Longford Trophy

Longford, 3 Mar 1958

1 Ted Gray (libre) 4.6-litre Tornado Mk II - Chevrolet Corvette 283 ci V8
L J Abrahams
12 35.33s
2 Stan Jones (2.5 F1) 2.5-litre Maserati 250F [2520] 6
12 35.39s
3 Arnold Glass (libre) 3.4-litre Ferrari 555 [FL9002] - 860 Monza 4
Capitol Motors
12 35.47s
5 Len Lukey (libre) 2-litre Cooper-Bristol Mk II 'T23' [CBR-2-53?] - Bristol 6
R Bib Stillwell (libre) 1.66-litre Cooper Mk II 'T43' [F2-9-57?] - Climax FPF 4
DNS Alec Mildren (F2) 1.5-litre Cooper Mk II 'T43' [F2-28-57] - Climax FPF 4
Did not start
DNS Austin Miller (libre) 1.5-litre Miller Spl (Cooper T41) ['F2-2-56'] - Climax FWB
(see note 1)
Did not start
Qualifying information not available

Notes on the cars:

  1. Miller Spl (Cooper T41) ['F2-2-56'] (Austin Miller): The fouth and final Mk 1 built for 1956 went to Ken Wharton and was then shipped out to New Zealand for the Internationals. Ater Wharton's death in a sports car race, the Mk 1 returned to the UK and was sold to Bill Whitehouse for the early 1957 races. When Whitehouse took delivery of his Mk II, the ex-Wharton Mk I went to Paul England, on holiday from Australia. England later sold the car to Austin Miller, another Aussie over in Europe and he shipped it back to Australia. It ran as the Miller Special for several seasons and remained in Australia with later owners. (Sources: Cooper Cars, Nye; Historic Racing Cars in Australia, Blanden)


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