CASC North American Formula Atlantic Series Race

Mosport Park, 6 Jun 1982

1 Whitney Ganz Ralt RT4/82 [284] - Ford BDD
#13 Jim Tully-Rainbow Racing
40 59m 11.458s
99.705 mph
2 Josele Garza Ralt RT4/82 [286] - Ford BDD
#14 Lane Sports
40 59m 26.700s
3 Mark Moore Ralt RT4/81 [254] - Ford BDD
#19 MDB Systems
4 Dave McMillan Ralt RT4/81 [267] - Ford BDD
#41 Centerline-Pan Am (see note 1)
5 Dan Marvin Ralt RT4/82 [317] - Ford BDD
#7 Norman Racing-Boerner International
6 Hubert Phipps Tiga FA82 [202] - Ford BDD
#24 Garvin Brown Racing
7 Allen Berg March 82A [3] - Ford BDD
#6 Douglas Shierson
8 Ed Midgley March 80A [15] - Ford BDD
#40 Foxwood Motorsports
9 Jeremy Hill March 78B [15] - Ford BDD
#58 Hill Racing
10 Seann Burgess March 73B [17] - Ford BDD
#17 Sean Burgess Racing (see note 2)
11 Tim Coconis Ralt RT4/81 [227] - Ford BDD
#83 Graphics International Racing
34 engine
12 Norm Hunter Ralt RT4/82 [285] - Ford BDD
#12 Hunter Container-Lane Sports
24 accident
13 Ron Levanduski March 76B/77B [10 or 15?] - Ford BDD
#51 Race Media Services
20 retired - unknown
14 Chris Kneifel March 82A [4] - Ford BDD
#8 Douglas Shierson-Primus
0 spun
15 Stuart Moore March 80A - Ford BDD
#25 Chaleur Racing
0 spun
16 Joe Sposato Ralt RT4/82 [309] - Ford BDD
#28 Sposato Motor-Fat Cola
0 spun
DNS Ray Lipper Ralt RT4/82 [306] - Ford BDD
#73 Centerline Wheels
Did not start
DNS Ross Bentley Johnston JM6 - Ford BDD
#56 Akai-Johnston
Did not start
(engine problems in warm up)
DNA Peter Lerch March 80A [24] - Ford BDD
#45 PEP Classic Motors
Did not arrive

All cars are 1.6-litre F/Atl unless noted.

1 Norm Hunter (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Ralt RT4/82 [285] - Ford BDD 1.16.833
2 Tim Coconis (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Ralt RT4/81 [227] - Ford BDD 1.17.257
3 Whitney Ganz (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Ralt RT4/82 [284] - Ford BDD 1.17.671
4 Dan Marvin (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Ralt RT4/82 [317] - Ford BDD 1.18.004
5 Allen Berg (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 82A [3] - Ford BDD 1.18.028
6 Dave McMillan (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Ralt RT4/81 [267] - Ford BDD 1.18.259
7 Josele Garza (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Ralt RT4/82 [286] - Ford BDD 1.18.502
8 Hubert Phipps (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Tiga FA82 [202] - Ford BDD 1.18.854
9 Joe Sposato (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Ralt RT4/82 [309] - Ford BDD 1.19.584
10 Chris Kneifel (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 82A [4] - Ford BDD 1.19.641
11 Mark Moore (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Ralt RT4/81 [254] - Ford BDD 1.19.846
12 Stuart Moore (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 80A - Ford BDD 1.20.181
13 Ed Midgley (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 80A [15] - Ford BDD 1.22.824
14 Jeremy Hill (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 78B [15] - Ford BDD 1.23.567
15 Ray Lipper * (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Ralt RT4/82 [306] - Ford BDD 1.25.029
16 Seann Burgess (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 73B [17] - Ford BDD 1.28.324
17 Ross Bentley * (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Johnston JM6 - Ford BDD 1.29.108
18 Ron Levanduski (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 76B/77B [10 or 15?] - Ford BDD no time
* Did not start

Notes on the cars:

  1. Ralt RT4/81 [267] (Dave McMillan): Ralt sales record says sold to Theodore Racing, delivered 16 Oct 81. [Tub no: 81/135; gearbox FT1488; fuel cell JM37176 10/81] Dave McMillan's car at Bay Park 3 Jan 82 is described by NZMN as Lees's car from Macau, 1981. Chassis number given NZMN 21 Jan 83 p16 for the car of Dave McMillan at Bay Park, 2 Jan 83. Presumed to be the car used by McMillan for the first part of the 1982 North American season, before he was given a 1982 specification car to use [alternatively this may have been RT4-205]. Chassis number given for McMillan's car at 1982 AGP, [AMSYB-82 p167] [CT]
  2. March 73B [17] (Seann Burgess): New to Bruce MacInnes (Sharon, CT) and raced as part of a two-car team with Ron Cohn. Raced in the Players Canadian FB series and in the SCCA Pro FB races at Road America and Watkins Glen. Retained for 1974, and raced in the Players Canadian series again, and in the US GP support race at Watkins Glen in October. Sold to Joe Ostrowski (Trenton, NJ), and raced in NEDiv SCCA Nationals in 1975 and 1976. Presumably the March he raced in NEDiv in 1977 and 1978. Retained by Ostrowski until early 1982 when it was bought by Seann Burgess (Caledon, Ontario). Burgess won the CASC Ontario Formula Atlantic championship and the BARC Drivers Championship in 1982 as well as appearing in 'pro' events. After two more seasons of Atlantic, he converted the car to Can-Am specification at the end of 1985 and then fitted a McLaren M1B body and a Mazda 13B rotary engine for 1986. This "March RX10-B" was raced through the 1986 season. Burgess kept the Can-Am body after the car was retired from racing and sold the March to Richard Smith (Barrie, Ontario) who raced it in 1989 and 1990, still with the Mazda engine, and fitting 1975 bodywork for 1990. He sold it to Chuck Sieber (McLean, VA) who imported it back to the US in January 1991. He raced it in Solo events in 1991, and maybe in one or two more seasons until selling it back to Seann Burgess. Burgess initially restored it to MacInnes' 1973 livery, but at the request of the Villeneuve Museum traded his 73B bodywork to Marchives for a set of 1975 bodywork, and rebuilt the car to resemble Gilles Villeneuve's Skiroule March 75B. By May 2010, it was on display in the Musée Gilles Villeneuve (Berthierville, Quebec).


Note that the identification of individual cars in these results is based on the material presented elsewhere in this site and may in some cases contradict the organisers' published results.

North American Formula Atlantic race results have been compiled by Chris Townsend based on material in Formula and On Track, information drawn from Canadian newspapers and results sheets where available.

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