CASC North American Formula Atlantic Series Race

Road America, 22 Jul 1979

1 Bob Earl Ralt RT1/78 [142] - Ford BDD
#19 NTS Racing
25 55m 37.02s
107.881 mph
2 Tom Gloy Ralt RT1/76 [34] - Ford BDD Jennings
#38 The Lane Racing Team
25 55m 54.21s
3 Cliff Hansen March 79B - Ford BDD
#27 Team Kiwi
4 Rick Koehler Excalibur EE3B [March 79B-9] - Ford BDD
#51 Brooks Stevens
5 Carl Liebich Lola T560 [T460 HU18] - Ford BDD
#54 Liebrau Racing (see note 1)
6 James King March 79B [2] - Ford BDD
#25 Raggedy Ann Racing
7 Skeeter McKitterick Ralt RT1/78 [136] - Ford BDD Jennings
#12 AME Racing
8 John Paul Jr Ralt RT1/79 [96] - Ford BDD
#18 JLP Racing
9 Kevin Cogan Ralt RT1/79 [132?] - Ford BDD
#33 Ralt American
10 Rick Bell Ralt RT1/78 [127] - Ford BDD
#78 R.M. Bell
11 Larry Bergman Ralt RT1 - Ford BDD
#87 Larry Bergman Racing
12 Marco Tolama Chevron B39 [39-77-12] - Ford BDD
#5 Valvoline Opert Racing Team (see note 2)
13 Don Breidenbach March 79B [20] - Ford BDD Pacific
#50 Briggs Racing Enterprises
14 Mark McCaig Chevron B45 [45-78-03] - Ford BDD
#11 Rick Shea Racing (see note 3)
15 Mike Follett Ralt RT1/78 [128] - Ford BDD
#21 Follett's Mountain Sports
16 Bob McGregor March 77B [6?] - Ford BDD
#71 - (see note 4)
22 Not known
17 Howdy Holmes March 79B - Ford BDD
#8 Doug Shierson Racing
20 Collision with Cogan who had spun
18 Chris Gleason Ralt RT1/78 - Ford BDD
#75 Whalley BMW
15 Engine
19 Terry Knight Ralt RT1/79 - Ford BDD
#88 Normans Cay Bahamas
12 Not known
20 John David Briggs March 79B - Ford BDD Pacific
#79 Briggs Racing Enterprises
9 Engine
21 Jeff Wood March 79B [17] - Ford BDD
#2 Jeff Wood Racing
8 Engine
22 Frank Bramante March 78B [4] - Ford BDD
#44 Team Kiwi
8 Not known
23 Tommy Grunnah March 79B - Ford BDD
#53 Reliance Elevator Co-Relco Racing
7 Accident
24 John Mortensen March 79B - Ford BDD
#9 Doug Shierson Racing
5 Throttle cable
25 Ken Briggs March 79B - Ford BDD
#30 Briggs Racing Enterprises
5 Not known
26 Jacques Villeneuve Sr March 78B [13] - Ford BDD
#7 Bill Brack Racing Enterprises
4 engine
27 Ralph Manaker March 79B [6] - Ford BDD
#23 R.M. Racing
2 Gear linkage
T Howdy Holmes March 79A [4] - Ford BDD
Doug Shierson Racing
(Only used in practice)
T Marco Tolama Chevron B45 [45.78.02] - Ford BDD
#5 (see note 5)
(Only used in practice)
T Marco Tolama March 79B - Ford BDD
#5 (see note 6)
(Only used in practice)
DNA Bertil Roos unknown
Did not arrive
DNA Chip Mead Ralt RT1/78 [106] - Ford BDD
Did not arrive
DNA Ken Duclos Ralt RT1/78 [119] - Ford BDD
#34 K-D Automotive Engineering
Did not arrive
DNA Dave McMillan unknown
Did not arrive
DNA John Connolly Ralt RT1 - Ford BDD
#56 Connolly Enterprises
Did not arrive
DNA Alec Donachy March 78B - Ford BDD
#98 Alec Donachy Racing with Rolex
Did not arrive
DNA Dale Lang March 78B [12] - Ford BDD
#99 Stimola Race Prep
Did not arrive

All cars are 1.6-litre F/Atl unless noted.

1 Kevin Cogan (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Ralt RT1/79 [132?] - Ford BDD 2.11.434
2 Tom Gloy (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Ralt RT1/76 [34] - Ford BDD Jennings 2.11.530
3 Bob Earl (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Ralt RT1/78 [142] - Ford BDD 2.11.704
4 Jeff Wood (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 79B [17] - Ford BDD 2.11.863
5 Howdy Holmes (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 79B - Ford BDD 2.12.496
6 Jacques Villeneuve Sr (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 78B [13] - Ford BDD
7 Carl Liebich (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Lola T560 [T460 HU18] - Ford BDD
8 Rick Koehler (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Excalibur EE3B [March 79B-9] - Ford BDD
9 Cliff Hansen (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 79B - Ford BDD
10 John David Briggs (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 79B - Ford BDD Pacific

Notes on the cars:

  1. Lola T560 [T460 HU18] (Carl Liebich): New to Carl Liebich (Plymouth, WI/Two Rivers, WI) for Canadian and IMSA Formula Atlantic races late in the 1976 season. Liebich was said to have a new T560 for 1977, but it appears it was his nearly-new T460 updated. Retained for 1978, 1979, and the start of 1980. Chris Townsend's research shows this car was sold to Chuck Dietrich in 1980 and used by him in SCCA Central Division Formula Atlantic until 1982. It was then retained unraced by Dietrich until sold to Lowell Blossom in 1995. Sold by Blossom to Dave Jordano (Indianapolis, IN) in 2005.
  2. Chevron B39 [39-77-12] (Marco Tolama): New to Fred Opert Racing and raced in the Labatts Formula Atlantic Championship. This car was new for Keke Rosberg to race at Trois-Rivières in September 1977. It was retained by Opert for 1978, and raced by Eje Elgh at the opening two rounds as his #5 Sheik Condoms entry before his new Chevron B45 was available. The B39 is then thought to be the #5 car raced by Divina Galica at Hamilton in August. Then probably the pink #5 Chevron raced by Marco Tolama for Opert at Road America in July 1979. Then probably the #4 entry, still in Excita livery, for Doug Titus at two other races later that season.
  3. Chevron B45 [45-78-03] (Mark McCaig): New to Rick Shea Racing and in North American Formula Atlantic in 1978, with backing from Jethro Tull. Raced by Shea at the first round, and by Marcel Talbot, Skeeter McKitterick, Bob Earl and Tom Gloy at later races, Retained by Shea for 1979 and raced by Mark McCaig (Calgary, Alberta) in the Pro series. To Colin Tuckey (Calgary, Alberta) for 1980, and entered in the Pro series by FBM Racing. Retained by Tuckey for 1981. Later raced by David Farmer (Niagra Falls, Ontario) in 1983. The car ended up with another Chevron in a museum in Canada, until 1989, when they were spotted by Peter Hemming. The B45 was acquired by Ed Swart in February 1993, and prepared for historic racing. He raced the B45 from October 1993 with a BDA engine in the Formula Atlantic class, and after about five years ran it with a 2-litre BDG engine in F2 classes.
  4. March 77B [6?] (Bob McGregor): The history of this car in 1977 and 1978 is currently unresolved, but in 1979 it was raced by Bob McGregor (Burnaby, British Columbia) in Formula Atlantic. It then went to Mark Akerstream (Vancouver, BC) who used it in CASC regional events in 1980. It then went to Russ Thomson (Vancouver, BC) who used it for ICSCC races in 1981. A logbook still with the car shows that he used it with ICSCC as late as 1989. It then went to Bill Stevens (Portland, Oregon) in 1989, fitted a Mazda engine and raced it with ICSCC up to April 1995. Then to Martin Handshy (Connecticut) and restored to Formula Atlantic specification, and he raced it in SVRA vintage racing from February 1998 to October 2002. It was sold to the current owner in 2005.
  5. Chevron B45 [45.78.02] (Marco Tolama): New to Fred Opert Racing for Keke Rosberg to for race in North American Formula Atlantic in 1978, with backing from Excita. Raced by Bob Earl at Montréal in September when Rosberg drove an older B39. Retained by Opert for 1979, and driven by Marco Tolama. To Paul Fostini (SCCS New York Region) and used in NEDiv Formula Atlantic in 1981, scoring seven points that season. Then to to Albert Pugliese (Rochelle, NY) in 1982, again for local races. Advertised by Pugliese in November 1982. Subsequent history unknown.
  6. March 79B (Marco Tolama): Long-time Chevron importer Fred Opert acquired a March 79B for 1979 and ran it alongside the Chevron B45 he had left from 1978. It was raced once by team driver Marco Tolama and also by European F2 stars Derek Daly (at Trois-Rivières) and Eje Elgh (at Montréal). It went to Carl Liebich for 1980, who recalls buying a car from Opert that had previously been driven by Daly. Retained for 1981 but Liebich does not recall who he sold it to.


The identification of individual cars in these results is based on the material presented elsewhere in this site and may in some cases contradict the organisers' original results.

North American Formula Atlantic race results have been compiled by Chris Townsend based on material in Formula and On Track, information drawn from Canadian newspapers and results sheets where available.

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