Dominic Chappell

Dominic Chappell. Copyright, Stella Marie Thomas, 2018. Used with Permission.

Dominic Chappell. Copyright, Stella Marie Thomas, 2018. Used with Permission.

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28 Nov 1966
Sunbury-on-Thames, Surrey


Great Britain

F3000 starts:

2 (1993)

Later worked as a race promoter and organiser for British motorsport. Raced on in sportscars and club racing in the UK for a few years after Formula 3000 but then ended his direct involvement with the sport. In 2016, he made the national news in Britain through his short and controversial ownership of BHS, a large department store in Britain. He bought British Home Stores in 2015, but the firm went into administration and liquidation just one year later, with Dominic coming under scrutiny for his large salary and alleged redistribution of profits. In 2017, he was prosecuted over failing to provide information and documents required by the Pensions Regulator over the collapse of BHS, and lost his subsequent appeal in 2018. As a majority shareholder of Retail Acquisitions, Dominic has been in charge of a number of businesses, including property development and a Spanish oil distribution business. However in 2019, Chappell was banned from holding any directorships until 2029 due to his involvement in the BHS saga. He then was ordered to pay £9.5 million back to BhS pensions schemes and then was jailed in 2020, for six years, due to tax evasion. Dominic lived in Blandford Forum, Dorset as well as London, and enjoyed racing yachts, as well as riding his speedboat, which are things he bought to enjoy more instead of pay taxation.

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