Coppa Presidente de la Republica

Autodromo de San Carlo, Caracas, 18 Mar 1973

1 Andrea de Adamich Brabham BT38 - Ford twin cam Hart
Fred Opert Racing (see note 1)
2 Carl Liebich Chevron B18C - Ford twin cam Hart
Fred Opert Racing
3 Bobby Dennett Chevron B18C - Ford twin cam
Fred Opert Racing
4 Bill O'Connor Brabham BT38 [15?] - Ford twin cam Hart
(see note 2)
5 Mike Hall Brabham BT40 - Ford twin cam Hart
#27 Fred Opert Racing (see note 3)
UNK John Powell Brabham BT38 [14] - Ford twin cam Hart
#30 (see note 4)

UNK Bob Lazier March 722 - Ford twin cam

UNK Tom Klausler Brabham BT38 [26?] - Ford twin cam Hart
#63 (see note 5)

UNK Bill Brack Brabham BT38B - Ford twin cam Hart
Fred Opert Racing

UNK Freddy van Beuren March 722 - Ford twin cam

UNK Héctor Rebaque Brabham BT38 [‘33’?] - Ford twin cam Hart
Fred Opert Racing (see note 6)

UNK Ernesto Soto Brabham BT35 - Ford twin cam
Fred Opert Racing

UNK Julio César Hidalgo Lotus 69 [71/69.1.FB?] - Ford twin cam Hart

DNS Eduardo Muñoz LeGrand Caribe Mk 6 - Ford twin cam BRM Phase IV
Did not start
(gearbox not complete)
DNA Chuck Sarich March 722 - Ford twin cam
Did not arrive
DNA Chuck Dietrich Brabham BT40 [18] - Ford twin cam Hart
Did not arrive

All cars are 1.6-litre FB unless noted.

Heat 1 Laps Time Speed
1Andrea de Adamich300.30.49.10
2Carl Liebich300.31.00.01
3Bill Brack300.31.00.09
4Bobby Dennett300.31.10.01
5Bill O'Connor300.31.21.09
Heat 2 Laps Time Speed
1Andrea de Adamich300.30.54.2
2Bobby Dennett300.30.57.2
3Carl Liebich300.30.57.3
4Bill O'Connor300.31.11.0
Bill BrackBroken wheel
1 Andrea de Adamich (FB) 1.6-litre Brabham BT38 - Ford twin cam Hart
2 Bob Lazier (FB) 1.6-litre March 722 - Ford twin cam

Notes on the cars:

  1. Brabham BT38 (Andrea de Adamich): Nick Craw (Washington, DC) raced a #71 Brabham BT38 in the 1972 SCCA Pro Formula B series but is only known to have started two races. The car was described as blue/yellow or yellow and was entered by Fred Opert Racing. It is likely that this was a brand new BT38B. In February 1973, the "ex-Craw" car was advertised by Opert as "4 races from new". Nothing more known.
  2. Brabham BT38 [15?] (Bill O'Connor): New for Motul Rondel Racing at Hockenheim in mid-April 1972, and raced all season by Bob Wolleck. Raced once by Carlos Reutemann at Enna. Sold to Bill O'Connor (Highland Park, IL) for Formula B for 1973. To Chuck Dietrich (Sandusky, OH) for 1974, then fitted with a Cosworth BDA for 1975, 1976 and 1977. Subsequent history unknown.
  3. Brabham BT40 (Mike Hall): Mike Hall (Twin Lakes, WI) raced a brand new Brabham BT40 at the SCCA Run-Offs, known then as American Road Race of Champions, at Road Atlanta 25 Nov 1972, the first BT40 to race. Hall then raced this car in Formula B and Formula Atlantic in 1973 and 1974. He replaced it with a Lola T360 for 1975 and the Brabham was then raced by John Elder (Rosemount, Minnesota) in SCCA Nationals in 1975. Hall had modified his car with a wide nose and a higher and fuller tail, and Elder's car showed the same modifications.
  4. Brabham BT38 [14] (John Powell): Brand new for Motul Rondel Racing at Oulton Park at the end of March 1972, and raced there by Tim Schenken, who finished second. For Schenken again at Thruxton a few days later, then for Derek Bell at Nürburgring at the end of April, by Jean Max at Pau, and by Jean-Pierre Beltoise at Crystal Palace and Rouen. Schenken used the car for the rest of the season, winning at Hockenheim in October. Sold to John Powell (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) for Formula B in 1973. Sold to Bob Schutt (Kirkwood, MO) at Watkins Glen at the end of 1973, and used by him in Mid West Division FB racing. According to Chris Townsend, this may be BT38 of Mike Orgel (St Louis, MO) in Mid West Division FB 1978-80. Subsequent history unknown.
  5. Brabham BT38 [26?] (Tom Klausler): New for Motul Rondel Racing in May 1972, replacing BT38/11, and raced by Carlos Reutemann. Also raced by Gerry Birrell at Albi, when Reutemann was away racing in the Canadian GP. Raced by Ronnie Peterson in the Brazilian F2 series. Sold by Rondel to Tom Klausler (Palatine, IL) for Formula B in 1973, and won at Trois-Rivières in September. Then to Roy Witz (Arlington Heights, IL) for 1974, then John Kowalski (Berea, OH) for Formula Atlantic in 1975. Subsequent history unknown.
  6. Brabham BT38 [‘33’?] (Héctor Rebaque): A "new chassis" replacing the ASCA team's Brabham BT38 wrecked by Jean-Pierre Jaussaud at Rouen. It was raced by teammate Adam Potocki at Imola, where Potocki failed to qualify, and was then Jaussaud's car for the rest of the season. ASCA entered Jaussaud in the Brazilian F2 Torneio, but he was involved in the startline accident at the second Interlagos race, and the Brabham was badly damaged. According to Chris Townsend's research, this car was acquired by Fred Opert Racing and raced by Héctor Rebaque in the Caracas Formula B race in March 1973, then by Brian Robertson in the JAF Grand Prix in May 1973. It's not clear what else Opert used it for in 1973, but in January 1974, he sold it to John Bernardine (Tulsa, OK) for SCCA Formula B. Then to Warren Pauge (Hacienda Heights, CA) in August 1975, replacing his well-used Brabham BT21. Pauge retained the BT38 for many years, even running it as a Can-Am car once in 1982. After he finally stopped racing it in 1988, he sold it to Marc Bahner, then it went to George Steven in 1992, Tom Stapleton about 2008, and Paul Skilowitz (Stuart, FL) in 2016.


The identification of individual cars in these results is based on the material presented elsewhere in this site and may in some cases contradict the organisers' original results.

1970 US FB results were compiled from Autoweek reports by Jim Thurman; 1971 results were transcribed from Autoweek by Allen Brown and 1972 results were compiled by Chris Townsend from an SCCA results publication.

The US Formula B series did not continue in 1973 but a race was organised in Caracas in March 1973 that fits here probably better than anywhere else, as do the occasional SCCA F/Atlantic and FB races in 1974 and 1975.

All comments, clarifications, corrections and additions are most welcome. Please email Allen if you can add anything.

Individual sources for this event

Chris Townsend's sources for this race are as diverse as ever: Canadian Motorsports Bulletin 1974; Autosport 29 Mar 1973 p7; and local newspapers El Nacional 16 Mar 1973 B-4, 17 Mar 1973 B-3, 18 Mar 1973 B-12 and 19 Mar 1973 B-12; and El Universal 16 Mar 1973 3-13 and 19 Mar 1973 3-3.