Patrick Lemarie

Patrick Lemarie, 2001, Most, Czech Republic. Copyright Jiri Inneman (http://inneman.noveranet.cz/ag.htm), 2009. Used with permission.

Patrick Lemarie, 2001, Most, Czech Republic. Copyright Jiri Inneman, 2009. Used with permission.

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06 Feb 1968



F3000 starts:

16 (1996-1997)

His friendship with Jacques Villeneuve helped his career far more than his results deserved. BAR F1 tester for four years, he got a break with PK Racing in CART, brokered by Craig Pollock, manager of Villeneuve. However a disappointing display by the Frenchman saw him lose his seat part-way through the season. Patrick is now an expert in asset management, runs a management consultancy and is also involved in private banking. Now based in Andorra. With old friend Jacques Villeneuve, he runs a series in lower formulae to aid driver progress with the prize of a paid for drive in British Formula 4. This has led to Patrick returning to racing as part of his coaching roles, racing in Villeneuve's Euro NASCAR team in 2021 and returned for more in 2022.

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