World Championship team bosses — Where are they now?

by Richard Jenkins
The Ancien Pilotes at Dijon in 1974

Ancien Pilotes at Dijon 1974

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Name Born Died Nat Teams Biography
John MacDonald 12 May 1947
Edmonton, Middlesex

Worked in the car industry with Mick Ralph, before the pair progressed with RAM. Spent a while in F3000, before running the Superpower fabrication and engineering company, selling that in 1999, to retire. He also formerly ran a British F2 team and ran the whole series in the early 90's, and also worked as a scrutineer. Now lives in Hertfordshire. (Last updated 2 Feb 2011)
Owen Maddock 24 Jul 1925
Epsom, Surrey
19 Jul 2000
Cowes, Isle of Wight
GB Cooper, Vanwall
Legendary designer and engineer. After his spell with Cooper, he became an independent technical consultant, including a spell designing hovercrafts and he also designed ship parts. He was still in demand as a designer but wouldn't contemplate a job that took him away from his beloved Isle of Wight. Also a very competent jazz musician and continued to attend jazz music festivals right up to his death. (Last updated 11 Jan 2012)
Vijay Mallya 18 Dec 1955

IND Force India
(2007- )
New owner of the Force India team, who is a businessman, MP and philanthropist in India. He owns Kingfisher Airlines and United Breweries Group, which has given him his fortune, although the former is now struggling to survive. (Last updated 7 Oct 2011)
Carlo Marchetti
I Lago-Talbot
Friend of Tony Lago, who joined up with him immediately after WW2 and stayed in the sport and the car industry until the 1960's.
Bernie Marcus

D Onyx
Aerodynamic ace who worked for Pac-West in CART, but is now involved in Ford's NASCAR programme in a similar role.
Gianni Marelli

I Life
Former Ferrari engineer who set up his own design company, and has also worked for Durango in F3000. Still very active, involved in motorcycle racing, and the helicopter and road car industries.
Luigi Marmiroli 1945
Fiorano Modenese, Emilio Romagna

I Alfa Romeo
Later worked as a technical director for Lamborghini. Now involved in the road car division of the company, especially the internet division and has particulary worked on the Lamborghini Diablo. Also has his own design studio. (Last updated 24 Jan 2010)
Jo Marquart 22 Mar 1936
Winterthur, Zurich
29 Nov 1993
Deopham, Wymondham, Norfolk
CH McLaren
Engineer who also designed Formula 3 and Group C cars and had a long motorsport career, but the stress of running teams led to a detoriation in health and he died, aged only 57, from complications of diabetes as well as heart problems. At the time of his death, he was also involved in a engineering business near Dereham. Full name Josef Anton. Worked for a number of manufacturers including McLaren, GRD, Huron and Modus and founded Argo cars, which had success in Formula 3 and sportscars. Before he worked in Formula 1, he worked as a engineer for a bus company. (Last updated 11 Jan 2015)
Ken Marrable 13 Feb 1949
Hatfield, Hertfordshire

GB March
Business associate with Leyton House. Now back living in England, in Suffolk, where he is involved in education, and is headmaster of a school. A former cosmetic salesman, he cycles a lot in his spare time, including cross-country cycling in America. (Last updated 13 Mar 2012)
Tico Martini 06 Dec 1934
Pigna, Bordighera

I Martini
Real name Renato. Grew up in Jersey where he started racing and ran a kart workshop. He then became a kart builder before becoming a race instructor at the Winfield School, where he started building cars and then from there onto F3, F2 and F1. Now runs Automobiles Martini, which builds road and racing cars (Formula 3 and Formula Renault). Also builds microlights. In recent years he has been working with Guy Ligier on car construction. (Last updated 24 Jan 2010)
Bindo Maserati 1883
Voghera, Pavia
One of the four brothers who founded Maserati, and then OSCA, Bindo became a mechanic at Isotta-Fraschini, where he joined brother Ettore. Bindo was involved, somewhat loosely in the founding of Maserati, not joining them until 1932, as Maserati manager, after the death of elder brother Alfieri, from Isotta-Fraschini, long after their first spark plug and car had been manufactured. Bindo also raced, albeit very rarely and appeared at the Mille Migila in 1927. (Last updated 1 Oct 2014)
Ernesto Maserati 04 Apr 1898
Voghera, Pavia
01 Dec 1975
I OSCA (Also Maserati founder)
Along with his brothers, Ernesto built up the Maserati concern before reliquinshing control. The OSCA attempt was their last motorsport link, all of them mostly retiring in 1968, when they sold out, after over 50 years as drivers, owners, engineers and builders. Ernesto himself, the youngest of the brothers ran the company as a teenager during World War 1 where the company developed spark plugs to be used in aircrafts during hostilities and cars in peacetime. Ernesto was the racer of the siblings, starting in 1924, winning the 1927 and 1930 Italian National Championship, and also took a notable win at the Rome Grand Prix in 1931. (Last updated 19 Jan 2016)
Ettore Maserati 1894
Voghera, Pavia
04 Aug 1990
The last surviving Maserati brother, who died at the grand old age of 96, Ettore helped form the team, led by brother Alfieri. Ettore worked as an engineer specialising on engines. When Adolfo Orsi bought out the brothers, Ettore moved to the new equipe, where he served as technical director, before joining Bindo and Ernesto to form the OSCA team in 1947. Ettore retired in 1966, aged 72, and was also the last Maserati brother to retire. Ettore's son also became an engineer. (Last updated 23 Oct 2014)
Alberto Massimino 05 Jan 1895
28 Nov 1975
I Maserati, de Tomaso
Designer who came from FIAT, he stayed in F1 until 1966, as an engineer and developer for Serenissima. He had a long career in the sport, starting with FIAT in 1924. (Last updated 17 May 2011)
Marco Mattiacci 08 Dec 1970

I Ferrari
Ferrari team principal for only a short time in 2014. Marco was formerly CEO of Ferrari North America and also of Ferrari Asia Pacific. Marco had been with Ferrari in various roles, including sales and business development since 1999, but his spell in charge in Formula 1 was so turbulent, he has left the company to look for another business role. A economics graduate, Mattiacci worked in the UK for a while with Jaguar cars. (Last updated 24 Nov 2014)
Teddy Mayer 08 Sep 1935
Scranton, Pennsylvania
30 Jan 2009
Woking, Surrey, England
USA McLaren
Brother of the late Tim. Since being involved with the Beatrice Lola firm, Mayer worked for Penske as a consultant. Died after a period of ill-health in his adopted home of the UK. Son Tim, named after his late uncle, was involved in sportscar administration. (Last updated 24 Jan 2010)
Raymond Mays 01 Aug 1899
Bourne, Lincolnshire
06 Jan 1980
Bourne, Lincolnshire
GB B.R.M.(British Racing Motors)
Founder of BRM and ERA, who stayed involved with the former, albeit in a limited capacity, until the late 1960's. Awarded a CBE for his services to motor racing two years before his death. A charming, albeit complex man, Mays' father was a keen motorist who influenced Raymond's love of cars. However Mays served in the Grenadier Guards in both France and Germany initially before moving into education at Cambridge University. Whilst there, Raymond took up racing in sprints, beach races, hillclimbs and also appeared at circuits like Brooklands. He made a name for himself in hillclimbing before founding ERA in 1933 with Humphrey Cook and Peter Berthon. He drove the car with some success; winning the 1935 Eifelrennen and the GP de Picardie in 1936 and 1937. After the Second World War, Mays once again won in hillclimbs, winning the British Hillclimb Championship in 1947 and 1948, before establishing the BRM team in his home town. (Last updated 20 Jan 2016)
Kenneth McAlpine 21 Sep 1920
Cobham, Surrey

GB Connaught
Still involved in the family building industry - for years he was involved in a number of projects, including oil refineries. A WW2 fighter pilot, he was also chairman of McAlpine Helicopters, Governor of Eastbourne College and High Sheriff of Kent between 1973-1974. He retired from racing to marry and to supervise the work on the farm and particularly the vineyard by his house in Kent, which produces award-winning grapes. He was also awarded an OBE for his work in the building industry. Still makes appearances to any historic event that features Connaught, although now over 90 years of age, quite rarely. (Last updated 18 Aug 2011)
Allan McCall 1941

NZ Tecno
Ex-McLaren engineer who was also behind the Tui cars. Now living in America, where he is an independent design consultant. He came to the UK in 1963, as a young, 22 year old, to get into racing, and like so many others, he found his way in by being a racing mechanic. (Last updated 7 Jun 2014)
Bruce McLaren 30 Aug 1937
02 Jun 1970
Goodwood Circuit, Sussex, England
NZ McLaren
Star driver and engineer, who came into the sport at a very young age, who was killed in a test at Goodwood. His name lives on with his still successful team. McLaren was an excellent driver, who won Le Mans in 1966, Sebring in 1967, 4 World Championship Grand Prix's, including at Monaco and Spa, the 1964 Tasman Championship, the 1967 and 1969 Can-Am title and numerous other wins in numerous other series. But arguably it was as an engineer that he was the most brilliant at. A somewhat laid back man but with a hard-work ethic, these two attributes helped establish the team and put the groundwork in place when Bruce died, at the still young age of thirty-two. (Last updated 21 Jan 2016)
John McQuilliam 03 Aug 1962
Oldham, Lancashire

GB Jordan, Marussia/Manor
(2005- )
Qualified British Aerospace engineer, who first came into Formula 1 with Williams back in 1986 as a composites engineer. Also worked with Arrows in that role, before moving into racer car design, primarily with Jordan, and he stayed with the team as they became Spyker in 2007. However, in mid-season he was dropped by the team. Went to work for Nick Wirth's Wirth Research as Head of Composites, but returned back to Formula 1 as a technical expert/designer for Marussia. He managed to produce a neat car despite budget constraints, but the lack of finance forced the team out of business in 2014 for a while, so John moved onto another role in composites and motorsport in Northamptonshire until the team returned, despite all odds, in 2015, and John retains his technical director role with the team. (Last updated 25 May 2015)
Alan Mertens 06 Apr 1950
Westminster, London

GB March
Now lives in the US, where he is involved in the design and engineering of sports cars. For a long time, he was a car designer in CART and also worked in real estate. Also currently involved in racing car chassis development and is still in charge of his design business, Galmer, which he founded in 1988. Alan started as an apprentice at British Aerospace and whilst doing this, raced himself in Formula Ford for some years. Joined the sport in 1976 with March. (Last updated 13 Jan 2015)
Arturo Merzario 11 Mar 1943
Civenna, Como

I Merzario
Still races, in historics and Italian endurance. He also runs a driving academy and a lot of his drives in endurance are linked to this academy. A frequent visitor to the F1 paddock, he is still wearing his Stetson hat! Initially a racer in GT and hillclimbing, he impressed domestically to earn a contract with Ferrari in sportscars, which then turned into Formula 1 when Clay Regazzoni was injured. It all went very well until he lost his drive in 1974 and he went backwards down the Formula 1 grid. Little Art, as he was often known, then decided to run his own team but it was not a success. After retiring from racing in 1981, he became a team manager in Formula 2. (Last updated 23 Jan 2016)
Hans Mezger 18 Nov 1929

D Porsche
Worked with Porsche for almost 40 years, finishing in the early 1990's as their technical director in the competitions department. Now retired, but still keeps in touch with the sport and is also an engineering tutor for a university.
Sam Michael 29 Apr 1971
Geraldton, Western Australia

AUS Williams
Director of Operations at Williams from 2001-2011, Sam then joined McLaren as their sports director. He left that role at the end of 2014 in order to move back to Australia and spend more time with his family and pursue other motorsport projects there. Before joining Williams, Michael worked in Formula Holden and then, in Formula 1, for Lotus and Jordan in various roles, including as a race engineer and also in research and development. (Last updated 20 Feb 2015)
Jean-Claude Migeot 16 Jan 1953

F Tyrrell
Aerodynamicist, who founded and still heads the Fondmetal Technologies engine and development business. Also has his own business and acted as a consultant to Force India's F1 team and in 2010, took on a more involved aerodynamic role with the new Caterham F1 team, which lasted a couple of years. As well as this he also is developing and running an electric sportscar racing outfit. Migeot started in Formula 1 with Renault, before moving to Ferrari before his stint with Tyrrell and also worked with Benetton and Minardi. (Last updated 18 Feb 2015)
Velco Miletich 18 Mar 1925
Lead, South Dakota
11 Jun 1998
Torrance, California
USA Parnelli
Hugely successful car dealer, of Yugoslav descent, from the California area who linked up with Parnelli Jones.
Kenji Mimura 1947

J Maki
Still involved with engineering. Worked for DOME for some years, before setting up his own engineering design company, MIM Design, which he still heads.
Giancarlo Minardi 18 Sep 1947

I Minardi
Popular man who founded an even more popular team. Although bought out in 2000, he remained involved with the team until their demise in 2005. Now in the GP2, various Formula 3 and other lower formulae as a manager and consultant. He is also a journalist, TV pundit and was chairman of Faenza FC for a while. He also ran to be mayor of Faenza in 2010, and is involved in a few local family businesses there too. (Last updated 17 Dec 2014)
Michiel Mol 04 Aug 1969

NL Spyker, Force India
(2006- )
Still has an involvement in F1 via Force India. Mol is also a successful businessman in Holland, running the Lost Boys corporation, amongst others. (Last updated 15 Jul 2012)
Peter Monteverdi 07 Jun 1934
04 Jul 1998
CH Onyx
Former racer and car builder, whose main profession was as a car dealer.
Vic Morris

GB Shadow, Theodore
Chief designer for Shadow and Theodore who was a race engineer in Formula 1 for much of the 1980's.
A. E. (Alfred) Moss 30 May 1897
Kensington, London
23 Apr 1972
Stoke Mandeville, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
GB B.R.P. (British Racing Partnership)
Father of Sir Stirling (and Pat), the E stood for Ethlebert. Worked as a successful dentist and his Indianapolis effort largely came as a result of attending the nearby dental university at the same time! Retired from driving when he got married, but was a huge influence on his wife's, Stirling's and Pat's careers. He also designed the Morrison Air Raid shelter. Formed the British Racing Partnership racing team, but it was not a success. However Alfred continued to be active until illness. Died of cancer. (Last updated 30 Jul 2015)
Chris Murphy 15 Apr 1957
Farnworth, Bolton, Lancashire

GB Lola, Lotus, March, Zakspeed
Mechanic, designer and engineer who joined Astromega in F3000 after his spell in F1. Now works in the Porsche Supercup as a race engineer, runs and develops a racing simulation software company, DATAS Ltd. and runs Beau Ideal, which is a classic car hire company as well as an engineering and design consultancy. On top of all this, Chris, who now lives in Norfolk as well as Spain, somehow finds time to drive in the odd historic festival, in numerous Lotus cars. (Last updated 12 Sep 2014)
Gordon Murray 18 Jun 1946

ZA Brabham, McLaren
Spent a long time in Formula 1, with a lot of that time being based at McLaren. Worked as a GT technical director, but now works as an independent designer, setting up his own design company, which has designed both road and racing cars (sportscars), and Smart cars. Gordon also works in the media and works as a consultant, including to Group Lotus. In 2015, it was announced that Gordon is taking on another new project, linking up with TVR to design and engineer a rear-drive V8 sports car. Gordon now lives in Surrey, England. Murray is a huge John Lennon fan and every year, on the 9th October, Gordon has a day off from work to celebrate Lennon's birth, and on the 8th December, another day off to commemorate Lennon's death. (Last updated 23 Jun 2015)

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