Queensland Road Race Championship

Lowood, 4 Sep 1960

1 Alec Mildren (2.5 F1) 2.5-litre Cooper Mk IV 'T51' [F2-22-59] - Maserati 250S 4
(see note 1)
27 48m 21.2s
2 Bib Stillwell (2.5 F1) 2.2-litre Cooper Mk IV 'T51' [F2-14-59] - Climax FPF 4
#6 (see note 2)
3 Lex Davison (libre) 3-litre Aston Martin DBR4/250 [4] - DBR1/300 6
4 Bill Patterson (2.5 F1) 2-litre Cooper Mk IV 'T51' [F2-15-59] - Climax FPF 4
#9 (see note 3)
5 Jon Leighton (2.5 F1) 2-litre Cooper Mk III 'T45' [F2-10-58] - Climax FPF 4
6 Arnold Glass (2.5 F1) 2.5-litre Maserati 250F [2516] 6
R Mel McEwin (libre) 4.6-litre Tornado Mk II - Chevrolet Corvette 283 ci V8
R Glyn Scott (2.5 F1) 1.7-litre Cooper Mk II 'T43' [F2-28-57] - Climax FPF 4
R Noel Hall (2.5 F1) 2.2-litre Cooper Mk IV 'T51' [F2-16-59] - Climax FPF 4
#71 (see note 4)
0 fuel system
Qualifying information not available

Notes on the cars:

  1. Cooper Mk IV 'T51' [F2-22-59] (Alec Mildren): Delivered to A Mildren (Australia) less engine in Oct 1959 according to the Cooper Register.
  2. Cooper Mk IV 'T51' [F2-14-59] (Bib Stillwell): Delivered to Victa Consolidated Industries (Australia) according to the Cooper Register.
  3. Cooper Mk IV 'T51' [F2-15-59] (Bill Patterson): Delivered to B Patterson less engine according to the Cooper Register. First raced by Bill Patterson at Port Wakefield in October 1960 where it was fitted with a 2-litre Climax engine. Raced by Patterson until crashed at Lakeside in 1961, after which Patterson raced an "ex-works" Cooper T51 that he had acquired earlier in the season. F2-15-59 was repaired and kept as a spare car being raced by Doug Whiteford on occasions. In 1962, the car was sold to Englishman John Brindley who raced it at Calder in April or May 1962. Brindley raced the car in minor events during 1962 until suffering a massive accident in a minor race at Sandown Park on 16 Sep 1962. The Autosportsman report on the race said "The car must be very nearly a complete write-off". The wreck sat in the yard behind Car World (Bulleen, Melbourne, Australia) the business in which Brindley was partners with Phil Trueman, for a couple of years. It was then passed on to Bill Patterson, and remained with him, still damaged, until it was acquired by Murray Richards from Patterson in 1988. Richards started to restore the car but this was incomplete when he died in early 2000. The car was still with Richards' sons in 2010.
  4. Cooper Mk IV 'T51' [F2-16-59] (Noel Hall): Delivered to R Hall less engine according to the Cooper Register.


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