Guido Knycz

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20 Dec 1965



F3000 starts:

9 (1992-1993)

Now runs Sport di Trento (Win Sports), a car production company, which also specialises in decals and painting. He is also the commercial and general manager of Hand Expo, a graphic design and architectural company in Italy. Still racing, in off-road events and rallies and also races model and slot cars. Guido began his main racing car career in Formula Alfa Boxer back in 1989, before then racing in Italian and - slightly unusually for an Italian - British Formula 3 before his spell in Formula 3000. After a spell away from racing to begin building up his business, Guido had a couple of seasons in sportscars in the late 1990's. Aside from racing, Guido enjoys flying his plane and also does ski-ing in the winter. Amongst his other racing activities, Knycz used to also race in hillclimbs.

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