Fabiano Vandone

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14 Jul 1966



F3000 starts:

6 (1991-1992)

Now works as a motor racing journalist and author in Italy. He, relatively recently (2007), had a book about Jim Clark and Ayrton Senna published internationally. More recently, Vandone has developed 3D animated models of racing cars, so that customers can study the cars inside and out technically without actually being able to step into a racing car. Vandone had progressed reasonably in his racing career but was badly injured in a crash at Mugello in 1991; his car suffered a suspension failure which caused a huge crash and left Vandone with a haematoma on the head and two fractured vertebrae. Although he returned to racing, Fabiano never felt the same since and effectively retired at the end of 1992.

Biography last updated 25 Apr 2017