IMSA Formula Atlantic Championship Race

Ontario Motor Speedway, 9 May 1976

1 Gilles Villeneuve March 76B [10 or 15?] - Ford BDA Morris
#69 (see note 1)
26 42m 24.553s
106.675 mph
2 Elliot Forbes-Robinson Tui BH2 [2] - Ford BDA Nicholson
#70 Allan McCall
26 42m 39.750s
3 Bill Brack Chevron B34 [34.76.14] - Ford BDA Hart
4 Johnny Gerber Chevron B34 [34.76.10] - Ford BDA BSR
#44 Bill Scott Racing
5 Price Cobb March 76B [13] - Ford BDA Race Shop
Doug Shierson Racing (see note 2)
6 Hugh "Wink" Bancroft Chevron B34 [34.76.16] - Ford BDA Hart
#12 Fred Opert Racing (see note 3)
7 Tim Cooper March 73B/75B - Ford BDA CRW
#17 Wilbur Bunce Racing (see note 4)
8 Dick Hayes Chevron B27 - Ford BDA Hart
(see note 5)
9 Chip Mead Lola T460 [HU9] - Ford BDA Cosworth
Pierre Phillips (see note 6)
10 Pete Halsmer Brabham BT38 [16] - Ford BDA Willis
#42 (see note 7)
11 Tom Bagley Chevron B34 - Ford BDA Hart
#7 Fred Opert Racing (see note 8)
12 Gordon Strom Chevron B29 - Ford BDA
Fred Opert Racing (see note 9)
13 Kevin Cogan Chevron B34 [34.76.20] - Ford BDA Hart
#3 Bill Brack Racing
14 Seb Barone March 76B - Ford BDA
#28 Doug Shierson Racing (see note 10)
15 Hugh Mooney March 71BM Falconer - Ford twin cam
RPM Racing (see note 11)
16 Johnnie Crean March 74B/75B - Ford BDA
#51 (see note 12)
17 Warren "Bud" Pauge Brabham BT38 [‘33’] - Ford BDA
(see note 13)
18 Steve Jizmagian Lola T460 [HU3] - Ford BDA
(see note 14)
19 Mark Munroe Brabham BT40 [30] - Ford BDA
(see note 15)
20 Lynn Bentson Modus M3 [041-FA] - Ford BDA Cosworth
21 Dale Lang March 76B [8?] - Ford BDA
Doug Shierson Racing (see note 16)
22 John Weakley Lola T360 [HU11] - Ford BDA
(see note 17)
23 Lee Pitman Lola T240 - Ford twin cam
(see note 18)
24 Bobby Brown Chevron B34 [34.76.07] - Ford BDA Hart
#79 Audiovox
17 Engine
25 Dennis Firestone Lola T460 [HU7] - Ford BDA
Wilbur Bunce Racing (see note 19)
8 Not running
26 Ron Dykes Brabham BT40 [33] - Ford BDA Hart
Titmas Racing (see note 20)
7 Not running
27 Tom Gloy Lola T460 [HU4] - Ford BDA Phillips
Pierre Phillips (see note 21)
5 Engine
28 Jeffrey Alkana March 75B [4] - Ford BDA
#68 (see note 22)
5 Not running
29 Tom Pumpelly March 76B [3?] - Ford BDA
(see note 23)
5 Engine
30 Bobby Rahal March 76B [4?] - Ford BDA McCoy
#9 (see note 24)
4 Engine
31 Marcel Talbot Chevron B29 - Ford BDA
#10 (see note 25)
4 Not running
32 Héctor Rebaque Lola T460 [HU1] - Ford BDA Traylor
Carl Haas Racing (see note 26)
4 Engine
33 Cliff Hansen March 76B [2] - Ford BDA
Doug Shierson Racing (see note 27)
2 Spun, couldn't restart
34 Carl Liebich Chevron B29 [29-75-03] - Ford BDA Hart
2 Not running
35 Syd Demovsky Chevron B29 [29-75-23] - Ford BDA
B&B Racing
2 Not running
36 Jim van Horn Chevron B27 [27-74-07] - Ford BDA
(see note 28)
2 Not running
37 Don Breidenbach March 76B - Ford BDA Cosworth
#76 Roots Footwear (see note 29)
1 Blown plug
DNS Phil Threshie Lola T360 [HU16] - Ford BDA
(see note 30)
Did not start
DNS Howdy Holmes Ralt RT1 [6] - Ford BDA
Ameropean Racing
Did not start
DNS Joe Colantonio Lola T360 - Ford BDA
(see note 31)
Did not start
DNS Byron Hatten March 76B [722] - Ford BDA
(see note 32)
Did not start
DNS Tom Christ Chevron B27 [27-74-18] - Ford BDA
(see note 33)
Did not start
DNS Dick Renard March 71BM - Ford twin cam
Did not start
DNS Jimmy Santos Winkelmann - Ford twin cam
Did not start
DNS Herman Gugliotta March 76B - Ford BDA
(see note 34)
Did not start
DNS Rocky Moran March 722/75B [722-33] - Ford BDA
[Bunce] (see note 35)
Did not start
DNS Fred Greenfield Tui BH2 [3] - Ford BDA Nicholson
Did not start
DNA James Crawley Chevron B34 [34.76.21] - Ford BDA Hart
Did not arrive

All cars are 1.6-litre FB unless noted.

1 Gilles Villeneuve (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 76B [10 or 15?] - Ford BDA Morris 1.35.880
2 Bobby Rahal (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 76B [4?] - Ford BDA McCoy 1.36.641
3 Elliot Forbes-Robinson (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Tui BH2 [2] - Ford BDA Nicholson 1.37.098
4 Don Breidenbach (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 76B - Ford BDA Cosworth 1.37.428
5 Bobby Brown (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Chevron B34 [34.76.07] - Ford BDA Hart 1.37.670
6 Héctor Rebaque (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Lola T460 [HU1] - Ford BDA Traylor 1.37.945
7 Tom Bagley (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Chevron B34 - Ford BDA Hart 1.38.024
8 Tom Pumpelly (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 76B [3?] - Ford BDA 1.38.050
9 Cliff Hansen (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 76B [2] - Ford BDA 1.38.140
10 Tom Gloy (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Lola T460 [HU4] - Ford BDA Phillips 1.38.165
11 Johnny Gerber (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Chevron B34 [34.76.10] - Ford BDA BSR 1.38.186
12 Pete Halsmer (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Brabham BT38 [16] - Ford BDA Willis 1.38.391
13 Price Cobb (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 76B [13] - Ford BDA Race Shop 1.38.460
14 Bill Brack (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Chevron B34 [34.76.14] - Ford BDA Hart 1.39.038
15 Hugh "Wink" Bancroft (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Chevron B34 [34.76.16] - Ford BDA Hart 1.39.039
16 Gordon Strom (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Chevron B29 - Ford BDA 1.39.213
17 Chip Mead (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Lola T460 [HU9] - Ford BDA Cosworth 1.39.512
18 Dennis Firestone (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Lola T460 [HU7] - Ford BDA 1.39.554
19 Dick Hayes (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Chevron B27 - Ford BDA Hart 1.39.567
20 Carl Liebich (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Chevron B29 [29-75-03] - Ford BDA Hart 1.39.611
21 Ron Dykes (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Brabham BT40 [33] - Ford BDA Hart 1.39.632
22 Kevin Cogan (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Chevron B34 [34.76.20] - Ford BDA Hart 1.39.647
23 Tim Cooper (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 73B/75B - Ford BDA CRW 1.40.500
24 Seb Barone (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 76B - Ford BDA 1.41.085
25 Phil Threshie * (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Lola T360 [HU16] - Ford BDA 1.41.870
26 Syd Demovsky (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Chevron B29 [29-75-23] - Ford BDA 1.42.184
27 Warren "Bud" Pauge (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Brabham BT38 [‘33’] - Ford BDA 1.42.960
28 Howdy Holmes * (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Ralt RT1 [6] - Ford BDA 1.43.759
29 John Weakley (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Lola T360 [HU11] - Ford BDA 1.43.928
30 Steve Jizmagian (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Lola T460 [HU3] - Ford BDA 1.44.044
31 Johnnie Crean (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 74B/75B - Ford BDA 1.44.259
32 Lynn Bentson (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Modus M3 [041-FA] - Ford BDA Cosworth 1.45.370
33 Jim van Horn (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Chevron B27 [27-74-07] - Ford BDA 1.45.735
34 Joe Colantonio * (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Lola T360 - Ford BDA 1.46.107
35 Mark Munroe (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Brabham BT40 [30] - Ford BDA 1.48.197
36 Jeffrey Alkana (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 75B [4] - Ford BDA 1.48.990
37 Dale Lang (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 76B [8?] - Ford BDA 1.49.568
38 Byron Hatten * (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 76B [722] - Ford BDA 1.51.905
39 Tom Christ * (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Chevron B27 [27-74-18] - Ford BDA 1.52.731
40 Hugh Mooney (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 71BM Falconer - Ford twin cam 1.53.031
41 Lee Pitman (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Lola T240 - Ford twin cam 1.56.309
42 Marcel Talbot (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Chevron B29 - Ford BDA 1.56.472
43 Dick Renard * (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 71BM - Ford twin cam No time
44 Jimmy Santos * (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Winkelmann - Ford twin cam No time
45 Herman Gugliotta * (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 76B - Ford BDA No time
46 Rocky Moran * (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 722/75B [722-33] - Ford BDA No time
47 Fred Greenfield * (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Tui BH2 [3] - Ford BDA Nicholson No time
* Did not start

Notes on the cars:

  1. March 76B [10 or 15?] (Gilles Villeneuve): Ecurie Canada ran a pair of green #69 March 76Bs in 1976 for Gilles Villeneuve (Lasalle, Quebec) with support from Skiroulle. Skiroule's signature green colour suggests they were the two cars listed in March records as being "leaf green", 76B-10 and 76B-15. Villeneuve had several crashes during 1976 and probably raced both cars, but exactly how they were used is not known. Two 76Bs were sold to Jim Morgan who raced them in early 1977 SCCA races alongside Bobby Rahal (Glen Ellyn, IL) and then entered them for Rahal in the 1977 Pro series with sponsorship from Red Roof Inns. Rahal also had a 77B but this was crashed at the opening race. One 76B then went to Ron Levanduski (Elmira, NY) and the other to Bob Earl.
  2. March 76B [13] (Price Cobb): An orange March 76B invoiced to Shierson in March 1976.
  3. Chevron B34 [34.76.16] (Hugh "Wink" Bancroft): New to Hugh "Wink" Bancroft (Newport Beach, CA/Costa Mesa, CA) and run for him by Fred Opert Racing in North American Formula Atlantic in 1976. His car was entered by Performance Marketing, and this apparently disguises a move to Shierson Racing in time for the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières in early September. Bancroft wrecked the B34 in practice at Trois-Rivières, and replaced it with a March 76B.
  4. March 73B/75B (Tim Cooper): Roy Folland (Montréal, Quebec) had a purple #6 March 73B for 1973 but crashed at Trois-Rivières in Sept and after being repaired, the 73B was sold to Ecurie Canada for guest driver Eppie Wietzes to race at the Watkins Glen Pro FB race five weeks later. Then sold to Tim Cooper (Kansas City, MO) who raced the "ex-Ecurie Canada" 73B at a Willow Springs Regional in December 1973. Raced extensively in SCCA racing early in 1974 and then in the Pro F/Atlantic series, prepared by Charlie Williams Racing. Cooper hired a new 75B and ran as part of Doug Shierson Racing in 1975, but retained the 73B and may have used it in SCCA races. He then went to Wilbur Bunce's team for 1976, and the 73B was rebuilt by Bunce to 75B/76B specification. Cooper then bought a new March 77B for 1977. The subsequent history of the 73B/75B is unknown, but it could be the "75B" acquired by Max Sebba in mid-1977.
  5. Chevron B27 (Dick Hayes): Dick Hayes (Huntingdon Beach, CA) raced a Chevron in SCCA Nationals and one IMSA Pro race in 1975 and 1976. It was described as an "ex-Howdy Holmes B27" by Finish Line in 1975, and a photograph shows that it was dark blue with dark green sidepods when it appeared at Ontario in May 1976. However, the car Holmes drove was also driven by Tom Pryce at Trois-Rivières, and an ex-Pryce car was owned by Dan Neuman in 1975 and 1976. So it is possible that the car Holmes drove at Watkins Glen in October 1974 was a new car, unrecorded in Chevron records, and this is what went to Hayes. Subsequent history unknown.
  6. Lola T460 [HU9] (Chip Mead): New to Pierre Phillips of Pierre's Motor Racing, and raced by a succession of hire drivers in IMSA and Canadian Formula Atlantic in early 1976. Last seen in the Pro at Mont-Tremblant in July 1976, but in early August Jim Mullins appeared in a T460 at a Sears Point National entered at #36, the same number Michael Landrum had used in HU9's last Pro appearance four weeks earlier. In May 1977, Monte Shelton (Portland, OR) won an ICSCC race at Portland in a Lola T460 entered as #136, and the entry number and location suggest very strongly that this was Pierre Phillips' car, retained as a rental car in SCCA Nationals. Unknown after May 1977.
  7. Brabham BT38 [16] (Pete Halsmer): Sold new to Bill Middleton (Newport Beach, CA) and raced in the 1972 SCCA Formula B series, starting at Watkins Glen in August 1972. Also raced in SCCA Nationals and at the SCCA Run-Offs. Retained by Middleton for 1973 and run in SCCA Nationals, winning at Holtville in March. Retained again for the early 1974 Nationals and then said to have been seized by the sheriff at the Phoenix National for unpaid alimony. Next seen in May 1975 when Pete Halsmer (Huntington Beach, CA) raced "the ex-Middleton Brabham BT-38" in Formula B. Raced by Halsmer for three seasons, during which time it was extensively modified by Halsmer. Halsmer won the Laguna Seca June Sprints in the BT38 in 1977. The car is then unknown for ten years, until it was bought by John Hafkenschiel as a disassembled roller from Grant Koaller (Lakewood, Ohio) in July 1987. Hafkenschiel used this car as a pattern for the restoration of his BT38B, then sold it to a Mr Schaffer in California in November 1988. Since Mr Schaffer's death, the car is believed to have remained with his family, and is still unrestored.
  8. Chevron B34 (Tom Bagley): Tom Bagley (Centre Hall, PA) raced a Chevron B34 run by Fred Opert Racing in three IMSA Formula Atlantic races in early 1976, with Kent Oil sponsorship. Reports says that this car was raced by Juan Cochesa later in the season, but RJ Nelkin told Chris Townsend that his car was ex-Bagley, so this car's subsequent history is unresolved.
  9. Chevron B29 (Gordon Strom): Gordon Strom (Santa Cruz, CA/Sunnyvale, CA) ran a Brabham BT35 in west coast SCCA racing from 1972 to 1975 when he moved up to a nearly-new Chevron B29. The car was yellow with red top bodywork and ran as #9. The identity of the Chevron is not known. Strom raced this in 1976 and 1977 until an accident at Laguna Seca in June 1977 in which he suffered massive head injuries. It is likely that the car was destroyed. Strom was hospitalised but his medical insurance "ran out", and a fund was established to help his wife Kay with the overwhelming hospital bills. He died in November 1977 without having regained conciousness.
  10. March 76B (Seb Barone): Seb Barone (Portland, CT or Dilliner, PA) drove a white #28 March 76B in 1976, entered by Isola Racing but run by Doug Shierson Racing. As a white car, March records suggest this would have been 76B-9, 76B-11 or 76B-12. Barone crashed the car at Trois-Rivières in September and it was not seen again.
  11. March 71BM Falconer (Hugh Mooney): Hugh Mooney (Huntingdon Beach, CA) raced a "March 712" in SCCA Formula B and IMSA Formula Atlantic in 1976. When he first appeared, he referred to it as a converted F2 car, and when he advertised it in Formula magazine in August 1977, he called it a "March 712 Formula Atlantic", However, it is assumed here to have been a 71BM. In his advert, it had Falconer bodywork and a Hart BDA engine, and photographs show that it had the Falconer body throughout his ownership of it.
  12. March 74B/75B (Johnnie Crean): Patrick Depailler raced a March 74B at Trois-Rivières in September 1974. Autosport described it as the car tested earlier in England by Jim Crawford, but now set to full Formula 2 specification. Canadian Motorsport Bulletin described it as the ex-Coulon 'slave' March 732, but photographs show it with the same rear wing and oil tank used on the works F2 March 742s. A photograph also shows that it was raced by Lang in the US GP support race at Watkins Glen in October. The car then went to Formula Ford graduate Tom Sauerbrei (Fresno, CA), who had an excellent season in the "742" in SCCA Regionals and Nationals in 1975, winning the regional title. After that season, it was rebuilt to 75B specification and leased to Johnnie Crean (San Juan Capistrano, CA), the 27-year-old son of former racer John C Crean, who raced it in two IMSA Formula Atlantic races in California in May 1976, and later in SCCA Nationals and Regionals. Subsequent history unknown.
  13. Brabham BT38 [‘33’] (Warren "Bud" Pauge): A "new chassis" replacing the ASCA team's Brabham BT38 wrecked by Jean-Pierre Jaussaud at Rouen. It was raced by teammate Adam Potocki at Imola, where Potocki failed to qualify, and was then Jaussaud's car for the rest of the season. ASCA entered Jaussaud in the Brazilian F2 Torneio, but he was involved in the startline accident at the second Interlagos race, and the Brabham was badly damaged. According to Chris Townsend's research, this car was acquired by Fred Opert Racing and raced by Héctor Rebaque in the Caracas Formula B race in March 1973, then by Brian Robertson in the JAF Grand Prix in May 1973. It's not clear what else Opert used it for in 1973, but in January 1974, he sold it to John Bernadine (Tulsa, OK) for SCCA Formula B. Then to Warren Pauge (Hacienda Heights, CA) in August 1975, replacing his well-used Brabham BT21. Pauge retained the BT38 for many years, even running it as a Can-Am car once in 1982. After he finally stopped racing it in 1988, he sold it to Marc Bahner, then it went to George Steven in 1992, Tom Stapleton about 2008, and Paul Skilowitz (Stuart, FL) in 2016.
  14. Lola T460 [HU3] (Steve Jizmagian): New to Steve Jizmagian (San Francisco, CA) and raced in SCCA Nationals and IMSA Formula Atlantic races in 1976. Retained for 1977 for Californian SCCA Nationals and Regionals. Retained again for 1978, again for Californian SCCA Nationals and Regionals. Retained by Jizmagian for 1979, but destroyed in an accident at Westwood in June 1979. What was left was broken for spares.
  15. Brabham BT40 [30] (Mark Munroe): New to Olney "Bill" Mairs (Malibu, CA) and raced at the 1973 SCCA Runoffs, Mairs having qualified by finishing fourth in his March 722 in NEDiv, representing New York Region. Retained for 1974, when Mairs finished fifth in Southern Pacific Division, representing CSCC. He then sold to the car to his two mechanics, Victor Tostado and Mark Munroe, and Munroe raced it in 1975 and 1976. After Munroe was killed in a sprint car accident at Ascot Raceway in September 1979, the Brabham was sold to Richard Christ, and then to John Whitton. It was next seen when owned by Mike Fazzi in 2002 or 2003, and was sold by him to Peter Brennan (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) in 2004. The car remained in the UK, and was raced by Brennan with the HSCC in 2019. Sold to Martin Friedl (Vienna, Austria) in 2020, but the car was expected to stay with Bob Juggins in England, and be used in HSCC events in 2021.
  16. March 76B [8?] (Dale Lang): Doug Shierson Racing ran a red March 76B for Dale Lang (Wilton, CT) in 1976. The only red 76B in March build records was 76B-8, suggesting this was Lang's car. Lang retained this car for 1977 and then sold it to Ralph Manaker (Erieville, NY) who raced it in 1978. Advertised by Manaker as a 76-77B in October 1978.
  17. Lola T360 [HU11] (John Weakley): New via North American agent Carl Haas to Bill Scott Racing, and run for Elliot Forbes-Robinson (La Crescenta, CA) in the 1975 Canadian Players Formula Atlantic series with Penthouse sponsorship. Forbes-Robinson won two rounds of the Canadian series in this car. Sold to John Weakley (Nashville, IN) for 1976, who ran as part of the Bill Scott Racing team, but he ran out of finance and the car was sold to Ivan Roland (Asheville NC) in 1979. Used by Roland's son Russ Roland in SCCA events until 1982, when it was advertised. It was later sold to someone in update New York, so may be the Walter Nelson car.
  18. Lola T240 (Lee Pitman): Lee Pitman (La Hambra Heights, CA) raced an orange #57 Lola T240 in SCCA races at Riverside and Laguna Seca from 1972 to 1978 at least. He raced for CSCC but rarely scored points at National level. Nothing more known.
  19. Lola T460 [HU7] (Dennis Firestone): New to Wilbur Bunce Racing, and raced by Richard Melville and Dennis Firestone in IMSA and Canadian Formula Atlantic in the first half of 1976. Reappeared in early 1977 for Dennis Firestone in a SCCA National, then to Sam Nicolosi (San Diego) for the rest of the year. Retained by Nicolosi for 1978 for SCCA Nationals and Regionals. Advertised by Nicolosi in September 1978. Subsequent history unknown, but Nicolosi recalls that he sold it to "a racer in SCCA North Western region".
  20. Brabham BT40 [33] (Ron Dykes): New to Ted Titmas (Van Nuys, CA) for the British Formula Atlantic series in 1973, but not raced until late in the season. This is presumably the "brand new", "never used" BT40 advertised from Reigate and London numbers in June 1973. Titmas ran the car in September and October, and Cyd Williams used it for one race in October. Titmas reappeared with the car briefly at the end of the 1974 season. He then took the car to the US, and entered it for Ron Dykes to drive in Californian Formula Atlantic races in 1976. To John Angus for 1977 (or to Wilbur Bunce and run by him for Angus). Then to Marc Bahner 1978, who restored it with a stock nose and sold it to George Seydel. In early 1980 it was sold to Finish Line editor Bob Schilling. Later owners have been given as Ken Patch, Perry Sands, Kevin Roggenbuck, who raced it in the 2011 Pacific Northwest Historics, and then David Rugh. Rugh sold it to Chris Rose in 2018.
  21. Lola T460 [HU4] (Tom Gloy): New to Pierre Phillips of Pierre's Motor Racing, and entered for Tom Gloy to race in IMSA and Canadian Formula Atlantic in 1976. Gloy then moved to Allan McCall's Tui team, and the Lola was next seen raced by Phil Currey (Concord, CA) in 1976 and 1977. Unknown after November 1977, but probably the "ex-Gloy" T460 advertised by Rob Mullaney (San Francisco, CA) in 1981 and 1982. Also likely to be the "ex Gloy" T460 advertised from Britton, OK, a suburb of Oklahoma City, in December 1987.
  22. March 75B [4] (Jeffrey Alkana): Don Breidenbach (Oakland, CA) had a new March 75B which he first raced at Holtville Aerodrome 23 Mar 1975. It was blue and ran as #61 entered by D. L. B. Industries. Last known race was in February 1976, after which Breidenbach's new 76B arrived and the 75B went to Jeffrey Alkana (Azusa, CA), replacing his earlier 74B. Alkana is reported to have won the regional championship in 1977 with this car but it seems more likely that he won the 1976 Cal Club Formula B title. Sold to Alan Holly (North Hollywood, CA) for 1977, repainted red and again used in Cal Club SCCA events. Sold by Holly to studio exec Steve Brimmer who raced it in 1978 and then kept it, unused, for some time. History then unknown until owned by Walter Hagstrom in 1988. It then sat unused for ten years from 1990 until sold by Roger Downer (Petaluma, CA) to Ken Stone in 2000. Retained by Stone in 2004. By 2008, the car was with Mark Rincon (Redding, CA), who ran it in Ramada Inns livery. Later bought from Rincon by Steve Cook (Napa, California).
  23. March 76B [3?] (Tom Pumpelly): Tom Pumpelly (McLean, VA) raced a yellow #34 March 76B, entered by National Tire Wholesale. The only yellow 76B shown in March records was chassis 76B-3. Pumpelly raced the car until it was damaged in a collision with Bancroft at Mosport Park in August, after which it was acquired by Ecurie Canada whose regular driver Gilles Villeneuve had damaged both his cars. It is therefore believed to be the car driven by Villeneuve to win at Trois-Rivières and Road Atlanta in September but this is by no means certain. Then bought by John Lane who rented it back to Pumpelly for the SCCA Run-Offs at Road Atlanta, where Pumpelly crashed it again. Sold to John Norman (Oakland, CA) who raced it as part of a two-car team with Dan Marvin in 1977 and 1978. Norman then sold the car but later bought it back and restored it to Villeneuve's livery.
  24. March 76B [4?] (Bobby Rahal): Doug Shierson Racing ran an orange #9 March 76B in 1976 for Bobby Rahal (Glen Ellyn, IL). There were four orange March 76Bs according to March records but only one was built as part of the first batch of cars, 76B-4, strongly suggesting this was Rahal's car. The subsequent history of this car is not known until it was advertised in 1985 as "ex-Villeneuve".
  25. Chevron B29 (Marcel Talbot): Marcel Talbot (Granby, Quebec), raced a second-hand Chevron B29 in the 1976 CASC and IMSA Formula Atlantic championships. The car was black and raced as #10, with Tamaco Industries sponsorship. After Mont-Tremblant in July, he upgraded to a new Chevron B34. Nothing more known.
  26. Lola T460 [HU1] (Héctor Rebaque): New to Carl Haas Racing for Héctor Rebaque to race in Canadian and IMSA Formula Atlantic races. Unknown after the 1976 season, but Norm Allen (Hanover Park, IL), who had raced a Lola T360 in SCCA CenDiv Regionals in 1978, advertised an "ex-Rebaque" Lola T460 in November 1978. Eleven years later, Michael Duncan (Los Altos, CA) advertised the "ex-Rebaque" T460.
  27. March 76B [2] (Cliff Hansen): Cliff Hansen (Laguna Beach, CA) campaigned a blue/red #6 March 76B in 1976 as part of the Doug Shierson Racing operation. Hansen retained the car for the start of the 1977 season, until his new 77B arrived, and then kept the 76B as a spare, needing it at St-Félicien and at Trois-Rivières after crashing the 77B. Its history in 1978 is unknown, but it is believed to be the car raced by Tom Contino (Ontario, CA) between 1979 and 1981, then sold by him in October 1981 to Damon Meek (Los Gatos, CA), who raced the car in SCCA Nationals in 1982 and has identified it as "76B-02" and ex-Cliff Hansen. Meek sold it to Lee Follansbee (San Jose, CA) and it would be the 76B raced by him in the Sears Point Pro race in 1984. Sold by Follansbee to Michael Olsen (Santa Clara, CA) who raced it at Sears Point in October 1988. Subsequent history unknown.
  28. Chevron B27 [27-74-07] (Jim van Horn): Chevron build record says sold via Fred Opert to George Sabin. Used by Alan Lader as well in 1974. Sold to Bobby Fisher (Lafayette, CA) for 1975 and used in some early-season Nationals and one Pro race. To Jim Van Horn (Orange, CA) for 1976 and run in west coast Pro and SCCA racing. Then a strong candidate for the car of Californian Mike Morris in SCCA races in 1977 though this may have been the ex Hayes car from 1975-76. Either this or the Hayes car likely to be the B27 for sale by Crosslé Cars Pacific in 1982. In February 2007, Emmet "Bud" Morrison (Tempe, AZ) bought what he believes to be B27-74-07 from Neil Johnson via Fantasy Junction (Emeryville, CA).
  29. March 76B (Don Breidenbach): Don Breidenbach (Oakland, CA) ran a #76 March 76B during 1976 with support from Roots Footwear. Nothing more is currently known of this car.
  30. Lola T360 [HU16] (Phil Threshie): Sold via Carl Haas and Pierre Phillips to Tom Gloy (Lafayette, CA), and raced in SCCA Nationals at the start of the 1975, then in the Players Canadian Formula Atlantic series, sponsored by Hanna Industries. Rented by James Heath for a SCCA National at Willow Springs in October 1975. Sold to Phil Threshie (Alamo, CA), and raced in a SCCA National at Sears Point in April, then in three Californian rounds of the 1976 IMSA series. Advertised by Threshie in November 1976. Subsequent history unknown.
  31. Lola T360 (Joe Colantonio): Joe Colantonio (Glenolden, PA) raced a Lola T360 in the Players Canadian Formula Atlantic series and the IMSA Formula Atlantic Championship in 1976. His car was white with a black stripe, and carried support Dynacord and Barcus Berry. In May 1977, he advertised the car, noting that it had a new monocoque in April 1977 and had been "completely gone over". Subsequent history unknown.
  32. March 76B [722] (Byron Hatten): Bob Lazier (Vail, CO) raced a black #6 March 722 in the Pro Formula B series in 1972, winning at Bryar Motorsports Park in May. The car was sold to Byron Hatten (Altadena, CA) for 1973, and he entered it for John Angus (formerly of Hartland, WI, but living in Marina Del Rey, CA at this time) for 1974. According to a later advert, this was the "76B" driven by Hatten at the IMSA Formula Atlantic race at Ontario in 1976, and it was then sold to George Seydel (Pasadena, CA), who raced a Formula B March in SCCA Regionals at Riverside in 1978. The SCCA Logbook for this car records its "Manufacturers Identification No." as 722-16, but this was the chassis number reported in Europe to be Xavier Perrot's F2 car, so this identity remains unconfirmed.
  33. Chevron B27 [27-74-18] (Tom Christ): Chevron build record says sold to Bobby Brown of B&B Racing Enterprises, June 1974. The car was badly damaged in an accident at Trois Rivieres in 1974. Brown says that the remains were returned to Chevron in p/x for two B29s in 1975. However, advertised by Brown in May and June 1975 as 'not raced since complete rebuild at Chevron' which suggests that the car came back to him. Sold later in 1975 to Thomas Christ (Racine, WI), and raced by him in SCCA Nationals in late 1975, then in Pro Formula Atlantic and SCCA Nationals in 1976 and 1977. To John Scola (Wisconsin) for 1978 and 1979, and raced by him as late as July 1981. Then unknown until owned by Daniel Sauriol (Appleton, WI) in 1984. Sold to Cliff Ebben (Appleton, WI) at the end of the 1984 season, then sold by him to Comprep (i.e. Dennis Eade of ComPrep (Competition Preparation) in Zenda, WI) for ComPrep customer Alan Lewis (Indianapolis, IN). Run by ComPrep for Eade. Sold to Alan Azar (O'Fallon, IL) in 1999. With dealer Chuck Haines of Can-Am Cars Ltd (St. Louis, MO) in 2018.
  34. March 76B (Herman Gugliotta): Herman Gugliotta (Dilliner, PA) drove a #33 March 76B in 1976, entered by Isola Racing but run by Doug Shierson Racing. As a white car, March records suggest this would have been 76B-9, 76B-11 or 76B-12. Gugliotta retained the car for SCCA racing, winning the 1979 NE Div title, before selling it to Lyle Heck (Reading, PA) who still owned it in 1982.
  35. March 722/75B [722-33] (Rocky Moran): New to Dick Doherty (Hollywood, CA) and raced in Pro FB in 1972, as well as Cal Club SCCA events. Retained for Cal Club events in 1973, 1974 and 1975. Rebuilt by Wilbur Bunce to 75B specification for 1976, and run by him in Californian SCCA races for Dennis Firestone to drive, and later in Pro Formula Atlantic races in California for Ron Dykes, Rocky Moran, and Bob Lazier. It was red, and wore #10, #70 and #87 during the season. Sold to Ted Titmas (Van Nuys, CA) in early 1977, and run by him as a hire car in 1977, but Titmas had two cars in 1977, one red and one orange, and it is unclear which was which. Subsequent history unknown.


The identification of individual cars in these results is based on the material presented elsewhere in this site and may in some cases contradict the organisers' original results.

1970 US FB results were compiled from Autoweek reports by Jim Thurman; 1971 results were transcribed from Autoweek by Allen Brown and 1972 results were compiled by Chris Townsend from an SCCA results publication.

The US Formula B series did not continue in 1973 but a race was organised in Caracas in March 1973 that fits here probably better than anywhere else, as do the occasional SCCA F/Atlantic and FB races in 1974 and 1975.

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