David Dussau

David Dussau, 2001, Most, Czech Republic. Copyright Jiri Inneman (http://inneman.noveranet.cz/ag.htm), 2009. Used with permission.

David Dussau, 2001, Most, Czech Republic. Copyright Jiri Inneman, 2009. Used with permission.

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08 Jul 1971



F3000 starts:

2 (1996)

Had the odd occasional endurance race after Formula 3000, carrying on in the discipline until 2001, appearing in all but one of his races in a Debora. Now works as a heavy lift crane operator in the oil industry and is based near Clermont-Ferrand. Dussau won the 1993 French Formule Renault Turbo championship, after enjoying a strong debut year in the series the previous year. He then became a regular race winner in French Formula 3, finishing third in the series in both 1994 and 1995, beating the likes of Ayari, Sarrazin and Laurent Redon. But Formula 3000 was surprisingly short-lived and he never got another single-seater chance thereafter.

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