ cars. (Last updated 24 Jan 2010)
Sam Tingle 24 Aug 1921
Manchester, England
19 Dec 2008
Somerset West, South Africa
Sadly died recently. A proud Rhodesian, he moved to South Africa, where he lived for some years. He still kept links with the sport, appearing at many a historic event in Southern Africa and a few in England. Sadly suffered tragedy in 2007, when his grandson was killed in the war in Afghanistan, but another grandson is racing. He will keep the Tingle name in the sport for a while yet, especially as his name is also Sam Tingle. (Last updated 24 Jan 2010)
Desmond Titterington 01 May 1928
Cultra, nr. Holywood, Co.Down, Northern Ireland
13 Apr 2002
Dundee, Scotland
GB 1
Successful yarn and supplies merchant in Northern Ireland, before moving to retire in Scotland. He died there after years of ill-health. Titterington was one of the great lost talents who retired for family and business reasons whilst probably at his peak, with 3rd at the 1955 Oulton Park Gold Cup on his single-seater debut and the 1956 Silverstone International Trophy and 4th for Mercedes in the 1955 Targa Florio. Desmond was an exceptional all-rounder, who started in hillclimbing, and who later appeared in rallies. Titterington last raced in 1966, however, appearing for a few years in trials in his native Northern Ireland. (Last updated 29 Aug 2014)
Johnnie Tolan 22 Oct 1917
Victor, Colorado
06 Jun 1986
Redondo Beach, California
Midget racing star who died of cancer and is buried in Denver. (Last updated 24 Jan 2010)
Tony Trimmer 24 Jan 1943
Maidenhead, Berkshire

GB 0
Alive and well, living in Kent. Still racing in historic and GT events, he also works as a racing instructor and as a motorsport consultant. (Last updated 11 Nov 2012)
Maurice Trintignant 30 Oct 1917
Sainte Cecile-les-Vignes, Vaucluse
13 Feb 2005
F 82
Became Mayor of Vergeze. A part-time viniculturist, he lived in the Vergeze area for the remainder of his life. (Last updated 11 Nov 2012)
Wolfgang von Trips 04 May 1928
10 Sep 1961
Monza Circuit, Italy
D 27
Killed in the Italian GP whilst on the verge of the World Championship title. German nobleman, a gentleman of the old school, he was particulary good in sportscars. (Last updated 11 Nov 2012)
Jarno Trulli 13 Jul 1974

I 256
Finally left Formula 1 in 2011 after a long career at the highest level, and subsquently retired to both design and manufacture karts, but predominantly to run his vast vineyard and winery business near his birthplace in Pescara. Jarno uses his motorsport fame to garner extra publicity and PR for the business. The lure of competition remained though, and in 2014, entered Formula E as a driver, with his own team. He re-entered the team for another season, but unfortunately the team withdrew from the 2015-2016 season quite early on. (Last updated 11 Dec 2015)
Esteban Tuero 22 Apr 1978
Buenos Aires

RA 16
Still racing in Argentine touring cars (currently in the Argentine National Touring Car Championship) and off-road events but has also appeared in the FIA GT series. (Last updated 28 Apr 2015)
Guy Tunmer 01 Dec 1948
22 Jun 1999
Sandton, Johannesburg
ZA 1
Died from injuries sustained in a motorcycling traffic accident a week earlier. He had raced touring cars until the early 1990's. (Last updated 24 Jan 2010)
Jack Turner 12 Feb 1920
Seattle, Washington
12 Sep 2004
Renton, Washington
He retired from racing in 1963, but kept close contacts with the sport. Died recently, after a long illness. (Last updated 24 Jan 2010)

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