C. G. Hartley

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02 Mar 1892
Roanoke, Indiana


24 Apr 1963
Roanoke, Indiana


United States

Indy 500s:

0 (1924)

Uncle of 50's racer Gene. C. G. stood for Calvin Glenn. Ran a garage in Roanoke, Indiana until the late 1950's. Hartley was the brother of long-time midget racer, Ted Hartley. Glenn sadly suffered two tragedies within a year; his son, one of five, Howard, died aged only fifteen in 1937 from peritonitis and then his wife, Bernice, was only forty-six when she died just over one year later, in a house fire. Hartley was a skilled mechanic who built the first home-built tractor in Whitley County, Indiana, when just twenty years of age. He patented a straight steering mechanism for both tractors and grain binders, built an aeroplane and V8 aeroplane engine and several racecar engines, helping brother Ted with his racing. Hartley also designed tractors and trailers, passing on his knowledge to his sons. He also served as a volunteer fireman and served his local community for most of his life.

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