Torsten Palm

Torsten Palm, 1975. Print copyright Richard Jenkins, 2018.

Torsten Palm, 1975. Print copyright Richard Jenkins, 2018.

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23 Jul 1947



Grands Prix:

1 (1975)

F2 starts:

7 (1973-1974)

Brother of Gunnar Palm, a rally co-driver, Torsten was a businessman and racer. For many years, Palm has run a garage in Lidingo, near to where he lives, often dealing with Ferrari cars., for many years now. Swedish F3 champion in 1970, Torsten actually started in rallying as long ago as 1963, but his prowess in F3 led to him concentrating on single-seaters. Lack of finance hindered much of his career, and realising he wasn't going to get much further without it, he stopped racing in 1976. He went into driver management, notably with Eje Elgh. He returned to racing in 1992, in both circuit racing and rallying, before retiring in 1997 to focus on his business interests. More recently, Palm has also become President of Degefors IF football club.

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