Gunnar Nordstrom

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12 Mar 1946


20 Jul 2017



F2 starts:

1 (1973)

Generally had his best performances in his home country, being relatively successful in Swedish Formula 3, but not really cutting it in international events. In Sweden, he also appeared in rallying throughout the 1970's, and then early 1980's, as well as also appearing in touring cars, motocross and motorbikes. He even tried snowmobiles. Sometimes listed as coming from Umea, in Northern Sweden, although Gunnar was originally based fifty kilometres down the coast in Nordmaling. Once he stopped racing, he played golf, and was such a fan that when he died after short battle against cancer, aged 71, in 2017, the tribute to him had a picture of a golfer, rather than mention his racing career. He played to a relatively strong amateur level, playing in Spain as well as his homeland.

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