Players (Canadian) Formula B Series Race

Westwood, 3 Oct 1971

1 Craig Hill Lotus 69 [71/69.5.FB] - Ford twin cam Hart
#1 Fother-Hill Ltd/Castrol Dunlop
26 41m 16.3s
2 Jon Milledge Brabham BT29 - Ford twin cam
#91 J.M. Racing, Mountain View (see note 1)
3 Wilson Southam March 71BM [10?] - Ford twin cam Greatorex
#24 Southam Motor Racing, Montreal
(see note 2)
4 Thomas E. Kornell Brabham BT29 [48] - Ford twin cam HRE
#48 (see note 3)
5 Ian Coristine March 71BM [1] - Ford twin cam Hart
#50 Delta Racing Developments, Montreal
(see note 4)
6 Maurice McCaig Brabham BT35 [19] - Ford twin cam
#58 Double M Racing, Scarborough, Ont.
7 John Powell Chevron B17b - Ford twin cam
#30 Penguin Racing Ent., Ottawa
8 Max Nerrière Lotus 59 ("69B") [59-F2/XB-41] - Ford twin cam
9 Richard "Bud" Rude Brabham BT29 - Ford twin cam
10 Ron Householder Brabham BT29 [9] - Ford twin cam
#6 Automotive Racing Ent., Portland
(see note 5)
11 Roy Folland Brabham BT29 - Ford twin cam
R Cam McKenzie Brabham BT21 [9] - Ford twin cam
#34 Cam McKenzie
22 holed sump; over bank
R Al Justason Brabham BT23F [1] - Ford twin cam
#32 Alastair Justason (see note 6)
R Randy Fraser March 71BM - Ford twin cam Greatorex
#54 Tartan-Fraser Ltd, Montreal/March Cars
(see note 7)
R Allan Lader Brabham BT35 [39] - Ford twin cam
#75 Pacifico Inc., Gresham (see note 8)
11 drowned engine (electrics)
DNS Bill Eagles Chevron B15b [B14] - Ford twin cam
#46 ("B9-15") Tex-Made Racing Team, Ville Lasalle
(see note 9)
Did not start
DNS Eligio Siconolfi Lotus 59 [59-F2/XB-42?] - Ford twin cam
Did not start
DNS Barry Fox Brabham BT29 [49] - Ford twin cam
#22 Astro Shield Westerne Mack
Did not start
DNS Jacques Couture Lotus 69 [71/69.1.FB] - Ford twin cam Hart
#84 Jim Russell Racing Team
Did not start
(withdrew (conditions))
DNS David McConnell Lotus 69 [71/69.3.FB] - Ford twin cam Hart
#86 Jim Russell Racing Team
Did not start
(withdrew (conditions))
DNS Brian Robertson Brabham BT35 [10] - Ford twin cam Hart
#5 Fred Opert Racing, Ottawa
Did not start
(withdrew (conditions))
DNS Bruce Jensen Chevron B17b [17B.70.04?] - Ford twin cam
#41 Jen-Mac Racing
Did not start
DNS Gary Magwood Hawke DL6B [2] - Ford twin cam
#27 Castrol
Did not start
DNSC Howard Cazaly Lotus 41C - Ford twin cam
#25 Cazaly Otter Ltd.
Did not start (crashed)
UNKE Dewey Harless Brabham BT29 [26] - Ford twin cam
Dewey Harless (see note 10)
On entry list
UNKE Dave Ogilvy Lotus 35 - Ford twin cam
#9 Shabolt Cams
On entry list
UNKE Ken Huband Brabham BT29 [34] - Ford twin cam
#15 Huband Motor Racing, Ottawa
(see note 11)
On entry list

All cars are 1.6-litre FB unless noted.

1 Allan Lader (FB) 1.6-litre Brabham BT35 [39] - Ford twin cam 1m 06.1s
2 David McConnell * (FB) 1.6-litre Lotus 69 [71/69.3.FB] - Ford twin cam Hart 1m 07.8s
3 Jacques Couture * (FB) 1.6-litre Lotus 69 [71/69.1.FB] - Ford twin cam Hart 1m 08.2s
4 Craig Hill (FB) 1.6-litre Lotus 69 [71/69.5.FB] - Ford twin cam Hart 1m 09.3s
5 Wilson Southam (FB) 1.6-litre March 71BM [10?] - Ford twin cam Greatorex 1m 09.3s
6 Richard "Bud" Rude (FB) 1.6-litre Brabham BT29 - Ford twin cam 1m 09.3s
7 Cam McKenzie (FB) 1.6-litre Brabham BT21 [9] - Ford twin cam 1m 12.3s
8 Jon Milledge (FB) 1.6-litre Brabham BT29 - Ford twin cam 1m 12.6s
9 Maurice McCaig (FB) 1.6-litre Brabham BT35 [19] - Ford twin cam 1m 13.1s
10 Max Nerrière (FB) 1.6-litre Lotus 59 ("69B") [59-F2/XB-41] - Ford twin cam 1m 13.3s
* Did not start

Notes on the cars:

  1. Brabham BT29 (Jon Milledge): Jim Gutfreund (Des Moines, Iowa) bought a new Brabham BT29 for 1970 and ran it in Midwest Div Formula B, winning two races and leading the division until his BRM-built Ford twin-cam blew. He sold the car to Archie Snider for 1971 and Snider continued with the BRM engine until joining forces with Jon Milledge who crewed the car for Snider in Regionals while racing it in Nationals and in Pro events. They continued with the car through 1972 and into 1973, before Snider replaced it with a GRD. It then went to Larry Wright to replace his earlier BT29 that he'd wrecked in June 1973. Wright kept the car until 1974 after which he retired and sold the car to "an unknown guy who lived in the Sierra Madre area of So Cal, near Pasadena".
  2. March 71BM [10?] (Wilson Southam): Wilson Southam ran a team in Canadian Formula B in 1971. He bought two March 71BMs and raced this one himself. Southam sold his operation to Ecurie Canada for 1972, and this car is believed to have gone with it. Subsequent history unknown, but believed to be the car driven by Ian Coristine for Ecurie Canada in 1972 and 1973.
  3. Brabham BT29 [48] (Thomas E. Kornell): Sold new to Tom Kornell (Seal Beach, CA) and raced in SCCA Divisional and Pro Formula B in 1971 and 1972. Kornell added a sports car nose and a more substantial rollhoop amongst other changes. He ordered a Brabham BT41 for 1973 and the BT29 went to Fred Opert as a trade. Subsequent history unknown.
  4. March 71BM [1] (Ian Coristine): Gordie Dewar was appointed March importer into Canada for 1971 and his first purchase, chassis 71BM/1, went to Delta Racing Developments for Ian Coristine (Montréal, Quebec) to race in the Players FB series. Coristine finished the season fifth in the red #50 March but crashed in practice for the final race, at Circuit Ste-Croix in October. The car went to Reg Scullion (Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Montréal, Quebec) for 1972 and he started the season racing in Nationals in Texas before returning to Canada for the Players season. Run by Ecurie Canada and Tom Greatorex, Scullion ended the Canadian season in ninth place but then returned to the US to finish second in the SCCA Run-Offs. He retained the car for 1973 as a Scullion-Donolo Racing entry, and it was raced by partner Louis "Lou" Donolo once or twice. Subsequent history unknown.
  5. Brabham BT29 [9] (Ron Householder): This early chassis number would have raced in 1969 but its first owner is still unknown. Working backwards from its modern ownership, it would have been the black-and-yellow BT29 raced by Allan Lader (Gresham, OR), until Lader got a new 1970-spec BT29 in July. The older car was sold to Ron Householder (Portland, OR) and raced by him in SCCA, CASC and ICSCC events in 1971, 1972 and 1973. Householder sold it to Paul Anderson (Huntington Beach, CA) who entered it for Pete Halsmer in SCCA events in 1974. Then to Bill Hill (Olympia, WA) in March 1975. Hill drove this car, mainly in ICSCC events, for many seasons. Retained by Hill until his death. It was sold by his widow to David Irwin (Evergreen, CO) in December 2017.
  6. Brabham BT23F [1] (Al Justason): Sold to Bill Gubelmann (Oyster Bay, NY) and fitted with a Vegantune Ford twin cam engine for SCCA 'Pro' and NEDiv Formula B. Raced through 1968 and retained for a couple of races in 1969 as Gubelmann's BT29 was late arriving. Sold to Al Justason (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) who used it in both the Canadian and US Pro series in 1970 and again in the Canadian FB series in 1971. Sold to Michael Houselander who appeared at two Canadian national events in 1972, Later sold to ‘Dino Delousis’ who fitted a turbocharged 2-litre Ford Pinto engine for libre events but found the car to be undrivable and stored it from about 1974 to 2004 when sold to Dave Darrow (Mississauga, Ontario) and fully restored. Retained until 2007 when sold via race-cars.com to Murray Bryden (Melbourne, Australia). Sold to David Kloster (Kinglake, Victoria) September 2011.
  7. March 71BM (Randy Fraser): Wilson Southam acquired two red March 71BMs for Canadian Formula B in 1971, one for Randy Fraser and one for himself. Fraser's was the first to appear, running as the #54 Tartan Fraser entry and is most likely to have been 71BM/8. Subsequent history unknown, but thought to be the car that went to Gilles Léger.
  8. Brabham BT35 [39] (Allan Lader): Bought by Allan Lader in 1971 to replace the Brabham BT29 he had wrecked at Mexico City in June. Entered by Pacifico Inc. (Gresham, OR) Based on an annotation in a rae program, this car is believed to be BT35-39 but a F3 car appeared in Germany in 1972 said to have the same chassis number. Presumably the Brabham BT35 entered by Pacifico for Frank Fitch at Riverside 24 Sep 1972 and, by extension, the Brabham raced by Fitch in other west coast events in 1972.
  9. Chevron B15b [B14] (Bill Eagles): Canadian veteran Peter W. Broeker (Pt. Claire, Quebec) bought a Chevron B14 for 1968 and surviving Chevron records imply that it was chassis number FB-68-10. Used in SCCA pro events and also in Canadian Eastern Zone Formula Championship and Championnat de Formule du Québec races in 1968. Retained for 1969 and raced in the Canadian Road Racing Championship and the Molson Championship, often entered as a Stebro-Chevron. Presumably the car raced by Bill Eagles (Lasalle, Quebec) in Molson events in 1970 and in the Players FB series in 1971. If Eagles did own it, then it must have returned to Broeker as after Broeker's death in late 1980 the B14 was bought from his estate by Gerry Jones. Jones sold it to Roger Fountain who moved to England in 1988, and sold the car to Chris Ball who had it restored for HSCC racing in the UK.
  10. Brabham BT29 [26] (Dewey Harless): This car is likely to have raced in 1970 but its history is not known until it is believed to be the car raced by Dewey Harless (Portland, OR) in NorPac FB in 1971 and 1972. It was bought from Harless by Courtney Rood (Geyserville, CA) and raced mainly in San Francisco Region events at Sears Point over the next three seasons, winning the SFR Regional FB title in 1973 and 1975. He advertised the car at the end of 1976 but it did not sell and he retained it until 1995 or 1996 when it was bought by Dick McGovern (San Jose, CA) for historic racing. Still owned by McGovern in 2011.
  11. Brabham BT29 [34] (Ken Huband): Ken Huband (Ottawa, Ontario) ran a red/black #15 Brabham BT29 in Canadian and US Formula B in 1970, first appearing at Mont-Tremblant 24 May 1970. He retained the car in 1971 and in 1972. Huband advertised the BT29 in CP&A 21 Oct 1972 as "Brabham BT29/34", implying it was chassis 34. Several BT29 owners had mentioned the chassis numbers of the cars in adverts, presumably to emphasise the newer cars. Peter Nye arranged the sale of the car to Bill Wolfe, a dentist in Austin, Texas, but Wolfe later pulled out of a deal with Nye to assemble the car for him. Subsequent history unknown.


The identification of individual cars in these results is based on the material presented elsewhere in this site and may in some cases contradict the organisers' original results.

The 1971-1973 Canadian Formula B race results have been compiled by Chris Townsend based on material in Canadian Motorsport Bulletin, results sheets where available and from information drawn from Canadian newspapers.

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