Kim Campbell

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03 Mar 1954
Tyler, Texas


10 Mar 2017
Denison, Texas


United States

CART/IRL years:

ARS (1986)

The first ever leader of a lap of the ARS Series, Campbell was involved in racing from 1980 until 1993. He raced in Can-Am and stockcars, Formula Ford and karts, but also worked as a test and factory driver for Penske, Toyota and Chevron on varying things like chassis development and ABS brakes. He also ran his own team during this team. After managing and developing a local snackfood business into a national firm, Kim became a commodity and trading assistant whilst racing before fully qualifying as a trader once he had finished racing. Kim remained involved in the commodity and trading business the rest of his working life, finishing at the Woodlands Rehabilition Centre in Denison, where he eventually passed away after battling a drink problem. Whilst at Woodlands, he worked as an advisor, consultant and trader there after spells in a similar role in the oil, financial and energy businesses. Kim, who enjoyed playing golf, ran a stock car team in later years and was involved in building the Motorsport Ranch race track near Houston in the mid 2000's.

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