Butch Brickell

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18 Apr 1957
Miami, Florida


13 Oct 2003
Coral Gables, Florida


United States

CART/IRL years:

IRL (1996)

Better known as a stunt man and actor, with a string of film and TV credits to his name, Butch, real name William, died after a short illness, aged just 46. Brickell was the great-great-grandson of William and Mary Brickell, who through their pioneering in the nineteenth century, effectively became the founders of Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Butch ran the family property management business and then owned his own shipping company for some while. However in the 1990's, Brickell started doing some work as a stuntman, then a stunt driver in TV shows as more and more filming took place in Florida. This included the movie, The Specialist, but also racing a boat in the TV series, CSI Miami. He also took up racing, and combined water-skiing and skiing to his pastimes in the latter part of his life.

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