Michael Korten

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09 Apr 1953



F2 starts:

2 (1978-1980)

Also known as Mike, who was most successful in Formula 3. Kept on racing for some time in a whole variety of series, but now retired. Korten was the 1979 German Formula 3 champion and also won in Super Vee but Formula 2 didn't see the success continue. Korten came from a karting background, starting that in 1971 and did well initially when moving into single-seaters. Mike raced in sportscars for a while as well in 1980, often in the BMW-March M1, usually with Patrick Neve, before retiring from competitive racing that year. However he continued to compete at the Nurburgring 1000km and selected other races until 1986. Korten, whose real first name is actually Klaus, runs a car restoration business and a secure underground car parking business for classic cars to avoid theft and damage.

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