Elmer Ray

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09 Aug 1885
Racine, Wisconsin


25 Jun 1963
Minneapolis, Minnesota


United States

Indy 500s:

0 (1911)

Elmer worked as a test driver, inspector and mechanic for the Case Corporation, who were based in Elmer's home town of Racine. The Case Corporation diversified during its long history, but largely focused on agricultural and construction equipment. However in 1911, they started working on automobile construction and that allowed Elmer to undertake a new role with the company. This led to his role in motorsport history when he relieved an exhausted Lewis Strang at the 1911 Indianapolis 500 - a race that appears to be Elmer's only outing. Ray was of Canadian ancestry - his mother and father were both Canadian but had moved South a fair while before Elmer, the youngest of seven children, was born.

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