Mike Oliver

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13 Feb 1921
Farnborough, Hampshire


Great Britain


Connaught (1952-1959)


Lea-Francis (1952)

Still alive and well. More famous as a pilot, both during WW2 and after Connaught, when he became a test pilot, and the industry remains his first love. Also loves photography, but still attended historic racing events until the late 2000's. During Oliver's career in the air industry, he was chief test pilot for Follands, worked for Hawker Siddeley as a customer liasion officer and also worked in Sudan as a pilot trainer for the Sudanese Air Force. Oliver even raced for a short while. In the early 1970's, Mike lost an inch off his left leg in a waterskiing accident. In the New Yea'rs Honours of 1965, Mike, whose first name is Richard, won the Queen's Commendation, which was for valuable service in the air.

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