Columbo Yogurt Formula B Challenge Cup

Watkins Glen, 6 Oct 1973

1 Bertil Roos Brabham BT40 [11] - Ford twin cam Hart
#81 Fred Opert Racing (see note 1)
2 Eppie Wietzes March 73B - Ford twin cam Greatorex
#51 Ecurie Canada (see note 2)
3 Skip Barber March 73B - Ford twin cam
#5 Gene Mason Racing (see note 3)
4 Tom Klausler Brabham BT38 [26?] - Ford twin cam
#68 O'Connor-Klausler Racing (see note 4)
5 James King March 73B [10] - Ford twin cam CRW
#22 (see note 5)
6 John Powell Brabham BT38 [14] - Ford twin cam Hart
#30 Jim Russell Intl. Racing Drivers School (Canada) Ltd
(see note 6)
7 Bob Lazier March 722 - Ford twin cam
8 Mike Rand March 73B [3] - Ford twin cam Hart
#37 Race Shop Inc (see note 7)
9 Chip Mead Chevron B25 [25-73-14] - Ford twin cam
#17 Fastrack Operations Inc (see note 8)
10 Ted Roman March 722 - Ford twin cam Hart
#63 Roman Camp Construction Racing Team
(see note 9)
11 Bill O'Connor Brabham BT38 [15?] - Ford twin cam Hart
#62 O'Connor-Klausler Racing (see note 10)
12 Craig Hill Brabham BT40 - Ford twin cam Hart
#2 Fother-Hill Ltd (see note 11)
13 Wayne Ricciardi March 722 - Ford twin cam Race Shop
#24 Race Shop Inc (see note 12)
14 William Prout Jr March 705 [2] - Ford twin cam Vegantune
#18 BIPRO Promotions (see note 13)
15 Reg Scullion March 71BM [1] - Ford twin cam
#95 Scullion-Donolo Racing (see note 14)
16 Hugh Cree Brabham BT35 [19] - Ford twin cam
#76 (see note 15)
17 Ed Kasprowicz Lola T240 [HU8] - Ford twin cam Hart
#99 Edward Raffey (see note 16)
18 Ian Coristine March 71BM [10?] - Ford twin cam Greatorex
#50 Ecurie Canada (see note 17)
19 Lee Heron Wildcat WB73 - Ford twin cam Hart
#33 Wildcat Racing Team
20 Tom Mangan Crosslé 28F [C28F.74.01] - Ford twin cam Hart
21 Mike Hall Brabham BT40 - Ford twin cam Hart
#27 Fred Opert Racing (see note 18)
22 Chuck Dietrich Brabham BT40 [18] - Ford twin cam Hart
#31 Dietrich Motors Inc (see note 19)
16 Retired
23 Bruce Jensen March 722 [23] - Ford twin cam Hart
#41 JENMAC Racing (see note 20)
15 Ignition
24 Allan Lader Brabham BT40 [37] - Ford twin cam
#46 Intercircuit Racing Team (see note 21)
14 Retired
25 Carmon Solomone Lola T240 [HU12] - Ford twin cam Hart
#83 LS Racing (see note 22)
14 Retired
26 Seb Barone March 722 - Ford twin cam Race Shop
#20 Race Shop Inc (see note 23)
12 Engine
27 Joe Shepherd Chevron B20 - Ford twin cam
#75 (see note 24)
12 Retired
28 Lyle Heck Brabham BT29 [10] - Ford twin cam
#65 Michael Rand (see note 25)
12 Retired
29 Frank Del Vecchio March 73B - Ford twin cam
#39 Race Shop Inc (see note 26)
11 Retired
30 Bill Brack Lotus 59 [ ] - Ford twin cam Hart
#7 Bill Brack Racing Enterprises
10 Water hose
31 David Ralston Brabham BT35 [41] - Ford twin cam
#35 Ralston Road Racing (see note 27)
9 Retired
32 Roger Seacrist Brabham BT29 [43] - Ford twin cam Hart
#29 Seacrist Racing (see note 28)
5 Retired
33 Héctor Rebaque Brabham BT40 - Ford twin cam Hart
#4 Fred Opert Racing
4 Retired
34 Al Justason Brabham BT35 [10] - Ford twin cam Hart
#32 (see note 29)
4 Retired
35 Dale Lang March 722 - Ford twin cam
#87 Race Shop Inc (see note 30)
4 Oil leak
36 Lee Sacks Winkelmann WDF2 - Renault Gordini 807-G hemi
#1 Team Renault (see note 31)
3 engine
37 Peter Ferguson Chevron B20 [20.72.07] - Ford twin cam Hart 416B
#3 Ferguson-Wilson Racing Team (see note 32)
2 Accident
38 Archie Snider GRD B73 [074-FB] - Ford twin cam
#91 Fred Opert Racing
2 Engine
39 Chris Gleason Brabham BT38B - Ford twin cam Hart
#11 Fred Opert Racing (see note 33)
1 Retired
40 Ron Cohn March 73B [7] - Ford twin cam Hart
#56 DRC Formula Racing (see note 34)
0 Retired
41 Dave McMillan Brabham BT35 - Ford twin cam Hart
#94 Astro-Sports (see note 35)
0 Engine
DNS Gary Magwood March 73B - Ford twin cam
(see note 36)
Did not start
DNA William Kautz March 722 - Ford twin cam McCoy
#6 Kautz Farm Racing (see note 37)
Did not arrive
DNA Arreed Barabasz Tecno - Ford twin cam Hart
#8 Arreed Franz Racing
Did not arrive
DNA Ted Thomas March 722 - Ford twin cam Hart
#12 TEBAR Racing (see note 38)
Did not arrive
DNA Ron Shantz Lotus 69 [71/69.5.FB] - Ford twin cam Hart
#15 Auto-Race Developments
Did not arrive
DNA Lee McDonald Brabham BT38B - Ford twin cam Hart
#16 Fred Opert Racing
Did not arrive
DNA Hugh "Wink" Bancroft Brabham BT40 - Ford twin cam Hart
#26 Bancroft Motorsport
Did not arrive
DNA Mario Pistritto March 705 - Ford twin cam
#55 Race Shop Inc (see note 39)
Did not arrive
DNA Tom Pumpelly Elden Mk11 - Ford twin cam
#57 National Tire Wholesale Racing Inc
Did not arrive
DNA Charles T. Gibson March 71BM [15] - Ford twin cam
#58 Gibson Racing Co. (see note 40)
Did not arrive
DNA Bruce MacInnes March 73B [17] - Ford twin cam Hart
#66 DRC Formula Racing (see note 41)
Did not arrive
DNA George Liebman Jr Lotus 69 - Ford twin cam Hart
Did not arrive
DNA Bobby Brown Chevron B25 [25-73-15] - Ford twin cam RES
#97 Freeman Racing Enterprises (see note 42)
Did not arrive

All cars are 1.6-litre FB unless noted.

1 Bertil Roos (FB) 1.6-litre Brabham BT40 [11] - Ford twin cam Hart 1.52.095
2 Eppie Wietzes (FB) 1.6-litre March 73B - Ford twin cam Greatorex 1.52.9
3 John Powell (FB) 1.6-litre Brabham BT38 [14] - Ford twin cam Hart
12 Ian Coristine (FB) 1.6-litre March 71BM [10?] - Ford twin cam Greatorex 1.57.1
14 Allan Lader (FB) 1.6-litre Brabham BT40 [37] - Ford twin cam
22 Bill Brack (FB) 1.6-litre Lotus 59 [ ] - Ford twin cam Hart
27 Al Justason (FB) 1.6-litre Brabham BT35 [10] - Ford twin cam Hart
32 Craig Hill (FB) 1.6-litre Brabham BT40 - Ford twin cam Hart
33 Reg Scullion (FB) 1.6-litre March 71BM [1] - Ford twin cam
34 Peter Ferguson (FB) 1.6-litre Chevron B20 [20.72.07] - Ford twin cam Hart 416B
38 Gary Magwood * (FB) 1.6-litre March 73B - Ford twin cam
* Did not start

Notes on the cars:

  1. Brabham BT40 [11] (Bertil Roos): The car raced by Bertil Roos for Fred Opert Racing in 1973 went to Bob Kime for 1974, and was used in Formula C, Kime accumulating 32 points in Northeast Division FC and finishing second at the Runoffs. In early 1975, it was bought by Gary Wallace (Hebron, IN), and raced by him as a Formula B until 1979. Wallace then retained it until the spring of 1990, when he sold it to Cameron McArthur who used it in RMVR events in the Colorado area. It went to Terry Allard in 2000 or 2001, then Bill Swope (Albuquerque, NM) in 2004, and then to Phil Franzone in Australia in April 2010.
  2. March 73B (Eppie Wietzes): Roy Folland (Montréal, Quebec) had a purple #6 March 73B for 1973 but crashed at Trois-Rivières in Sept and after being repaired, the 73B was sold to Ecurie Canada for guest driver Eppie Wietzes to race at the Watkins Glen Pro FB race five weeks later. Then sold to Tim Cooper (Kansas City, MO) who raced the "ex-Ecurie Canada" 73B at a Willow Springs Regional in December 1973. Raced extensively in SCCA racing early in 1974 and then in the Pro F/Atlantic series, prepared by Charlie Williams Racing. Cooper raced a 75B as part of Doug Shierson Racing in 1975, probably a new car. He then went to Wilbur Bunce's team for 1976, and it is possible that the 75B/76B that Bunce built up for him could have been based on the old 73B. The self-entered 77B he had in early 1977 may have been this car again. It might even have been the ex-Cooper March "78B" later entered by Ted Titmas in 1978 and 1979. The latter years of this history become increasingly uncertain and we're very keen to talk to Tim Cooper to clarify.
  3. March 73B (Skip Barber): Warren Ogden III (North Andover, MA) raced a March 73B in SCCA Nationals in 1973 and 1974. Only a handful of his appearances are known, but it is likely he ran in other events, but too far back to be reported. The car was maintained by Bob Fletcher's Fast Co. in Marblehead, Ma, with help from Norm Marx and Chris Wallach, and Fletcher alerted Bobby Reen (Springfield, MA) when the car was for sale in January 1975. Reen recalls that Skip Barber had rented it from Ogden for the Colombo Yogurt Formula B race at Watkins Glen in October 1973. Reen ran the car in four SCCA Nationals in 1975, and a few Regionals, winning all of those. He sold the car "to a guy in New Jersey or Maryland" in early 1976. Subsequent history unknown.
  4. Brabham BT38 [26?] (Tom Klausler): New for Motul Rondel Racing in May 1972, replacing BT38/11, and raced by Carlos Reutemann. Also raced by Gerry Birrell at Albi, when Reutemann was away racing in the Canadian GP. Reuteman left the Rondel team after the Hockenheim race at the beginning of october, following a disagreement over engine, and the car was raced by Ronnie Peterson in the Brazilian F2 series. Sold by Rondel to Tom Klausler (Palatine, IL) for Formula B in 1973, and won at Trois-Rivières in September. Then advertised by Roy Witz (Arlington Heights, IL) in mid-1974, then John Kowalski (Berea, OH) for Formula Atlantic in 1975. Subsequent history unknown.
  5. March 73B [10] (James King): New to James King (East St Louis, IL) and used in Central Division SCCA Formula B, one round of the Players Canadian series, and the Watkins Glen Pro race in October. Raced briefly in SCCA Nationals in early 1974 before his new Chevroin B27 arrived from England, then leased to Ric Forest and Fred Phillips for the 1974 Players Canadian series. King took over the car again for 1975, rebuilt it on a new tub, fitted a March 742 nose and side radiators, and raced it in the Players Canadian series. It then went to Porter Brownlee (Little Rock, AR) who raced it in Midwest Division Formula B in 1976 and 1977. After blowing the engine, he sold it to Mike Winn who raced it for one season before selling it to Chuck Blair, who had previously maintained it for Brownlee. Blair ran it a couple of times before selling it. Subsequent history unknown.
  6. Brabham BT38 [14] (John Powell): Brand new for Motul Rondel Racing at Oulton Park at the end of March 1972, and raced there by Tim Schenken, who finished second. For Schenken again at Thruxton a few days later, then for Derek Bell at Nürburgring at the end of April, by Jean Max at Pau, and by Jean-Pierre Beltoise at Crystal Palace and Rouen. Schenken used the car for the rest of the season, winning at Hockenheim in October. Sold to John Powell (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) for Formula B in 1973. Sold to Bob Schutt (Kirkwood, MO) at Watkins Glen at the end of 1973, and used by him in Mid West Division FB racing. In the early 1980s, Schutt sold the car to Bob Willis (St Louis, MO), who is believed to still own it in 2019.
  7. March 73B [3] (Mike Rand): New to Mike Rand (Riverside, CT/Greenwich, CT/Amherst, Mass) and raced in SCCA Nationals, but also taking in Pro races at Sanair and Watkins Glen. To Fred Opert in part-exchange for a Rondel and sold to E. Jay Erickson (Stevens Point, WI), appearing at Watkins Glen in October 1974. Fitted with a BDA for 1975 and raced in Canadian Formula Atlantic. Advertised by Erickson in late 1975 and sold to Bill Nees (Lenexa, Kansas) who retained it until 1989. Then to Brian Haupt (Kansas City, MO) and used by him in SCCA C Sports Racing.
  8. Chevron B25 [25-73-14] (Chip Mead): Sold to Geoffrey Freeman (Yellow Springs, OH) of Freeman Racing Enterprises for SCCA Formula B. Run by Bill Kuntz' Fastrack Operations Inc (Dayton, OH), for Daytonian Chip Mead in FB in 1973, starting with the SCCA National at MIS in June 1973, and later including rounds of the Canadian series. Probably retained by Mead in 1974 and used by the Shierson team - who ran Mead in his own B27 - as a spare car. Mead's team-mate James King recalls that the third Shierson car, run only at Waterford Hills for Vince Muzzin, was a B25, though described by the press as a B27 'mule'. Given that the only other American B25 (chassis 73-15) is then in the hands of Paul Henry, this is the only candidate for the B25/27 with twin cam engine advertised by Dave Barringer (San Mateo, CA) in The Wheel in November 1981. A restored B25 rolling chassis with dark red bodywork was offered for sale by Kent Bain's Vintage Racing Services (Stratford, CT) between mid-2003 and 2007. In March 2007, it was advertised from Stratford on race-cars.com, still with dark red B27 bodywork and "B25/73/14" chassis plate. Subsequent history unknown.
  9. March 722 (Ted Roman): Ted Roman (Pleasantville, NY) raced a #63 March 722 in SCCA Formula B in 1973. When he appeared at the Pocono SCCA National, he was said to be from Northeast Pennsylvania Region, but the end-of-season points tables placed him in Southeast Division with Atlanta Region. When he raced in Formula Super Vee in 1972, his home town had been recorded as Pleasantville, NY. Nothing more known.
  10. Brabham BT38 [15?] (Bill O'Connor): New for Motul Rondel Racing at Hockenheim in mid-April 1972, and raced all season by Bob Wolleck. Raced once by Carlos Reutemann at Enna. Sold to Bill O'Connor (Highland Park, IL) for Formula B for 1973. To Chuck Dietrich (Sandusky, OH) for 1974, then fitted with a Cosworth BDA for 1975, 1976 and 1977. Subsequent history unknown.
  11. Brabham BT40 (Craig Hill): Craig Hill (Missassagua, Ontario, Canada) raced a white #2 Brabham BT40 in the Players Canadian Formula B series in 1973, entered by Fother Hill Ltd with sponsorship from Castrol GTX. Retained by Hill for 1974 and fitted with a Cosworth BDA engine for the new Formula Atlantic series, when it ran as #4. Unknown in 1975. Raced by Howard Kelly (Kingston, Ontario) at the IMSA Formula Atlantic race at Road Atlanta in April 1976, then at a couple of later Players rounds in Canada. Subsequent history unknown.
  12. March 722 (Wayne Ricciardi): Wayne Ricciardi (N. Haldon, NJ) raced a #24 March 722 in Pro Formula B in 1972, entered by The Race Shop, the US March importer in which Ricciardi and Joe Grimaldi were partners. Ricciardi retained the car for Pro events in 1973, competing in most Canadian events plus the US GP support race at Watkins Glen. Subsequent history unknown.
  13. March 705 [2] (William Prout Jr): New to Bill Prout (Ivoryton, CT) and raced in Formula B in 1970. At Bryar in October, Prout became the first person to win a race in North America in a March. For 1971, Prout repainted the car black, but the first real changes were made to it in 1973, when he updated it to 1973 bodywork. In a long career with the car, Prout set the absolute course record at the 1.8 mile course at Pocono in 1971, and set the FA lap record at Bridgehampton in 1974. Prior to the 1975 season, he sold the 705 to someone in Long Island, who put in a BDA in it. Subsequent history unknown.
  14. March 71BM [1] (Reg Scullion): Gordie Dewar was appointed March importer into Canada for 1971 and his first purchase, chassis 71BM-1, went to Delta Racing Developments for Ian Coristine (Montréal, Quebec) to race in the Players FB series. Coristine finished the season fifth in the red #50 March but crashed in practice for the final race, at Circuit Ste-Croix in October. The car went to Reg Scullion (Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Montréal, Quebec) for 1972 and it was entered for him by Kris Harrison's Ecurie Canada, and prepared by Andy Roe and Tom Greatorex. Ecurie Canada had also bought Wilson Southam's engine manufacturing business, acquiring Greatorex with it, and were preparing the engines in Scullion's car. Scullion started the season racing in Nationals in Texas before returning to Canada for the Players season. He ended the Canadian season in ninth place but then returned to the US to finish second in the SCCA Run-Offs. He retained the car for 1973 as a Scullion-Donolo Racing entry, and it was raced by partner Louis "Lou" Donolo once or twice. Subsequent history unknown.
  15. Brabham BT35 [19] (Hugh Cree): New to Maurice McCaig (Calgary, Alberta, Canada), and raced in the Canadian Formula B series in 1971 and 1972. To Hugh Cree (Georgetown, Ontario) for Canadian FB in 1973, and then for Canadian Formula Atlantic in 1974. Advertised by Cree in November 1974, when it had a 1972 big valve Hart. Subsequent history unknown.
  16. Lola T240 [HU8] (Ed Kasprowicz): Identified as the red Lola T240 raced by Chuck Wannemacher (Ottoville, Ohio) in CenDiv and Pro FB events in 1971. Retained for 1972 but only seen rarely that season. To Ed Kasprowicz (Detroit, Michigan) for 1973 and raced in the Pro event at Watkins Glen that October. Retained for 1974 and 1975, continuing to race in CenDiv Regionals and Nationals, and picking up a surprise second in class at Mid-Ohio in July 1975. Subsequent history unknown.
  17. March 71BM [10?] (Ian Coristine): The talented but cash-strapped Ian Coristine (Montréal, Quebec) had run his own March 71BM in 1971, but for 1972 rented an updated car from Ecurie Canada. The 71BM, probably Wilson Southam's old car, was updated to side-radiator 722 specification by team mechanic Tom Greatorex. Coristine stayed with the team for 1973 but the car was put back to 71BM specification. The team almost ran out of money mid-summer, but were rescued by a sponsorship deal with Schweppes. The 71BM was then sold to Mauro Lanaro (Montréal, Quebec) and used in Canadian Formula Atlantic in 1974. Coristine recalls that this car was destroyed in a transporter fire on its way to a race at Debert, but the exact date of this has yet to be determined. Lanaro then bought another 71BM to replace it.
  18. Brabham BT40 (Mike Hall): Mike Hall (Twin Lakes, WI) raced a brand new Brabham BT40 at the SCCA Run-Offs, known then as American Road Race of Champions, at Road Atlanta 25 Nov 1972, the first BT40 to race. Hall then raced this car in Formula B and Formula Atlantic in 1973 and 1974. He replaced it with a Lola T360 for 1975 and the Brabham was then raced by John Elder (Rosemount, Minnesota) in SCCA Nationals in 1975, winning his class at Brainerd in July. Hall had modified his car with a wide nose and a higher and fuller tail, and Elder's car showed the same modifications.
  19. Brabham BT40 [18] (Chuck Dietrich): New to Chuck Dietrich (Sandusky, OH) for 1973, and used in SCCA Formula B in 1973. Dietrich bought a third-hand ex-F2 Brabham BT38 for 1974, and whether the BT40 was used at all that season is not known. In 1975, the BT40 reappeared, raced by David Ralston (Elmhurst, IL) in Central Division SCCA Nationals. Its next owner was Ned Clark, who is believed to have raced it from 1976 until 1989. It was next seen in 2006, when bought from the Westerburg Collection in the USA by South Australian Tim Kuchel. By 2011, it had been acquired by Bryan Miller (Kiama, NSW).
  20. March 722 [23] (Bruce Jensen): Roy Folland (Montréal, Quebec) raced a blue March 722 in the early rounds of the British Formula Atlantic series in 1972, before taking the car to Canada and running in the Players Canadian Formula B series. Sold for 1973 to Bruce Jensen (Kitchener, Ontario) and raced in the Players Canadian series. Sold to Edmond Villa (Clark, NJ), and raced in a New England Region SCCA Regional at Lime Rock in April 1974. In January 1976, he advertised a 722 in Competition Press & Autoweek from Port St Lucie, FL. Ed sold it to Folis Jones (Chesapeake, VA), so this would be the March 722 with '77 bodywork advertised by Folis Jones in December 1978. Subsequent history unknown.
  21. Brabham BT40 [37] (Allan Lader): Sold new via Fred Opert to Al Lader (Gresham, OR) and used in the Canadian Formula B championship. Lader crashed in practice at Sanair in June, and it is unclear whether BT40-37 was the car Lader used all season, repaired as required, or whether it was a new car supplied after the Sanair accident. Lader won four races that season and would have won the championship if it had been open to non-Canadians. Sold to Ron Householder for 1974, and raced in the Canadian series, which was now to Formula Atlantic rules. Fitted with a BDA for 1975 and raced in Formula Atlantic, and also in Formula A in SCCA racing. Householder continued to race this car in SCCA and ICSCC racing for the rest of the 1970s. It was then stored in an aircraft hanger until late 2011, when it was acquired by Collin Jackson (Langley, British Columbia, Canada), who had been a teenage crew member for Householder in the 1970s. The car was restored over the next three years by Jackson and Andy Pearson of Specialty Engineering, and it was raced by Jackson in vintage racing in 2015.
  22. Lola T240 [HU12] (Carmon Solomone): Identified as the #8 Lola T240 raced by Quin Calhoun (Chicago, IL) in CenDiv FB events in 1971, scoring 16 points in FB that season. Retained and raced again in CenDiv in 1972 but only scored 1 point. To Carmon Solomone (Woodridge, IL) for 1973 and raced in Pro and CenDiv events over the next two seasons. Subsequent history unknown. Said to have been bought by an unknown owner c1991 and owned for 20 years before being advertised c2011. Mentioned by Kim Baker of vintageracecarsales.com as traded to him around July 2013. A car with this number advertised by Greg Jacobs of Ignite Performance in January 2014.
  23. March 722 (Seb Barone): Sebastiano 'Seb' Barone (Portland, CT) raced a red-and-white #28 March 722 in Formula B in 1972, entered by J.C. Competition Eng.of Southington, CT. He first appeared at the Bogotá races, but was a non-starter. The car was also used by Bobby Brown, fitted with a Cosworth BDA and running as a Formula A in the Lime Rock Grand Prix in September. Barone finished second in NEDiv FB in 1972. He retained the car for SCCA Nationals in 1973, qualifying for the Runoffs. Subsequent history unknown.
  24. Chevron B20 (Joe Shepherd): A Chevron B20 raced by Joe H. Shepherd (Indianapolis, IN) in Canadian and SCCA Pro Formula B in 1973, entered by Xanadu Racing, and also scored three points in SCCA Central Division FB. Retained by Shepherd for Players Canadian Formula Atlantic and SCCA Formula B in 1974, but he did not score any points in Central Division that season.. He appeared again in 1975, but his only certain outing that season was in the Hoosier Grand Prix SCCA National at IRP in September. The car was advertised by Shepherd in January and February 1976.
  25. Brabham BT29 [10] (Lyle Heck): Bill Bowman (Palm Beach, FL) moved from sedan racing to FB for 1969 and bought one of the first Brabham BT29s to arrive in the US. The 43-year-old veteran first raced it at Daytona on 2 Aug 1969 and competed in 10 races in SEDiv but suffered significant reliability problems with the Vegantune engine and only finished third in the Division. He raced the blue-and-orange #79 car at the Run-Offs and also appeared at the Sebring Pro race in December. Bowman then injured his lower back and was unable to continue racing the car. He sold it in the summer of 1970 to Jack Dartigalongue (Jacksonville, FL) who raced it in SCCA Regional and National events for several seasons. In 1973, he sold it to Lyle Heck (Reading, PA) who raced it until October 1975 when it went to Denny Anderson who discarded the chassis and used the corners to build a CSR racer, the Firand. Anderson later sold the Firand in 2000 to Frank Stark (Mechanicburg, PA) who sold it to Bruce Domeck (Louisville, KY) in 2002. Domeck acquired a repaired original BT29 frame with the intention of restoring it as a BT29 but sold the package to David Irwin and Eric Stange (Evergreen, CO) instead. Irwin was restoring the car in 2010 when he was able to trace the original frame which Anderson had thrown away. He purchased this frame and then cut it into pieces so it could not be used to build a separate car. Irwin bought out Stange's share in the car in 2011, and in 2013 sold the complete car to Larry Wilson in Florida.
  26. March 73B (Frank Del Vecchio): New to Frank DelVecchio (Trumbull, CT) and raced in SCCA Formula B and in rounds of the Players (Canadian) Formula B series in 1973, 1974, 1975 and 1976. When the series move to accept the BDA engine, Frank continued with a fuel-injected Ford twin cam engine. He recalls that he sold the car to Peter Neumahr, who had raced a 71BM/733 in 1976 and would progress to a new 77B in 1977, but it thought to have raced this 73B briefly in late 1976 or early 1977. Neumahr sold the car to Jack Deaso (New York, NY), who DelVecchio recalls crashing it at Lime Rock first time out. Subsequent history unknown.
  27. Brabham BT35 [41] (David Ralston): Unknown in 1971 and 1972. This car was logbooked by Chicago Region in March 1973, but the logbook number shows that this was not the car's first logbook, and it was originally logbooked before August 1972. Its first known race was at the St Louis Regional at Mid-America Raceway later in March 1973, but its first known results were when it was raced by David Ralston (Elmhurst, IL) in the latter part of 1973. To John Gloviak (Chicago, IL) for 1974 (sometimes entered by his brother Thomas Gloviak), and used in SCCA Nationals and some Pro events from 1974 to 1978. The Gloviaks continued to race the car up to 1982. They planned some suspension changes, but these were never made, and the car was sold to Gene Frings (Mayville, WI) who stored it for some years. Sold in 2002 to restorer David Irwin, at which time it had a BDD and FT200 gearbox. Sold to Lee Brahin (Philadelphia, PA) in 2004 or 2005, and raced in SVRA events.
  28. Brabham BT29 [43] (Roger Seacrist): Cliff Phillips (Palos Park, IL) acquired a red Brabham BT29 for 1970 but his first known appearance wasn't until Road America 18 Jul 1970 where he recorded 41st fastest time. The car appeared on several more entry lists later in the season but Phillips started to advertise the car from early September onwards. Still being advertised in July 1971. The car is then unknown until mid-1972 when it has been identified (with chassis number and AM number) as the car driven by Roger Seacrist (Chicago, IL). Retained by Seacrist for 1973 but then unknown until acquired by Gary Dausch some time before Apr 1987. To Dave Vegher and raced once at Palm Springs then to Tony Podell (Rolling Hills, CA), then Randall Smith (Petaluna, CA) and retained 2012.
  29. Brabham BT35 [10] (Al Justason): New to Brian Robertson (Brockville, Ontario, Canada) and raced by him in the Canadian Formula B series in 1971, entered by Fred Opert Racing. To Al Justason (Toronto, Ontario) for Canadian FB in 1972 and 1973. To Fred Beyer (Ottawa, Ontario) for the Players (Canadian) Formula Atlantic series in 1974 and 1975.
  30. March 722 (Dale Lang): Dale W. Lang (Woodstock, VT/Wilton, CT) raced a blue-and-white #21 March 722 in Pro FB and SCCA Nationals in 1972, entered by Joe Grimaldi's Race Shop, of Midland Park, NJ. It seems very likely that this was the car that Grimaldi himself raced in three Pro races in 1972, and it is therefore likely that this is the car Grimaldi hired to John Angus for the 1972 SCCA Runoffs. Lang raced the car again at the Road America and Watkins Glen Pro FB races in 1973. In between these two, Grimaldi drove a 722 at Trois-Rivières, entered as #81, the same number used by Lang at Road America the previous weekend, adding extra weight to the belief that they were sharing this car. Grimaldi had also raced Lang's 71BM in 1971 and would race his March 74B in 1974. Subsequent history unknown.
  31. Winkelmann WDF2 (Lee Sacks): For the 1971 season, Renault Inc acquired a new Winkelmann WDF2 (the Formula Ford model) and fitted a Renault R16 engine for IMSA's Formula 100. The car was driven by Lee Sacks, the racing director of Team Renault, in IMSA F100 and then converted to SCCA Formula B with a 162 bhp 1600cc Renault Gordini 807-G hemi engine. It ran in this form in the SCCA pro FB races that supported the US Grand Prix at Watkins Glen in 1973 and 1974. Lee does not remember who the car was then sold to.
  32. Chevron B20 [20.72.07] (Peter Ferguson): Sold via Fred Opert to Ferguson/Wilson Racing Team for 1973, when it was described as brand new. Raced by Peter Ferguson (Toronto, Ontario) in the Canadian FB series. Retained by Ferguson for Formula Atlantic in 1974. According to documentation later submitted to CAMS, the car was owned by Players from 1974 to 1978, then was in storage from 1978 to 1984. It was owned by Alex Polsinello from 1984, then George McLean in 1991, then Russell Sewell in 2010. It was bought by Martin Bullock (Western Australia) in 2011.
  33. Brabham BT38B (Chris Gleason): Fred Opert entered Brabham BT38s for a number of different drivers, and it appears that he had a regular hire car through 1972 and 1973. However, the more we learn about BT38Bs, and about the ex-F2 BT38s that arrives in the US, the more the evidence of this hire car evaporates. As Nick Craw, Peter Knoll and John Farkas remained very close to Fred Opert Racing in those two seasons, it is hard to be certain about how the cars were used. This hire car is assumed for now to be the car raced by Ric Forest at Sanair in May 1972, and may then be the car raced by Bill Brack in Caracas in early 1973. It may then be the car raced by Chris Gleason at Watkins Glen in October 1973. Subsequent history unknown.
  34. March 73B [7] (Ron Cohn): A new green March 73B entered by DRC Formula Racing Inc for Ron Cohn (Modena, NY) in Canadian and US Formula B 1973, running as #56. Retained for 1974, running in the Canadian F/Atl series and in the F/Atl race at Watkins Glen in October. To Eric Kerman (Hempstead, NY/Glen Cove, NY) for 1975 and updated with new orange bodywork, entered as #81 or #87, and running as a 75B. Raced by Kerman in SCCA Nationals from 1975 to 1979. Later to Oran Bushey (Huntingdon, NY) and raced until 1982. Subsequent history unknown.
  35. Brabham BT35 (Dave McMillan): Bryant Cougle, an Ottawa sports team owner, owned a Brabham BT35 to be driven by Scott MacKenzie in the 1973 Canadian FB series, entered by Cougle's Astro Sports. MacKenzie crashed the car, believed to be BT35/18, at its second race and both driver and car were unable to continue the season. Cougle owned a second BT35, and this was raced by Ric Forest as an Astro Sports entry at Mosport Park in July. Bertil Roos then drove it at Debert, then Forest returned to the seat for Gimli, winning the race. Forest also drove it at Mosport Park and Trois-Rivières, and in between these races, it was driven by Dave McMillan in two SCCA Pro FB races at Road America and Watkins Glen. Astro Sports did not return to competition in 1974, and Cougle filed for bankrupcy in January 1975. The subsequent history of the Brabham is unknown.
  36. March 73B (Gary Magwood): New to Gary Magwood (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), and raced in the Players Canadian series. Magwood was increasingly absorbed with his racing school at Mosport Park, and the March 73B was raced once by Luke de Sadeleer in 1974 before Magwood had his first race of the year in it at Sanair in July. After qualifying third, he hit the pit wall during the race, and wiped out the left side of the car. Magwood acquired a new Lola T360, but the March was eventually repaired and was advertised by Magwood in June 1977. Subsequent history unknown.
  37. March 722 (William Kautz): William Kautz (Geneva, IL) had a March 722 during 1972 and 1973 but did not start any of the races that he is known to have entered. The car was entered as #60 once in 1972 and as #6 in 1973. Its colour was given as yellow in 1973 and the entrant throughout was Kautz Farm Racing. Kautz advertised the car in May 1976, still with a "big valve Hart" engine and a Falconer body. He sold it to Ed Midgley who advertised it in August 1978. Subsequent history unknown.
  38. March 722 (Ted Thomas): Ted Thomas (Bethel Park, PA) raced a red, white and blue March 722 from 1972 to 1974, mainly in little-reported SCCA Steel Cities Region events at Nelson Ledges. Dr Thomas had previously raced a Brabham BT21C with the region, and had been regional Formula B champion in 1971. He was also entered by Tebar Racing in the March at Watkins Glen and at Road America in August 1972, but does not appear to have arrived for either event. He is also on the entry list for the Watkins Glen Pro FB races in October 1973 and October 1974, but did not arrive for either. Nothing more known.
  39. March 705 (Mario Pistritto): Mario Pistritto (Hartford, CT) raced a red #55 March 705 in Northeast Division SCCA Formula B in 1972 and 1973. In July 1974 he advertised the car in the New England Region 'Pit Talk' newsletter as a "F/B March" with new engine and fuel injection. Nothing more is known of this car. Pistritto died in Syracuse, Sicily, in 2012.
  40. March 71BM [15] (Charles T. Gibson): New to US dealer Joe Grimaldi and supplied in red bodywork. New to Mike Rand (Greenwich, CT) in time for the SCCA Runoffs, where he crashed in practice. Raced in Pro FB and SCCA Nationals in 1972. Sold to Charlie Gibson (Poughkeepsie, NY) for 1973, and again raced in Pro FB and in SCCA Nationals. Retained again for 1974, when it was run in the Canadian series in 73B specification. Also raced more rarely in 1975, before Gibson advertised it in early 1976. According to current owner Simon Perkins, it was sold for 1976 to "Eric Schneider who only did a few events and then neglected the car when he went off to college". In 1989, Charlie Gibson reacquired the car and resold it to Chris Smith, who had it refurbished by Derek Matthews at Ark Racing in 1989/1990. After racing it occasionally, Smith sold it to Perkins (North Newington, Oxfordshire) who did a few US Vintage races in 2002 and 2003 before bringing the car back to the UK in 2004. He has since raced it in HSCC and European F2 races.
  41. March 73B [17] (Bruce MacInnes): Originally raced by Bruce MacInnes (Sharon, CT) as part of a two-car team with Ron Cohn. After 1973, it was sold to Joe Ostrowski (Trenton, NJ) and used in SCCA club events until early 1982 when it was bought by Seann Burgess (Caledon, Ontario). Burgess won the CASC Ontario Formula Atlantic championship and the BARC Drivers Championship in 1982 as well as appearing in 'pro' events. After two more seasons of Atlantic, he converted the car to Can-Am specification at the end of 1985 and then fitted a McLaren M1B body and a Mazda 13B rotary engine for 1986. This "March RX10-B" was raced through the 1986 season. Burgess kept the Can-Am car after it was retired from racing and eventually restored to immaculate condition, winning two Concours awards in 2016 and 2017. However, by this time the March 73B was no longer a part of the Can-Am car, and was restored to 73B specification. By 2019, it was in the Musée Gilles Villeneuve (Berthierville, Quebec), in the livery of Villeneuve's March 75B.
  42. Chevron B25 [25-73-15] (Bobby Brown): Sold to Geoffrey Freeman (Yellow Springs, OH) of Freeman Racing Enterprises for SCCA Formula B. Ostensibly for Bobby Brown to use in late season Atlantic races. Brown is entered in a blue B25 at Watkins Glen but does not appear. He may have used the car at Trois Rivieres but is not on the entry list at Elkhart Lake. Brown does not remember driving a B25. Then sold by Freeman to Paul Henry (Clyde, OH) and converted to FC spec with a BDJ engine. Run for many years in SCCA class FC in Central Division and Henry qualified for the SCCA Runoffs in 1974 and 1975 in this car, before changing to a newer Chevron B34. Retained by the Henry family until sold to David Gathercole in 2008 and restored for UK historic racing. Raced by Gathercole and Steve Allen in HSCC racing in 2012 and 2014. Sold to Jamie Brashaw in 2014, and raced in HSCC events in 2015.


The identification of individual cars in these results is based on the material presented elsewhere in this site and may in some cases contradict the organisers' original results.

1970 US FB results were compiled from Autoweek reports by Jim Thurman; 1971 results were transcribed from Autoweek by Allen Brown and 1972 results were compiled by Chris Townsend from an SCCA results publication.

The US Formula B series did not continue in 1973 but a race was organised in Caracas in March 1973 that fits here probably better than anywhere else, as do the occasional SCCA F/Atlantic and FB races in 1974 and 1975.

All comments, clarifications, corrections and additions are most welcome. Please email Allen (allen@oldracingcars.com) if you can help in any way with our research.