Massimo Natili

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28 Jul 1935
Ronciglione, Viterbo


18 Sep 2017



Grands Prix:

2 (1961)

After racing, Natili ran a BMW dealership in Italy for many years. He retired from running it in the 1990's but the garage still remains. Natili, an immensely popular man, remained linked to motorsport - he liked to visit the Mille Miglia events and even entered the 2003 and 2006 events as a driver and he attended many historic events and reunions. He later owned and rented out a large villa near Viterbo. Massimo was adept at Formula Junior level, but also raced in both touring and sports cars, the latter of which saw possibly his most notable success, winning the 1965 Grand Prix of Roma Vallelunga. Massimo started hillclimb racing in 1953. Natili also worked as a driving instructor and manager at the Vallelunga circuit, partly because of the 1965 win. Massimo was linked to many projects in Viterbo, and was twice president of the commercial council in the city. Sadly, Natili died in 2017 of myocardial ischaemia.

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