Swedish Formula 3 1976

With Conny Andersson having moved to the works March F3 team for 1977, Tore Helle recruited Tommy Borgudd and Eje Elgh to join Conny Ljungfeldt in his Rotel team. Helle also commissioned Len Terry to build a new car, named the Viking TH1A, which proved too ambitious and too complex for such a small team. The car showed great promise, Ljungfeldt winning his heat and running second in the final at Monte Carlo before a front upright broke, but Helle's money ran and the team disbanded. Ljungfeldt ran his car himself in Swedish races and did enough to retain his domestic F3 title.

Apart from the Vikings, the other new cars in Sweden in 1976 were almost all Ralt RT1s. Ulf Svensson, Erkki Salminen, Claes Sigurdsson and H?kan Alriksson all had early orders for Ron Tauranac's 1976 version of the F3 Ralt, and these cars would make up a signiifcant proportion of Swedish grids over the next few seasons. There were also an indeterminate number of Van Diemen 376s, the British Formula Ford maker having bought up the rights to the popular GRD F3 car. The Vikings and Ralts used Novamotor Toyota engines, as did the recent Marches, but there were still a lot of Ford twin cams on the back half of the grid.

The races

25 Apr 1976 > Knutstorp

09 May 1976 > Mantorp Park F3 Race

12 Jun 1976 > Anderstorp

20 Jun 1976 > Kinnekullering

11 Jul 1976 > Falkenburg

05 Sep 1976 > Kvällspostens Newsrace at Knutstorp

Svenska Formel 3 Mästerskapet events shown in bold

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