Herbert Jerich

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24 Jan 1947
Johnsdorf-Brunn, Fehring



F2 starts:

0 (1978)

Bought and prepared his own car. Father of the 1990's and 2000's racer of the same name. Jerich Senior was particularly successful in hillclimbs and mountain racing. Initially, he became a car mechanic before joining the family transportation firm. He developed the firm in such a way, that in 1969, it founded its own truck transportation company. After 20 years of growth in Austria, the firm expanded to Padua, in Italy, with more routes to the Middle East. In 2000, the firm opened up another hub, this time in America and in 2016, another office in Turkey. Jerich International, as it is now, is one of the leading Austrian logistics companies. Jerich, as a driver, also competed in sportscars and was, slightly unusually for the time, a racer in Eastern Europe, including Czechoslovakia, where he won a minor sportscar race in his Lola T290 in 1975. In 2020, Jerich returned to racing after a 25 year gap, competing - and winning - in a Porsche Sprint Challenge event.

Biography last updated 17 Sep 2020