National Panasonic Formula Pacific Series Race

Oran Park, 23 Aug 1981

1 Andrew Miedecke Ralt RT4/81 [256] - Ford BDA
#6 (see note 1)
20 13m 25.7s
2 John Smith Ralt RT1/77 [91] - Ford BDA
Ralt Australia (see note 2)
20 13m 30.8s
3 Bruce Allison Ralt RT4/81 [258] - Ford BDA
#62 (see note 3)
20 13m 31.0s
4 Larry Perkins Chevron B39 [39-77-02] - Ford BDA England
#5 Erle McRae Racing (see note 4)
20 13m 38.2s
5 Ken Smith March 782/79B [15] - Ford BDA
(see note 5)
20 13m 39.4s
6 John Bowe Ralt RT4/81 [255] - Ford BDA
#4 Chris Leach Racing (see note 6)
20 1' penalty jumped start
7 Charlie O'Brien Ralt RT1/78 [145] - Ford BDA
#2 Valvoline/Citizen Racing (see note 7)
8 Grant Campbell Chevron B39 - Ford BDA
#19 (see note 8)
9 Peter Williamson Galloway HG1 - Ford BDD
19 1' penalty jumped start
10 Elwyn Bickley Brabham BT35 [36] - Ford BDA
(see note 9)
11 Ray Hanger March 77B [30] - Ford BDA
(see note 10)
R Paul Hamilton March 77B [763 M66] - Ford BDA

R Gary Cossor Bowin P6f [P6F-119-72] - Ford BDA

All cars are 1.6-litre F/Pac unless noted.

1 Andrew Miedecke (F/Pac) 1.6-litre Ralt RT4/81 [256] - Ford BDA 0.38.6
2 Bruce Allison (F/Pac) 1.6-litre Ralt RT4/81 [258] - Ford BDA 0.38.9
3 John Bowe (F/Pac) 1.6-litre Ralt RT4/81 [255] - Ford BDA 0.39.0
4 Larry Perkins (F/Pac) 1.6-litre Chevron B39 [39-77-02] - Ford BDA England 0.39.4
5 John Smith (F/Pac) 1.6-litre Ralt RT1/77 [91] - Ford BDA 0.39.5
6 Peter Williamson (F/Pac) 1.6-litre Galloway HG1 - Ford BDD 0.39.6
7 Ken Smith (F/Pac) 1.6-litre March 782/79B [15] - Ford BDA 0.40.0
8 Charlie O'Brien (F/Pac) 1.6-litre Ralt RT1/78 [145] - Ford BDA 0.40.0
9 Grant Campbell (F/Pac) 1.6-litre Chevron B39 - Ford BDA 0.41.6
13 Gary Cossor (F/Pac) 1.6-litre Bowin P6f [P6F-119-72] - Ford BDA 0.46.1

Notes on the cars:

  1. Ralt RT4/81 [256] (Andrew Miedecke): Ralt sales record says sold to Andrew Meidecke, without delivery date. [Tub no: 81/94; gearbox: FT1423; JM34732 11/80]. The car of Andrew Meidecke in the 1981 Australian season; chassis number given for Meidecke's car in NZMA report of 1981 AGP [NZMA 23 Nov 81 p4]; chassis number given for Meidecke's car at the Selangor GP 29 Nov 81 [NZMA 11 Jan 82 p3]. [CT]
  2. Ralt RT1/77 [91] (John Smith): New to Larry Perkins (Victoria, Australia) for the 1978 New Zealand Formula Pacific series. Then to John Smith (NEW, Australia) and raced in the 1979 New Zealand series. Smith used the car in some Rothmans International and Gold Star races later in 1979, still with its BDA engine, before converting it to single cam ANF2 specification for the Australian ANF2 series. Again raced by Smith in New Zealand in January 1980, then in ANF1 and ANF2 events in Australia. Retained for a third season in 1981, and used in the New Zealand series and in the National Panasonic Formula Pacific series in Australia. Smith then bought a new Ralt RT4/81, but the RT1 was retained as a spare car, and loaned to Brett Fisher for the 1982 Australian GP. Raced by Terry Ryan in ANF2 in 1984.
  3. Ralt RT4/81 [258] (Bruce Allison): Ralt sales record says sold to Bruce Allison, without delivery date. [Tub no: EDA002, a unique style of number in the record; gearbox: FT1426; fuel cell: JM34731 12/80]. Chassis number given for Allison's car at Selangor GP 29 Nov 81 [NZMA 11 Jan 82 p3] and presumed to be Allison's car in the 1981 Australian and South East Asian races. Chassis number given for Allison's car in NZMA report of 1981 AGP [NZMA 23 Nov 81 p4]. Sold to Richard Davison for 1982 Australian season - Davison's car at the Calder race of 28 Feb 82 is described in NZMA as 'ex Allison'. Chassis number given for Davison's car at the 1982 AGP. [CT]
  4. Chevron B39 [39-77-02] (Larry Perkins): New to Tony Martin (Durban, South Africa) and raced in the 1977 South African series. Retained for 1978 as a spare car to Martin's new B45, and and upgraded to B45 specification. Sold for 1979 to Paul England for Peter Larner to race in the early 1979 Australian Internationals. Larry Perkins took over the drive later in 1979, and also drove the car in the Aurora AFX Formula Pacific Championship in New Zealand in early 1980 and the Australian National Panasonic Formula Pacific series in 1981. Some time about 1985 or 1986, the car was sold to Norm Carr (Victoria) who raced it once or twice before damaging one corner at Calder. When Carr acquired it the chassis plate was missing so he had a new one issued by Roger Andreason at Chevron which read "39-77-B-02". It was still owned by Carr in 2003.
  5. March 782/79B [15] (Ken Smith): Ricardo Zunino's works car at Thruxton 27 Mar 1978 and presumably all season. Converted to Formula Atlantic for Teo Fabi to race in New Zealand in January 1979 (where it was reported to be wearing plate "782-16", an observation that is now thought to have been incorrect). To Ken Smith (New Zealand) and raced in Formula Pacific in the 1979/80, 1980/81 and 1981/82 seasons. Then to Warren Heron, but not raced until Bay Park in March 1989. Raced twice in 1990, but then stored until two further races, in 1998 and 1999. Sold back to Ken Smith in 2009. To Robert Shaw (UK) in 2010, and restored back to Formula 2 specification. To Marc Devis (Belgium) late 2016.
  6. Ralt RT4/81 [255] (John Bowe): Ralt sales record says sold to Graham Watson/John Bowe, without delivery date. [Tub no: 80/109; gearbox: FT1469; fuel cell: JM34734 11/80]. Chassis number given for Bowe's car in report of 1981 AGP, 6 Nov 81 [NZMA 23 Nov 81 p4] and presumed to be Bowe's car earlier in the Australian season. Retained by Bowe for the 1982 season and taken by him to the race at Long Beach as well. Report of the Gold Star round at Oran Park says Bowe 'rushed getting car ready after Long Beach' [NZMA 7 May 82 p20]. Chassis number given for Bowe's car at 1982 AGP. [CT]
  7. Ralt RT1/78 [145] (Charlie O'Brien): New to Bernard Hunter (Edinburgh, Scotland) in December 1978, and raced in the 1979 British Formula Atlantic series. Also used extensively in libre racing in the north of England in Scotland. Sold to David Duffield for 1980 British Atlantic races and for libre at Ingliston. Then sold to Australian Charlie O’Brien and raced by him in the New Zealand Formula Pacific series in December 1980 and January 1981. Then raced by O'Brien in the National Panasonic Formula Pacific series in Australia later that year. To Ron Barnacle for the Australian Grand Prix in November 1981 and the Australian National F1 Championship in 1982. Subsequent history unknown. In 2011, Grant Martin (Auckland, New Zealand) advertised the ex-O'Brien RT1 No 145.
  8. Chevron B39 (Grant Campbell): John Sisk (Lahaska, PA) raced a Formula B Chevron in a NERRC event at Lime Rock in April 1978. At the end of that season New Zealander Grant Campbell bought a Chevron B39 from the US to use in the New Zealand Formula Pacific from January 1979 onwards. Kiwi journalist David McKinney noted that the car wore the '01' chassis plate and was told by Campbell that it had previously been raced by John Sisk. It was retained by Campbell for the 1979/80 and 1980/81 seasons in New Zealand, then taken to Australia for the National Panasonic Formula Pacific series before the start of the 1981/82 New Zealand season. To Steve Cameron (Auckland) for the 1982/83 season. David McKinney advised that it then went to Charlie Thomasen, who also owned the ex-Dave Oxton B34, and then to John Wigston (Auckland) in 1985.
  9. Brabham BT35 [36] (Elwyn Bickley): First known when a new F3 Brabham "BT35-36" was advertised by Bill Thompson from London and Brentwood telephone numbers in Autosport in November 1971. Although "BT35-36" could refer to a BT35 updated to Bt36 specification, that makes no sense for a brand new F3 car, so it must be assumed this was a reference to chassis number BT35-36. The advert said that the car had not been raced. This car was next seen 18 months later when it was raced in ANF2 specification by Bob Holden in Australia. It is understood to have been owned by Australian sometime MRD mechanic Ray Pounder at or just before this. It passed to Brian Cameron for 1974, and was raced by him and by Ken Hastings in early 1974. Then to Kurt Seeberg and raced by him from July 1974 to 1981 at least. Later sold to Brian Sampson (Melbourne) in 2003.
  10. March 77B [30] (Ray Hanger): Entered by March for Danny Sullivan in the 1978 New Zealand International series. Sold to Colin Giltrap and entered by him for Dave McMillan at Baypark Mar 1978 then for Larry Perkins in the 1978/79 series. Raced by Desiré Wilson in the Jan/Feb 1980 series then John Smith in Jan 1981. Sold to Ray Hanger (Australia) and used in the 1981 AF1 and Pacific series. Also raced at Shah Alam in October 1981.


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